Sunday, March 29, 2020


Expert now admits that the official "model"
 predicting Covid 9/11 Planned-emic
was wrong "by order of magnitude"

"No Worse than the Ordinary Annual Flu" top UK expert now admits.  Fraudulent "testing" all along.  Hey Folks...THAT didn't last long!!!

The bullshit is collapsing all around.


RickB said...

So on April 1st they'll be saying it was all a big joke folks?

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on you.

Shame on everybody that bought this one.

greencrow said...

Hi RickB

What will likely happen is that this Neal Ferguson, who was the researcher head of the UK "Imperial College" that came up with the faulty [to say the least] statistics will "fall on his sword"...take the the patsy...whatever you want to call it. If they can have him suddenly die of "Covid19" [which they say he already has]...that that will be most convenient for them.

FreakedOut said...

Great video GC!
Thanks for posting the survey earlier, it's closed now and the results are in!
It's a Hoax!

greencrow said...

Thanks for your sleuthing, FreakedOut. You can be my cub reporter anytime ; )


FreakedOut said...

don't know if you saw this:
"Putin Says 'The Rich Must Pay' for the Corona-Virus"

greencrow said...

Hi Freaked Out:

I'll include your link about Putin/Russia in a post I'm working on about the "Russian Response". In the meantime, I urge you and all my readers to spread the video that goes with this post far and wide. Only by keeping the pressure on the perpZ can we possibly get them to acknowledge what we already know. According to their own "experts" this covid19 pandemic is a hoax.


RickB said...

Troops are already being put in place to enforce the lockdown:

greencrow said...

Who will save us?

Penny said...

Linked your post into my latest
I have more on this modelling as it applied to Canada...

albertde said...

I think I finally figured this out.
What do we know?
1. The Fort Derrick,Maryland bioweapons lab was shut down in August 2019 due to procedural defects.
2. A Fahrenheit Land (FL) military team performed poorly at the International Wuhan military competition in October 2019. Staff at their hotel fell ill after the games.
3. In December 2019 the Chinese realized that citizens were being subject to a new knid of virus with some dying as a result.
4. The Chinese were able to determine the composition of the virus and, subsequently, from their analysis, they decided to go into a complete anti-bioweapons mode to attempt to defeat the virus.
5. In March, members of the Iranian leadership were dying of the virus and the country become one of the centres of infection. The strain of the virus there was not the same as in China.
6. Italy, in particular, also became a centre of infection with old and infirm dying. Again, there was a different strain from China or Iran.
7. The pandemic spreads, with Fahrenheit Land becoming a centre. FL is the only country with all five strains of the virus.
8. FL has over 800 military bases scattered all over the world.

What fits the facts in my opinion?

What I think happened is that there was an accidental release of a virus from Fort Derrick that infected their military personnel, who brought it to Wuhan. When the Chinese analysed it, they saw it had all the hallmarks of a bioweapon and took the appropriate measures, which turned out to be overkill. In the case of Iran, it was a deliberate attack by FL against them. The remaining countries affected by the virus was through contact with FL's military personnel on their bases.

greencrow said...

Hi albertde:

You are far too kind to Fahrenheit Land. As the Chinese have asked for...we need detailed information about who were the US soldiers who participated in the WMG. Did any of them even have contact with those from Fort Detrick? The fact that the US will not provide any information about this is, IMO, PROOF that this is a bio-weapons attack on the world and a psy-op to pursue a long-planned globalist agenda.

Anonymous said...


According to George Webb this might have been developed in a lab in Winnipeg. Makes sense as that way you have the "plausible deniability" which certain lack-of-intelligence agencies like to operate under.

Strange Days indeed, Mr. Morrison

greencrow said...

Hi Mr. Morrison:

Pursuing the responsible source(s) of the bioweapon is just as fruitless as was pursuing the mass murderers of the 9/11 atrocity. When there is no justice there is no point.

Reading between the lines said...

Some facts are starting to emerge but will the public wake up .I had read about this epidemiologist ,Mr Ferguson , admitting that his time line was totally wrong .
From 500,000 to 20,000 and we might just see much less yet in the final numbers.
I keep wondering what was the motive for the the sky is falling attitude .