Tuesday, February 4, 2020

(((They))) can't say who won the Iowa Democrat Caucus because it isn't the result (((they))) need

Place Holder Bernie Sanders
(((They))) can't say who won the Iowa Democrat Caucus
because it isn't the result (((they))) need

The MainZtream media, even in craven Canada, is all a twitter this morning over the unusual delay in reporting the results of the USrael Democratic Party caucus.  Just a wee indication of how abjectly naïve USraeli sheeple are.  They actually thought that the vote would be fairly tabulated.  What were the odds of THAT happening, I wonder.  If every single individual involved is a crook...could that ever end up in legitimacy?  It's like mating a couple of buffalo and hoping to get a gazelle.

Here is an explanation of what happened by Nomadiceveryman

H/T to Jody Paulson from "What They Don't Tell You"

And this from Xymphora

A Shadow over democracy

"Pro-Israel Buttigieg backer Seth Klarman is top funder of group behind Iowa’s disastrous voting app" (Blumenthal). Checks every single 'conspiracy theory' box, including, of course blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Khazar Zionist.. All this effort was just to slow Bernie's momentum a bit, and taint the victory he will eventually have in Iowa.

Here is a more detailed description of the illicit shenanigans from the "Voice of Satan" lying BBC.  Please scan briefly and I will have final comments to follow:


DES MOINES —The long-anticipated Iowa caucuses turned into a debacle Monday night when technical problems delayed the results, prompting presidential candidates to depart before the outcome was clear, spurring one campaign to challenge the integrity of the process and producing a muddled situation instead of what Democratic leaders hoped would be a decisive beginning to their attempt to oust President Trump.

Hours after voters at more than 1,600 caucus sites declared their presidential preferences, Democratic officials were scrambling to explain why no results had been released and when they might materialize. As midnight neared, state party leaders met hastily with the campaigns — a phone call that ended abruptly, according to someone familiar with it — and sought to reassure the public about the reliability of a caucus system that has long been criticized as quirky and byzantine.

“The integrity of the results is paramount,” Iowa Democratic Party spokeswoman Mandy McClure said as candidates, voters and activists waited in frustration and reports circulated about problems with the app that caucus officials used to transmit the results. McClure added: “This is simply a reporting issue, the app did not go down and this is not a hack or an intrusion. The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results.”

But it was a difficult culmination of a year of relentless campaigning by dozens of candidates and hundreds of volunteers in Iowa. The delay raised the prospect that some campaigns would continue to question the results for weeks, complicating an already tumultuous nomination fight.

In a letter sent to the Iowa Democratic Party, obtained by The Washington Post, officials with former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign questioned whether the results should be made official. “We believe that the campaigns deserve full explanations and relevant information regarding the methods of quality control you are employing, and an opportunity to respond, before any official results are released,” the letter said.

The glitch was arguably a setback for the campaigns that did well, by depriving them of a chance to declare victory Monday night, and a boon for candidates who fell short, by sowing confusion about the results. Some campaign officials said they had the impression that results could be released Tuesday, but the party made no statement in that regard.

Trump campaign officials wasted little time in fanning the flames, seizing the opportunity to sow divisions among Democrats. “It would be natural for people to doubt the fairness of the process,” campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement, suggesting in a tweet that it was “rigged.”

The episode is also sure to amplify complaints about the Iowa caucuses themselves. Some Democrats have long questioned not only the complex process but the fact that the first votes are taken in a largely white state that they say does not reflect the party’s growing diversity.

“This is a total mess,” tweeted Julián Castro, the former San Antonio mayor who ended his own presidential campaign several weeks ago and has endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). “I respect the people of Iowa, they’ve been great — but it’s become very clear that our democracy has been misserved by a broken system.” ..."


Greencrow says:  The real scam is that leading candidate Bernie Sanders is not a leader nor a candidate at all but merely a "place holder" or a "stalking horse".  He'll never be a candidate in the final campaign against Trump.  Both wings of the same bird agree on that point.  Demented Biden will be the candidate against Demented Trump.

Americans haven't been lead by a real leader for so long they wouldn't know one if they fell over one on the street.  They have no idea of what it feels like to be spoken truthfully to...to be given a truthful and realistic set of goals [platform] which they can feel confident will be carried out to fruition.  They've been living in a geopolitical house of mirrors for so long they can't recognize their own images reflected back at them, never mind the image of a leader.  Those who think that leaders don't matter...that one person can't make a difference...should examine carefully the lengths the perps go to eliminate true, effective leaders from the USraeli population. Assassination is just one methodology.

By means of a myriad of "shell game" strategies...the globalist, satanic, parasitic perps have hollowed out the USraeli population of at least two, perhaps three generations of leaders.  Now the population's like a huge jelly fish, stranded by low tide on the sand in the sun.  Not a pretty sight.  And there's no one to pick up the jellyfish and return it to the sea.

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