Thursday, January 16, 2020

Taxpayer-funded CBC Lies to Canadians again: "Putin's political gambit suggests plan to rule Russia forever"

Vladimir Putin and Demitry Medvedev
photo from RT

The Canadian Sheeple are being played by their taxpayer-funded national broadcaster, the CBC, again.  Every day it is one insult to the intelligence after another.  One of my commenters on this blog recently intimated that the CBC had been taken over by "Nepotism".  I responded that if a "Nepot" is the same as a "Khazar", then I totally agreed with him/her.

The CBC lies about domestic AND international politics.  But nothing matches their lying about Russia.  If you go to the photo accompanying this morning's raft of CBC lies you will see photo-shopped enhancements of the photo of Putin--that have huge fingers pointing at his head.  This is the infantile level of their so-called "journalism".

I cannot copy and paste the said photo on this blog, however because a couple of years ago the CBC tweaked their website photography to make it the only newZ outlet in the world to have photos that cannot be copied and pasted onto blogs.  That, alone, indicates how manipulated and manipulating they are.  The CBC handlers want to contrive and publish disgusting inflammatory photos--but not be called out on it by independent blogs.

But, I digress.

I was talking about how the CBC is injecting the canard into the pliable and mushy brains of the non-sentient Canadians that Putin has set up the Russian constitution for changes that will make him "President for life". Please read the goop from the "nepotism controlled" CBC:

"Russians awoke this morning to a new prime minister and much confusion about a new constitutional process that appears designed to entrench Vladimir Putin's status at the top of Russia's political pyramid for the rest of his life.

"His goal is to remain the number-one, most important decision maker in Russia, to keep Russia stable, to keep the elites loyal and to keep the public acquiescent to the Kremlin's policies," said Maria Lipman, an independent political analyst affiliated with Moscow's Carnegie Centre..."


Greencrow says:  In fact, if you go to the Russian news sources, you will learn exactly the opposite is true.  Putin is making long needed and standard [in other European democracies] amendments to the Russian constitution which will ensure a smooth transition for his replacement.  Here's a snippet from RT on the changes and I will have more comments to follow:

Russian political earthquake: Putin sets out plan for Kremlin departure & Medvedev resigns 

On Wednesday, Russia’s government resigned. Dmitry Medvedev departed the political frontline, and Vladimir Putin effectively confirmed that he will leave the presidency at the end of his present term, suggesting Mikhail Mishustin as the new Russian prime minister. As Van Morrison once crooned, there will be days like this.

And it’s only the 15th of January. A week after Russians observed Orthodox Christmas, and a fortnight since they celebrated New Year, it didn't take long for real business to resume.

In the morning, Mishustin was so unknown outside of Russia that he didn’t even have an English language Wikipedia page. And his profile inside the country was minor, beyond the world of political and administrative wonks.

Federal Taxation Service Head Mikhail Mishustin tapped
 by Russian President Vladimir Putin
 to become Russia’s next PM © Mikhail Klimentyev

Here's a video/report from Iran's national news source PressTV which gives more details on the man expected to replace Putin, the new Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishutin.

My partner greeted me today over our morning cup of tea by crowing: "I hear that Putin has changed things around in the Russian government so he can be "President for Life".  Of course, he only gets his newZ from the CBC.  I tried to correct him by saying that, Russia, in the alternative, was changing its constitution to align more with Western Democracies like Canada.  In Canada, the prime minister holds the reigns of power in the government, not the figurehead at the top which in many democracies is the President but, because Canada is a monarchy, we have the Queen.

Putin has taken the power away from the presidency and put it back with the Prime Minister, making the president more a ceremonial role.  Significantly, he has also given power to elect the Prime Minister to the Russian parliament or Douma.  This is the most significant transfer of power in the new changes.  I will be the first to acknowledge that Putin and Medvedev were playing some kind of "power shell game" over the past two decades, switching the power back and forth between the presidency and the prime ministership...depending on what position Putin held.

But in Putin's defense I will say that Russia was an economic/political basket case when he took over after the drunken Yeltsin, who was a USraeli stooge, handed him the position of President.  Putin, a constitutional/international law lawyer by training, contrived a period of political stability in Russia to put it back on its economic, political and military feet...and thus ensure its institutions weren't further ransacked and hollowed out by the "usual suspects" as had been going on under Yeltsin and Gorbashev.  This, ironically was/is a ransacking and hollowing out which is currently proceeding apace without check in USrael and Canada!

