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UPDATED: Slow NewZ Monday -- with more information on Assassination of Diana

UPDATED:  January 21, 2020 Thanks to fellow blogger Aanirfan, I have updated the paragraphs below relating to Harry and his murdered mother, Diana Princess of Wales.  Aanirfan posted an excellent video with all the evidence pointing to a M16 assassination back in 1997.

Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou leaves her home
 to attend a case management conference in advance
 of her extradition hearing at BC Supreme Court
 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, January 17, 2020.
 © Reuters / Jennifer Gauthier

I'm calling this post "Slow Newz Monday" because the Internet is very slow this morning...taking interminable minutes to load up news sites.  Luckily, I have saved some links over the past few days and so can carry on carrying on.  Looking first at what's going on locally here in Vancouver we have the Meng Wanzhou Huawei extradition hearing beginning this morning.  This is a trial not only of Meng but most importantly for Canadians, it is a trial to find out whether or not we have the slightest residue of sovereignty left.  I, for one, highly doubt it.

Cutting Huawei Off at the pass?

Here is RT's synopsis of the Chinese view of the hearing.  I agree with China that Canada made a mistake arresting Meng Wanzhou at the Vancouver airport on December 1st, 2018.  But, hey, did we have a choice?  When you are a servile vassal...what else can you do but lie down, roll over and put all four paws in the air like the dog you are?

In preparation for the very latest "travesty of justice" to wend its way through the Canadian legal system, sponsored by the Federal Government...aka USrael vassal...I have been noticing a lot of tooing and frowing in the US/Canadian border regulations.  Methinks that Canada and USrael are retroactively tweaking the border laws so the illegal take down of Meng at the airport has some semblance of legality...which it currently does not.

The hearing will take place in two parts, according to the two main lines of defense of Meng.  The first, which started this morning has to do with whether or not the "crime" that Meng is being accused of by USrael is in fact a crime in Canada.  According to current extradition laws, it needs to be a crime in Canada for Canada to extradite an accused to another country.  Now, USrael will fully expect Canada to negate its own laws and/or twist itself into a legal pretzel to accommodate the latest USrael legal scofflaw shenanigans...and I'm sure the Feds will accommodate.

If China does not win that phase...then the next hearing, which will take place in the summer, will deal with whether or not Meng's human rights were breached when she was arrested as a pawn in the trade war [according to Trump's own words] between China and the US.

Now, Canada could stop these legal travesties once and for all by allowing the judge to throw the case out today.  But, Noooooooooooooo.  Canada will IMO, bend over and pick up the bar of soap in the shower once again.  Stay tuned and I will update on this issue as events play out.

Megan vs her foul father+British Press - Canadians side with Megan 

Next, we have the ongoing "Downton Abby" soap opera going on in England regarding Harry and Megan.  This soap opera has spread across the pond and may even affect British Columbia.  It is thought in some quarters that Megan and Harry might take up residence here in Vancouver.  I have to make a few comments on the latest developments based on discussions I had with younger relatives last night over diner.  Canadians are truly disgusted with the British Press that has been hounding the Royals in general and Megan and Harry in particular.  Their use of Megan's POS father in their open battle Royal with Megan is particularly iniquitous.

Canadians I have spoken with are not opposed to providing security to the couple...particularly if it would help avoid a tragedy like what happened to Harry's mother Diana who was assassinated by the MosM16ad at the age of 36.  Younger people can't be expected to note the similarities between what is now happening to Harry and Megan and what happened to Diana.  First, Diana's reputation was smeared by the press, then she was cut loose and her security was not as tight as it should have been on the night she was murdered in the ambulance, after the car accident which she survived quite well according to a doctor who happened to be a first responder on scene.  It was that hour and a half it took to get to the hospital...along a 15 minute route...where the perps had the ability to kill her--likely by way of lethal injection.  Remember, her one body guard had been seriously injured in the car accident and Diana was unprotected in the ambulance.  The names of the ambulance "attendants" have never been revealed.  Just one of the many, many, many obvious gaps in evidence that led the jury to declare that Diana had been killed in an "unlawful killing", which was the strongest verdict they were allowed to reach.

The Assassination of Diana Princess of Wales

Harry thinks the press was responsible.  Well, it was....but only if you fly really high like the greencrow, connect the dots and view the MZM press as just another tentacle of the globalist, ziofascist Deep State.  The fact that this tentacle is now trying to entrap Harry is worrying, precisely because of the similarities with what happened to Diana. They're now cutting the couple loose...setting them up...because as the Eagles sang:  "You can check out [of their diabolical web of power] any time you like...but you can never leave."  Sadly, In Canada we have the equivalent of the MosM16ad and the's called the MosCSISad.

Finally on this a British Columbian I'm thoroughly enjoying the weeping and gnashing of teeth going on in Toronto "the good" because it looks like Megan and Harry plan to settle in British Columbia, instead of Toronto.  lolololol….wise decision, that.  Living in Toronto is as close to living in the stifling UK as you can get without actually going there.  British Columbians always marvel at how Torontonians can actually walk, with pokers stuck up their @$$es all the time...and while wearing their 6 piece suits.  Welcome to the wet coast, Harry and Megan.  Take off your balls and chains and make yourselves at home!

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