Friday, January 3, 2020

The First Casualty of War is Truth

I just tried to post a report from PressTV about the latest mass assassination in Iraq where at least 6 MORE Iraqi soldiers were killed just tonight [Friday, Jan 3/20].  I typed in the words "killing spree" and the entire post just vanished.


Anonymous said...

It is an excuse to stay in Iraq
On xmas or new years in the so called newz
the local newz showed the Iraq people protesting
It reminded me of the Bushwacker days
Like when they tore down the statue
Probably the same group as then
I guess it means the same thing
They can make a deck of cards for the pawns so they can study the enemy
And have a proxy war for ten more years
They have to build it up like before so they can stay
Same game
Same plan
Just a new puppet
Hey all you heros
I mean psychotic pawns
Have fun
You want me to call you a hero when you come back traumatized???
Or if you have some limbs missing
Meanwhile your tyrannical government will let more of them in for diversity so you can live in an asylim with less privaleges and more psychotic boots on the ground cuz of all the sickness that follows
Like a stabbing in the city
Or a kid being a wise a s s and spewing I have a and I am gonna
It is like pulling a fire alarm back in the day
Seems like we always had drills for fire alarms
Now they do psychotic drills for the kid who wants to be a wise a s s and watch the goons play and act out
Or in the greencrows vocabulary

Reading between the lines said...

If anyone needed proof that war is profitable just check out the stock market to see how well the shares of the military armament manufacturing industry are doing after the assassination of Iran's top general , sensing that war is coming.
The best thing that could come out of this criminal act would be oil prices skyrocketing and watch Trump squirm as his election prognosis take a turn South.
Though outside of Tulsi and Sanders ,it would not be much better ,just more of the same in different clothes.
On the assumption that Israel was a participant of this war provocation ,I am of the same mind . With Netanyahu fighting to stay out of jail and their rabid zionist puppets in the US administration that have a perpetual hate on for the Iranians ,it is not a stretch or a leap in connecting the dots . It's their M O and one can now read them like a book.

greencrow said...


"... just check out the stock market..." If there's anything we've learned recently it's that the stock market and the price of oil are completely rigged. Rigged as bait to lead the goy down the garden path towards cannon fodderism.

Reading between the lines said...

This is a copy of a comment I just read from Consortium News ,and article by Pepe Escobar .Thought it was pretty right on the reply you sent me.

"I keep wondering how much insider or opportunistic trading goes on. Any one who knew about this 10 minutes beforehand could simply go long oil, or gold. Quite predictable. The markets are so volatile nowadays, over reacting to news events. Much of this is due to AI trading systems that are programmed to react to news, and they get the feeds before anyone else and react instantly–buy/sell. Deep state creeps certainly made a killing in the markets today. No brainer there. It would be interesting to check out the volume on various options and commodities contracts prior to the assassination. The term “elephant tracks” has been used to identify massive buy/sell orders by unidentified players.
As an old hippy guy, I really thought our world would be a better place by now. Au contrere. No matter what political system, the sociopaths continue to rise to the top like toxic scum. "

greencrow said...

That there was never a proper investigation into the insider trading on 9/11 says everything anyone needs to know about the stock market. I have never invested a dime in it...but my partner thinks it's great.

Remember what happened during the last "roaring 20's"? That is inevitable.

Reading between the lines said...

Never played the market either and never was much for gambling either.When I did play small poker as a teenager with friends ,I realized that I hated losing some hard earned money and when I did win I was not comfortable seeing my friends lose either.LOL

M. Rocknest said...

I think it would be quite delicious if Iran were to announce that it recognizes immediate revenge would affect the domestic politics of the USA and Israel (currently Trump and Netanyahu are facing charges which adversely affect their leadership), therefore it will promise to bide its time on its justifiable revenge so it cannot be accused of meddling in American and Israeli domestic affairs or their pending elections. Iran has a good record of keeping its promises so any attack perceived as being Iranian revenge would not be authorized by Iran or else a false flag trying to blame Iran. Iran will eventually serve a cold, carefully calculated dish of revenge but only when it will not affect the delivery of just desserts to Trump and Netanyahu by their own citizens.

Reading between the lines said...

@ M.Rocknest
My thinking and hopes also .The Persians are not cowboy shoot from the hip type of people .What they do will be calculated you can rest assured ,but it will come .In the mean time it will be death by a thousand cuts .Just think about all the perpetual state of soiled underwear among those waiting.