Monday, February 10, 2020

Monday Morning Catch-up - Seeking Inspiration...and finding it!

"Harriet" based on the Life of Harriet Tubman

It's a sunny and cold morning on the West Coast.  Time for a casual cup of coffee and a brief reconnaissance of the happenings of the past little while.  Gee, so glad I didn't waste any ram on that Impeachment Hoax that went on down in USrael for months and months.  I said at the outset that it was a phony sham and would never get anywhere due to the total corruption of the political and judicial institutions in Amerika.  And I was right.

Another hoax that I'm currently not wasting any ram on is the Coronavirus Hoax.  I don't care how many supposedly reliable ["unimpeachable" lol] sources say it's for Spidey senses say it is as phoney as a three dollar bill.  Just the way the MainZtream media is on 24/7 hype-frenZy drive gives the caper away.  We're supposed to look at a photo of a cruise ship in a harbour and THAT is supposed to be proof positive that there are people on the ship with the "deadly virus"(TM).

We're supposed to totally ignore the coinkydynk between USrael's vendetta trade war against China and the timing of the Coronavirus caper.  Funny.  I haven't seen a single interview with a person who reports that they HAVE the virus.  Have you?  There should be multiple photos of dead bodies stacked up like cordwood in China...there should be interviews with patients and/or their relatives about how they're being affected by the virus.  I would like to see ONE interview with a patient saying what it feels like coming down with such a rare disease.  All we read about in the MZM are the prohibitive steps the West is taking to contain the virus.  Coinkyadynkally, the very same steps/sanctions they would be taking to wreck the economy of China.  Who knew?!

Here in Canada the MZM is in desperation mode.  Trying to conceal the growing opposition to the Indigenous Land Theft caper.  I watched a few of those "panel interview" sessions on CBC over the weekend.  Every member of the panel judiciously chosen on the basis that they could be absolutely trusted not to reveal the truth...quite a feat when you think about it.  They were all saying that even though the TMX price tag has ballooned to twice the original co$'s better to build the thing NOW...or the price is surely going to "skyrocket(TM)" in the future.  This has boiled down to being the Plan "A" reason to build pipeline(s).  They're cheaper to build in a hurry...before any environmental assessments can be completed.

They always follow up that with the Plan "B" rationale.  It will reduce Alberta's "feelings of Isolation and alienation" and....wait for it....keep the country together.  Alberta, for those readers who are unaware, has been run by American oil corporations for generations.  They're a fifth column in Canada...hoping to divide, conquer and bring Canada down.  They've been working on this project for almost a century now and...apparently it's "now or never"--as electric cars are soon going to replace gas guzzlers and the average Canadian schmuck won't be impacted by the price of oil.

So, they threaten Canada with dissolution if most of the northern part of Alberta isn't scraped clean--down to the earth's iron crust--and all the resultant "toxic bitumen" [earth, combined with the precious water resources of the north] isn't shipped via high pressure pipelines to the coast, where a gridlock of huge oil tankers will transport it through the tiny Burrard Inlet--which in places is narrower than most major rivers in Alberta--down the coast to Texas...where the REAL permanent jobs are and always will be.

British Columbia's feelings of betrayal and powerlessness in the dynamic are never mentioned by the CBC panels.  It's as if we don't exist.

Finally, I watched the Academy Awards last night and for the most part found it tolerable TV.  I particularly enjoyed the singer/actor Cynthia Erivo [who also starred in the movie "Harriet"] singing the title song, which was up for an award and which I thought should have won the Oscar for "Best Song" particularly when compared with its pathetic competition.  Here's a video of Erivo singing the song "Stand Up".  This song could be an anthem for the people of British Columbia...and all truthers...who are ready to stand up against the desperate "last chance" oppression of the perpetrators of our slavery!  Enjoy....and then "Stand Up!"

"Stand Up" from the movie "Harriet"
sung by Cynthia Erivo


Jody Paulson said...

“Gee, so glad I didn't waste any ram on that Impeachment Hoax that went on down in USrael for months and months. […] Another hoax that I'm currently not wasting any ram on is the Coronavirus Hoax.”
I feel the same way, GC. People have been lined up at the Nothing Burger Stand while the entire carnival surrounding them burns to the ground.

greencrow said...

Great way of putting it, Jody.