Tuesday, February 4, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: TMX Update: BC "Sold Down the Inlet" by Feds and BC NDP Party

UPDATE:  Watch Indigenous Reaction Live.  The Indigenous Tribes have ALREADY submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada based on another related issue and will be submitting another appeal based on the decision handed down today.  Several very eloquent speakers/First Nations leaders spoke about their disappointment with the Federal Court Ruling and resolve to proceed to the Supreme Court. Amazingly [or not] CTV keeps going to black when the First Nations Speakers are making important points.  This shows Canadians that there is no freedom of speech and no justice in Canada! I was very proud as a Canadian and as a British Columbian to be represented by these leaders in this struggle.  Their sincerity and authenticity shone through.  If their appeal is rejected by the SCC then you will see the greencrow involved in the demonstrations that follow!

Transmountain Map with Burrard Inlet Shown

I've been watching closely but not posting on the latest developments in the Transmountain Pipeline Expansion Project.  A week or so ago we had BC Premier John Horgan basically saying that the jig was up and that BC had no alternative but to go along with the environmentally catastrophic [for BC] Transmountain Pipeline Expansion...for the sake of the nation.  I couldn't believe it when I first heard it but...hey...the NDP sold us out before, on the Meech Lake Accord, which I was actively involved in opposing...but we won in the end anyway.

We then had a couple of public opinion polls that showed that BC public support for the project was waning and opposition was growing.  Hey, when did public opinion ever matter in a case of the environment versus big Oil or Big Capitalism?

So, just like the Meech Lake Accord...it will come down to an indigenous opposition that will save Canada and BC.

Here is a snippet from the CTV breaking news just now saying that the Federal court turned down the legal challenge.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:


OTTAWA -- OTTAWA -- The Federal Court of Appeal has dismissed the legal challenge to Ottawa's decision to approve the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion a second time.

In a unanimous, 3-0 decision, the court dismissed four challenges to the approval filed last summer by First Nations in British Columbia, saying in the 95-page decision that "we conclude that there is no basis for interfering" with the decision.

The decision paves the way for construction to continue on the project, though the First Nations have 60 days to appeal to the Supreme Court..."


Greencrow says:  It was always going to come down to this.  It was always going to be a Supreme Court decision--where the court MUST take into account the constitutional rights of First Nations.  Canada has become dependent on this small minority of beleaguered indigenous tribes to save our sorry asses from the foreign backed Corporatist and Big Oil behemoths who are relentlessly destroying our land and water environment.

And, if the Supreme Court won't listen to them...according to The Indian Act, the First Nations can always appeal to the Queen of England.  Now, that WOULD be embarrassing!


wallflower said...

It sure would be good if the relevance of earthquakes were being considered as a top priority because they certainly should be instead of 'after-the-fact'. To deny the earthquakes that have been going off there (last month was the highest magnitude I've seen so far (EMSC)) is negligence-by-bribes and corruption. Greed blinds the eyes of all leaders except the ones who we should not only listen to, but be aligned with 100%. I hope the First Nations win this common sense verdict...not only for Canada but for US too. It is the very method of fracking that has caused severe uptick in earthquakes...a no brainer for the environment and citizens who suffer from it. Perhaps a good sized earthquake under the chairs of these corrupt judges will help along the indigenous way.

["Japan WILL dump nuclear waste into the sea as it prepares to accept recommendation that contaminated water from damaged Fukushima plant can flow into the Pacific Ocean"] PUBLISHED: 10:22 EST, 31 January 2020

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

You make a very good point about the risk to the environment of having pipelines in an earthquake zone. Every year there are dozens of environmentally destructive accidents involving pipelines but most of them are covered up by the corporatist government. We had a big oil spill right in English Bay. The oil tanker skipped town in the middle of the night and we were/are stuck with the bill. We KNOW that Alberta feels no compunction to clean up its "orphaned" and abandoned oil wells. Do you think they will have a care on for BC???