When Putin snatched Russia from the jaws of the international bankster globalists [the same ones who now "own" the CBC] there was a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Expect more of the same now that Putin seems to be solidifying the Russian independence with constitutional amendments.  One amendment I particularly like is the one that says there will be no "dual citizen" leaders--as all candidates must have lived in Russia continuously for at least 20 years and NO candidates can hold other citizenship.  Remember how Canada came perilously close to having a dual citizen as Prime Minister in the last (s)election?  This should NEVER be allowed to happen in a functioning democracy!

Most importantly, and you won't be reading THIS in the controlled Ziofascist press...All the constitutional amendments suggested by Putin will be put to the people in a general referendum on May 1st, 2020.

As for what Putin will be doing once he retires in 2024...he will likely become a member of the new Russian government "Security Council"/advisory committee.   It appears that this council, which will be led by former prime minister Demitry Medvedev, will be set up to advise the politicians who will be in a period of transition of power after 2024.  As usual, Putin in his wisdom is closing out any opportunities for the globalist demons to try another takeover like they did under Gorbashev and Yeltsin.  I applaud him for this.  Putin is the greatest world leader in the past several centuries.  Long may he continue to serve the Russian people...and humanity at large!!!


M. Rocknest said...

I watched all of Putin's address to the Federal Assembly and was impressed by how he is so focused on domestic matters and dedicated to assuring Russia's independence and sovereignty (something the Canadian government never seems to give a care about). Thank you, Greencrow, for setting the record straight about Putin's proposed changes to the constitution of the Russian Federation. There will be citizen input to this process (can't imagine Trump listening to anything outside his cone of silence). I know the Saker will not be sorry at all to see Medvedev's role change because I think he would consider it a nuanced flushing of the Russian swampland. It will be interesting to see him weigh in, at least I hope he does. Meanwhile it's not the least bit surprising how the western media is spinning it into Putin wanting to be "dictator for life". What nonsense! I think he is merely trying to ensure a smooth transition of power and doesn't want to see all the good programs and strategies he has blessed Russia with go down the tubes when he is no longer President.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment, M. Rocknest.

Yes, the Western press is congenitally unable to analyse geopolitical events deeper than Ziofascist paint-by-number.

Anonymous said...

The other day, when I made the comment about nepotism at the CBC. I did so having been misinformed on a blog and due to my lack of fact checking believed said comment that President R... had handed the reigns of power to his son. My bad. The fact that the chosen president of CBC decided not to pursue another term after gutting the corporation did leave me with the impression that it was 'job done' and no need to continue in a very public position.

But I do clearly remember a time when CBC would actually examine both sides of an issue, albeit with an obvious LPC political slant.

The torrent of misinformation at CBC is only a symptom of the general malaise affecting this country. I don't recall having heard the term 'responsible
government' for at least 40 years now. Nor do we have a representative government with the current party configurations. What we have now are menu choices, and after one makes the choice, one discovers that it is the same swill repackaged.

I do think our current crop of SJW and woke individuals will be in for a real shock when the last vestiges of the middle class are destroyed and they discover who was actually paying to subsidise their delusions.

At some future date we'll likely need our own Putin in order to wipe away the current traces of Yeltsinism.

All this would be an enjoyable spectacle if there was not going to be so much suffering as a result of this insane 'cowardly new world' we live in.

greencrow said...

anonymous says:

"...we'll likely need our own Putin..."

Such a leader comes along only once every 500 years or so. Our descendants will someday refer to our generations as having "lived in the era of Putin the Great".


wallflower said...

Hi GC,
When I watched the very lengthy Christmas celebration in the Russian Orthodox Church, the camera scanned the room of hundreds of people standing (no chairs or pews) and then briefly like it was just another person landed where Putin was standing. He was like everyone else in the room in reverence and respect. It was his face that told me the weight upon his shoulders for such a smaller build. He looked tired or shall I say fatigued (except when he smiled at a little girl with glasses leaning on her hand entirely bored :) So when I heard about this I knew he was probably trying to solidify Russia for Russians...and here it is. We wouldn't know how to react if our governments cared even a fraction of his faithfulness to the people and their welfare. How many times has a leader changed things for the peoples welfare that was usurped by the Great Satan? Evo Morales just recently tops the list. And Putin knows it. Thank you for your post and deciphered logistical maneuvers :) This is why democracy has become a battle ground for good and evil. But in American it has become the apex of evil.

greencrow said...

