Monday, February 3, 2020

Coronavirus Hype looking more like a False Flag/Drill/media purge every day

"Zerohedge Suspended On Twitter" (Durden). "Zero Hedge Banned from Twitter for Doxing Chinese Man Accused of Creating the Coronavirus" (Anglin).

The house of cards coronavirus hoax is collapsing as we type.  So many indications that it was/is yet another in the endless series of False Flag distractions/hoaxes meant to punish any country that does not knuckle under to the globalist banksters and their puppet politicians/military industrial complex.

Over the past weekend I collected a series of links which I will post and briefly comment on before my last summation of this bullshit:

That gawd-awful "Twitter"...which is a weapon in and of itself...a stupefication weapon, targeting its followers... suspended a blog that didn't toe the line on the hoax:

The popular news blog ZeroHedge has been suspended from Twitter. While no reason was given, their last tweet referred to speculation the coronavirus could be a bioweapon and BuzzFeed had just accused them of doxxing.

The site’s last tweet before the suspension referenced a paper by Indian scientists pointing to uncanny similarities between the 2019-nCoV virus and HIV, which internet researcher Christopher Torres Lugo described as “conspiracy theories claiming that 2019-nCoV is a bioweapon.”

Twitter does not comment on reasons for suspending or banning any particular account, leaving ZeroHedge’s 673,000 or so followers in the dark on Friday afternoon, until the site itself said it received noticed it had engaged in "abuse or harassment."

bout two hours before the suspension, BuzzFeed published a story accusing ZeroHedge – which it refers to as “a popular pro-Trump website” – of revealing personal information of a scientist from Wuhan, China and “falsely accusing them of creating the coronavirus as a bioweapon.”

Release of personal information, or doxxing, would be a violation of Twitter rules. However, the BuzzFeed story purports to identify by name the proprietor of ZeroHedge, who writes under the pseudonym Tyler Durden.

BuzzFeed was outraged by the “rumors and lies” allegedly pushed by ZeroHedge about the origins and characteristics of the coronavirus, which causes a respiratory infection that has so far sickened almost 10,000 people across the world, and killed over 200 – mainly in China.

The first patient was reported in the city of Wuhan, in Hebei province, just a month ago. The WHO has declared a global health emergency due to the rapid spread of the virus.

ZeroHedge’s most recent article included the tweets of several scientists who were alarmed by a pre-publication paper authored by a team of Indian virologists, noticing the “uncanny similarity” between the 2019-nCoV and HIV-1 and finding it “unlikely to be fortuitous.”

Commenting on the suspension, ZeroHedge wondered, "Are we then to understand that we have now reached a point the mere gathering of information, which our colleagues in the media may want to eventually do as thousands of people are afflicted daily by the Coronavirus, is now synonymous with 'abuse and harassment'? According to Twitter, and certainly our competitors in the media, the answer is yes."

BuzzFeed notoriously published the so-called 'Steele Dossier' in January 2017, claiming that Russian intelligence services had compromising material on president-elect Donald Trump including video of him cavorting with urinating prostitutes at a Moscow hotel. None of the claims from the dossier, compiled by a freelancing British spy on commission from the Democratic National Committee, were ever corroborated."


Greencrow says:  I think Twitter should be banned.  The phony sheeple-herder "communications platform" has been twisting and manipulating human discourse out of all resemblance to normal discussion for several years now...and has attained a gravitas far beyond it's stupid original purpose for existence--herding the braindead.  Every time I read something like the above I pat myself on the back for recognizing it's phoniness from the beginning and not signing on.  But here is Paul Craig Roberts speculating that the virus hoax is just another step in the taking over of human biology by the mendacious globalist perps:
Coronavirus opens a true Pandora’s box on biogenetics. Serious questions remain about experiences in vivo in which the consent of “patients” will not be required – considering the collective psychosis initially developed by Western corporate media and even the WHO around coronavirus. Coronavirus could well become a pretext for genetic experiments via vaccines."
The very first clue to the phoniness of the coronavirus False Flag terror attack on humanity was the targeting of USrael's "enemy du jour", China.  That, and the MZM ganging up in a 24/7 frenzy.  It's a wonder they didn't give away free T-shirts and coffee mugs with pictures of the coronavirus on them.

Coronavirus looks as if tailor-made to achieve US objectives: Scholar

What are the odds of a pariah-making plague hitting the exact same country as USrael is trying to destroy in a trade war?  100%, evidently.  Everywhere, all the time.  But the simpleton sheeple populations of the West NEVER see the gonnection.

Now, we're learning that the virus has the same DNA make up as HIV.  Hellooooww?!  Wasn't the HIV virus a bioweapons lab concoction which impossibly combined the merged DNA of cows [monkeys?] and pigs?  Maybe it was another combination of animals, I can't remember...but anyway...HIV was a man-made bioweapon released in Africa via mass vaccination in order to genocide the indigenous African populations.  Sentient humans have known that for decades now.

