Friday, January 10, 2020

Royal Deja Vu - All Over Again?

Princess Diana and her son, Prince Harry
Diana was 36 when she was assassinated - Harry is 35

Prince Harry and, to a lesser extent his older brother William, have always been walking time bombs.  Hey, what would YOU be like if your mother was murdered by a group of foreign "intelligence" [MosM16ad] thugs--with the knowledge and possible co-operation of your father and grandfather?  Only Shakespeare could adequately write about the turmoil that would cause in an impressionable young mind.  The image of Hamlet contemplating a skull comes to mind.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
by Spiritius on DeviantArt

So, I've always been waiting for Harry to explode.  And here it is.  Harry and Megan have decided to "escape"... just like their mother decided to do when she was Harry's age.  She, too, was planning to flee to "North America" and start a new life with a new partner and a baby on the way.  But, as the Palace has warned..."it's complicated".

First, there's the very expensive issue of "security".  These individuals need round the clock high level personal protection from "would be kidnappers/terrorists".  Even little Archie, left back in Canada in the care of his nanny and Megan's friend Jessica Mulroney, was no doubt rated at high risk and must have cost a fortune to protect.  It is evidence of the couple's desperation to escape that they would have left their son behind in Canada.  This decision alone ominously moves the entire scandal into "Diana territory".

But getting back to the logistics of why it's so "complicated".  How much would it cost to provide round-the-clock security for Harry, Megan and baby Archie indefinitely as they tried to become commoners in the Canadian outback?  How much cheaper would it be if they were just mothballed in Windsor Palace.  And that's just ONE small consideration.

The main problem is that the Royal Family is a generational brainwashing/programming project. It acts as a cover, a thin, glittery veneer for massive global criminality.  It has to present as stainless.  We can't have little Archie becoming a left leaning, political dissident, rap singer, transgender motorcycle rider...or some such now, can we?  We can't have Harry and Megan filling his little noggin with anti royalist gossip and propaganda, can we?  We can't have Harry and Megan down at the local Tim Hortons blathering away about Uncle Andy's [and Grandpa Phillip's] sexual peccadillos, can we?

No.  Harry [and Megan] are walking a very fine line.  Surely they must see that escape [from the Royal prison with its British Press cells and window bars] is virtually it tragically was for Diana.  I would advise Harry and Megan to avoid Parisian tunnels [or any other such similarly dangerous venues] for the foreseeable future.


Steve McGarrett said...
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greencrow said...

Sorry Steve: Your YouTube video didn't load so I deleted the post.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Gee... Harry son of Diana's fling with Officer Hewitt, and Meaghan that washed up Jewlywood actress from a broken and very insane home, now want to desperately get away from the evils of Elizabeth "I am a mass murdering pedophile freak" Battenberg and her gaggle of brain damaged Jewish pricks and flee to Canada? Why not?

In fact I have a few rooms here that they can rent... And there is a Tim Hortons not too far from here as well..... I just hope they can endure the cold though!

greencrow said...


Yes, the Royal Family is almost as dysfunctional as mine!

If you've invited them to stay at your place I hope there's no tunnels nearby!