Putin deserves a long, happy and healthy retirement, wallflower. He gave his best to his country during the past two decades+ of reconstruction from the ground up. But I know he will not rest and will give his last breath to his country.

Yes, as you say..." We wouldn't know how to react if our governments cared even a fraction of his faithfulness to the people and their welfare..."


Penny said...

Putin: "dictator for life"
Erdogan: "dictator for life" - after Turkey made constitutional changes
It was all the same spin and rhetoric- and it always will be

traducteur said...

The CBC may broadcast Zio public relations dressed up as information, but it does have good music. Between the CBC and Radio-Canada, I can get 11 or 12 hours of good music every day. Definitely worth having.

greencrow said...

Hi traducteur:

I used to listen to CBC radio FM all day long when my children were small. I consider that I got the equivalent of a university course in music history and appreciation by simply having CBC FM stereo in the background. When I went back to work I had CBC FM on my car radio and listed to it. Then I noticed that the newZ that came on hourly was totally biased towards Ziofascism and the tiny borderless regime in Israel. Disgusted, I switched channels and never went back. This was back in the 1990's. I don't know what CBC FM stereo radio is like now but no doubt it's the same or worse.

Speaking of CBC radio. Many years ago in the early 1980's I used to listen to a program called "Cross-Country Check-up". This was a call-in show where Canadians coast to coast called in to discuss a particular topic of the week. One time a called called in and asked a simple question: "What country in the world controls most minutes of every news broadcast in terms of focus on that particular country?" The moderator didn't know and asked the caller what the answer was. The caller said that most minutes of each and every news broadcast of news on every channel in Canada was spent on news about Israel. He gave the number of minutes per year and it was astounding.

I remember that moment as a "crystalline moment of awakening" for me. After that, I was always acutely aware of the number of minutes the media focused on Israel in every news broadcast I listened to. I started comparing it to the number of minutes spent on issues relating to much larger countries like India, China and Russia. It was mind-blowing.

That was the beginning of a journey that I am still on--discovering who controls the geopolitical power strings on this planet. So I thank the CBC for that awakening.

Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

I saw the same headline on the Globe and Mail when I was at a convenience store, so it's hardly 'just' the CBC that is outright lying to the Canadian public. We are seeing yet another example of media collusion, with all our handlers issuing their orders to sell the public their lies. And now with our Liberaltopia handing out bailouts to our private and public sector media, it no longer matters if their revenue drops as a result of their endless lies (It was a reported a while ago that CBC ad revenue has dropped by more than 50% in the last 5 years), they can just get replacement money from the government, thus now making them an extension of the government and their lies, thus why I call them the Ministry of Truth. Must be convenient for the handlers to own both the government and the media, huh?

I wonder what ever happened to that caller who issued a blatant moment of truth about how gross the misrepresentation of our media is...? The fact such information ended up on the air is stunning in itself; that program should have immediately been taken off the air or the caller in question censored and subjected to CSIS harassment (Which they have done to average citizens before as a way of justifying their existence. Anyone remember the hate crimes they fabricated by jacking into someone's router some years ago?).

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

I have also wondered over the years who that "Cross-Country-Check-up" caller was and what happened to him. The call in program went on for many years after that but there was never another similar "outburst of truth" on air.

Trudeau is now trying to start up local newZ outlets all across Canada by funding same. I guess these will all be mini "Ministry of Truth" lookout stations ; 0

M. Rocknest said...

The Saker has given careful consideration to Putin's proposed changes and he is cautiously optimistic that this will see "the Eurasian Sovereignists" win over "the Atlantic Integrationists". However, he had been disappointed that after the last election, Putin had re-installed the Medvedev pro-Westerners into the government. So it will be a wait-and-see situation until the new list of appointees comes out on January 21st. Any country which reinforces its sovereignty, specifically against US domination, gets my kudos. How I wish Canada could break free and embrace sovereignty.

M. Rocknest said...

Putin has announced his new cabinet and thank goodness Sergey Lavrov will remain as Foreign Minister. I consider him to be a master of diplomacy (a lost art in the USA in particular).

greencrow said...

Hi M. Rocknest:

Thanks for the update re Lavrov. He, as well as Putin, is a world treasure. From him we've learned as much about the art of diplomacy as we will ever know.