Now, Russia is agreeing that whatever the coronavirus is, it is a bioweapon and must be defended against.  Monsters on the left of us, monsters on the right.  What all this palaver tells the sentient few is that the entire bidness of epidemic disease control, including the CDC, the WHO and all the world's bioweapons labs are infiltrated with perps...perps and their sayanim who need to be drilled regularly to make sure they are 100% corrupted.

What the greencrow has extrapolated from all this confirmation of mass corruption in one area of so-called "science" is that, more than likely, other areas of "science" have also been infiltrated and corrupted.  I'm thinking here of meteorological, weather predicting, geoengineering and the entire "climate change" hype/terror campaign which, to me, closely resembles the "pandemic/epidemic" hype/terror campaign.

Science has been occupied, just like USrael.  It's being hollowed out and reason is being methodically and stage-by-stage replaced with terror myths, lab-concocted bioweapons, associated lies, hoaxes [i.e., NASA] and MZmedia manipulations.  And, as if to confirm my thesis, just this morning climate hand puppet Greta Thunberg was nominated for that prize that has been twisted into a pretzel of reward for evil, the Nobel Prize. Monsters on the left of us, monsters on the right.


Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow! :)

Wow. Colour me completely unsurprised by this revelation. The US is using weapons on a sovereign nation to attack and murder their civilian population? Who would have guessed?! The average US peasant will never pick up on this since they are too glued to their TVs while being fed lies and disinformation (I swear, TV is one of the biggest enemies of humanity, seriously...).

Yeah, China needs to investigate this thoroughly and piece together that it was the US that launched this bioweapon and get the 'sanctions against the US' bandwagon rolling. There would be a LOT of countries that would more than happily sign on to it, given the US policy of antagonizing everyone around them and then some more.

With the US, there is never any true forethought with any of the evil they commit against the world... or by their handlers (who happens to be our handlers, too).

greencrow said...

Karmellis says:

"...get the 'sanctions against the US' bandwagon rolling..."

I am sure sentient humans have been boycotting the US for years if not decades. You just never read about it in the MZM. Tourism, for example. What darkies would dare travel around USrael? Too risky. I have avoided the US for decades despite being a 45 minute highway drive from the closest border. If I am forced to enter the a stopover or to rarely visit friends...I'm a nervous wreck until I get the hell out. Nothing feels so good on the blood pressure than to cross that border back to Canada.

Penny said...

Hey GC:
the whole coronavirus thing feels like another means of waging financial war against China..
I've been saying it to hubby since it began..
It appears to serve some other purpose as well
Perhaps some forced vaccine regulations can be pushed
And I find all this military evacuations- to military bases very strange.
Leave the 'exposed' where they are. They can be 'quarantined' in place.
It just seems so weird to go and pick these people up..
and weird photos.... bus drivers driving these evacuees without masks or hazmat suits (globe and mail) Showed hubby and asked what's wrong with this photo?
He spotted it.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

The combo of uniformed plus ununiformed actors is always a telltale sign of a drill.

You are right...there are likely many other purposes of the terror drill. Restricting travel and putting more regulations on it is possibly a big one. I asked the question early on...which the MZM completely ignores...what were all these westerners doing in those Chinese cities in the first place? I think the entire charade was concocted to get them part of some economic sanction...shutting down economic ties.

Anonymous said...

As long as the "axis of evil" countries (Russia, Iran, China, NK) will not point their fingers at the true (((axis of evil))), then this garbage will continue unabated. How many more innocent people have to die so that these blood sucking monsters can continue their Klepto-mania regime(s)?

This inquiring mind not only wants to know but is completely disgusted by the whole charade.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Funny. The more people get "woke" in the West...the more the eastern countries pander to the kleptos. Wuz dat all about?!

Reading between the lines said...

Banning twitter would totally disarm Trump.What a novel idea.
Just in this morning ,the PTB just can't decide who is on top of the nomination in last night's Iowa convention.What a crock of $hit .The want to do it again to Sanders.

greencrow said...

RBTL says:

"...They want to do it again to Sanders."

If the PTB don't do it to him, he'll do it to himself...he was, is and always will be a perp place holder. No matter what, he'll drop out at the end.


RickB said...

In 2016 it was supposed to be Clinton vs Jeb Bush. But Trump ran Bush off the stage.

By seniority, it's Biden's turn to represent the Dems now, since Hillary is out. LMAO... because the results were showing Biden had absolutely no support, embarrassingly so, and because Sanders was winning... oops a technical glitch prevented a vote count.

I believe Buttigieg is the man now... maybe Clobichar with him, maybe Warren as the fake populist.