Monday, March 23, 2020

Shut it Down!!!

Stock Photo
Perhaps the only way it will end is if the Perps are
 forced to Shut it Down due to mass
opposition/non-compliance by an informed public

What is THIS?!

Vancouver Public Beach Over the Weekend
NOTE:  I'm starting to think this photo was
staged to justify draconian government action

City of Vancouver seeks big fines, stricter measures as locals ignore social distancing rules

"...Fines of up to $50,000 could be imposed on businesses who defy orders to close, should they be prosecuted. Municipal tickets of $1,000 could also be imposed on individuals.
“I saw reports of people hosting house parties, having group picnics on the beach, playing soccer, playing beer pong,” says Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart. “This is not a game. People are dying..."

Folks this is worse than death.  I would rather die than live like this for the rest of my life.  Here's a comment I put on Pennyforyourthoughts blog last evening in response to a post she did on "social distancing".

Hi Penny:

I am enjoying the small social experiment playing out in a nearby Children's park. Yesterday the city placed a sign warning not to gather in the park or use the facilities because of the need for "social distancing". Since that sign went up I've noticed people with their children and teens continue to use the park, swinging and climbing on the apparatus as usual. As I walk through the park with my dogs on their daily walk I make eye contact with some of the people and then we both smile.

I have resisted the urge to sneak out after dark with a felt pen and write "Live Free or Die!" on the sign.

The real reason I would not go out and deface the park sign with graffiti is because the sheeple would not understand the rally cry of "Live Free or Die!"  They would likely misinterpret it as a death threat. Sad.  They're treating us exactly like supid cattle in this coronavirus hoax and if we capitulate, then we WILL a race of intelligent beings.

All we can hope for is that the perps will get so tired of putting their slimy, bloody fingers in the dyke of their lies about Covid - 9/11.  The truth keeps breaking through cracks in their wall and spilling through in the voices of Dr. Ron Paul, Jon Rappoport and others.  The Perps need to be so afraid that we'll turn on them en masse that they will panic themselves and  "Shut it Down!", as is shown in the meme stock photo at the top of this post.

In the meantime, day after day they continue to construct their official story of impending financial and social doom.  Here's a headline I have saved and will look forward to comparing with the facts on the ground in about a year:

Between 30 and 70 per cent of Canadians could become infected with coronavirus, Patty Hajdu says

When/if the above predictions are proven false, that will go a long way to shutting the caper down. In the meantime we will have to endure the tax-payer funded "minority" governments using our dollars to bilk us, to deceive us and to force us into inhuman conditions on the basis of their pre-gamed hoax.

COVID-19: Further Evidence that the Virus Originated in the US

Event #201 Watch along
as Unelected "leaders" "game"
the Pandemic

I have been circulating via e-mail to friends and family this link to the Event 201 gaming of the pandemic that took place in New York last October 18, 2019.  Not ironically, October 18th was the very same day that the World Military Games opened in Wuhan, China.  The perps must have had a good drooling chortle over the fact that, while their minions were sitting around a table "wargaming" the pandemic, their "military assets" were over in China at the Wuhan Seafood Market spreading the virus. Such power over the goy cattle!!!

But, readers I suggest you also circulate the link to the wargames amongst your contacts. Do as I do and add a note about how relieved and happy you are that these organizations were able to plan for the pandemic in advance because "no doubt it would be much worse had they been unable to".  Do resist the urge to put [sarc] after that phrase.

Passing along this evidence of foreknowledge will be just a tiny crack of truth in the wall of lies that they're building around us.  Add all the little cracks up and the truth becomes a flood...ultimately, if we keep behaving like humans and not cattle we'll be able to use that torrent of truth to...

Shut it Down!!!


RickB said...

Love the pic of the people gathered in the park.

In Spain, after the false-flag Madrid train bombings, meant to inspire Spaniards to re-elect their war-on-terror ally, Aznar, en masse people took to the streets all over the country calling it for exactly what it was... a sham, a lie. I remember that. I followed the events live from home because it just so happened, because of nostalgia, I began to follow events live in Spain at that time. [I lived in Spain 10 years, lived the transition from Franco to Felipe (democracy).

That's what's needed now. I'm following events there now and there is a healthy cynicism there about what's going on now.

There was agitation going on in Spain and Italy to leave the international banker European Union. This could be why Spain and Italy are being targeted now.

greencrow said...

Hi RickB

Went out to walk my dogs through the Childrens Park today and the swing seats were all chained together and locked. No more swinging you cattle!!!

greencrow said...

Folks the more I look at that photo of English Bay Beach in Vancouver at the top part of this post, the more it looks staged to me. Probably the perps set up the photo with lots of assets--to justify draconian social isolation. People do not normally sit that close to one another at the English Bay beach.