Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Round One...and "Hitting a Noive"

Ain al-Assad: One of oldest, biggest US bases in Iraq

I always know when I've "hit a noive".  The robocalls start coming.  Ever since I started "naming" Israel as the mastermind behind this entire assassination caper and comparing it to their original hit on US President JFK fifty-seven years ago, I've been getting harassing and silent phone calls...several a day, starting early in the morning.

A couple of months ago when the so-called security agencies were pretending to be investigating the prevalence of criminal use of mass telephone communications to harass, exploit and "terrorize" the citizens I wrote a post suggesting that the security agencies [FBI, CIA, CSIS and, yes the MOSSAD] were behind the activity.   I said that, amongst other uses, they employ phone terror to "gas light" computer/armchair warriors like myself.  Sometimes the phone calls are synchronized to when we turn on our computers.

When you answer the phone there's either a robo-voice telling you that you owe hundreds of dollars or, more commonly, silence.  When there's silence I feel like saying to the entity at the other end: "Did you ever think when you joined CSIS that you would be getting paid for harassing old ladies on the phone?"  But, actually, after the first call I don't answer any more, leaving it to the voice mail to deal with.

On to the "crisis at hand".  The mainZtream media is saying that Iran has "stood down" and that there were no injuries or casualties in the ballistic missile attack on an American air base(s) in Iraq last night.  This is not what Iran's media is saying.  At one point PressTV was reporting massive destruction of the base and about 80 casualties.  No doubt Iran has militarily sympathetic sources at the base that would have provided this information.  Here is the latest report from Iran's PressTV:


From PressTV

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says none of its missiles were intercepted during Wednesday's heavy strike that targeted two US bases inside Iraq to avenge the United States’ assassination of its senior commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.
There have been initial reports of casualties. [Originally this report said 80]
Shortly after the strikes, Iranian officials advised US commanders against embarking on any new military action, warning that a more crushing response will be awaiting them. They have been urging US forces to swiftly leave the region.....

….“The IRGC managed to destroy the arrogance’s command center in the region,” he noted.

Nilforoushan further warned that any potential act of mischief by the enemy would be met with a “staggering, painful, crushing, and regret-inducing response.”

“Our response will go as far as getting even [with the enemy],” he added and cautioned the regional countries that whatever part of their soil that could be used by the aggressors already lies within the IRGC’s crosshairs.

Nilforoushan said the Islamic Republic was investigating Israel’s involvement in the assassination.

“The regime should know that none of its activities and contributions to the atrocity would escape our attention,” he said...."


Here is The Saker's assessment of the current situation based on American newz report and Trump's press conference, which I could not stomach to watch:

"...Looks like Round 1 is over.  Let’s begin with a small recap of events:
  • Iran fired a relatively small number of short range missiles at one, possibly two, US bases
  • The IRGC indicated that if Iran is attacked, then so will Israel
  • Trump tweeted “so far, so good”
  • The US reported no casualties
In plain English this means that the strike was intended to be both highly visible AND symbolic (Iran has MANY more missiles, including longer ranged ones, which, if Iran wanted to, could strike every single US base in the Middle-East simultaneously.
So what happened?
I think that Iran wanted to humiliate the US but in a manner which would be under the threshold which would guarantee a US/Israeli counter-strike.
Next, I forced myself to listen to Esper and the Idiot-in-Chief.  Here are the salient points:
  • Esper reiterated that the US does not want war with Iran
  • The US does not want to leave Iraq because, unlike the Iraq MPs, many/most Iraqis want the US to stay
  • The US armed forces are THE BEST in the history of the galaxy
  • Trump will never allow Iran to have nukes
  • Iran appears to be “standing down”
  • Europe needs to ditch the JPCOA
  • NATO needs to get further involved in the Middle-East
  • Iran bad bad bad, USA good good good
  • The US armed forces are THE BEST in this history of the galaxy
  • USA! USA! USA! (etc.)…"


Greencrow says:  Also last night I phoned my very good friend of more than 30 years who happens to be Iranian born.  She and her husband are religious refugees in Canada as her particular religion is persecuted by the government of Iran.  Of course she is biased against the Iranian government.  This is what she told me:  "Soleimani was a 'piece of work' and killed hundreds of thousands in the Middle East.  She said that the outpouring of grief during his funeral processions was just a fraction of Iranians and that most of them stayed at home.  She is very concerned about her family members both here in Canada, in the US and over in Iran.  The new discrimination against Iranians at the US/Canadian border particularly worried her.  Although she hates the Iranian leadership, she also hates Trump and feels powerless in the dynamic.

So, that certainly was a reality check to my sympathies with the Iranian government.  The West has been very successful dividing [and thus conquering] the Middle Eastern nations.  This latest caper may have begun to reverse that dividing trend, however.  I told my friend about how Trump was acting like a mafia thug, stealing Iraqi oil [see my "From the Crow's Nest" column at the top right of this blog].  She was unaware of that and I think I opened HER eyes a bit at how oppressive USrael has been in the region.

IMO, the most important takeaway from this latest effort of the Ziofascists to drag the world into WWIII is what a POS Trump is.  They simply have to get him out of Office!  He can't even do "World Dictator/Tyrant" well--flopping around on the world stage like a overfed pond trout.  This is America's opportunity to not only end the downward spiral of increasingly incompetently dangerous and deranged leaders...but to kick out their occupiers as well!

Finally, I can see the hand of Putin in all of this...I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that he was working the phones throughout, phoning Trump...phoning the Iranian leader...back and forth negotiating a face-saving outcome for both.  The proof of such an involvement is in the relatively peaceful, if temporary, outcome:  Pax Putin wins out yet again over relentless Ziofascist warmongering.


RickB said...

Iran's government could be just as corrupt as ours [USA]. Recall that Khameni was transported from France back to Iran. Was that to manage controlled opposition? Brendon O'Conell, who sought originally sought asylum in Iran alleged very strongly that the Iran government was corrupt...zionist-wise.

Perhaps Trump/Israel backed down today was because by sending ballistic missiles, Iran indicated that Israel [a cherished target to USA] could indeed be wiped off the map.

Look for the low intensity conflict to go on.

I think USA/Israel were big losers today because the world was put on alert that WW3 can't be avoided by pursuing defense of zionism.

Anonymous said...

That is why the Trumpster will get four more years
He is a very obedient puppet
When he reads his speeches
He does it in a way as to say to the people who are aware
I have to read this
I am a great puppet
I want four more years
Cuz I am smarter than everyone
I got rid of my phone and cable for that reason you spoke of
2 many strangers calling trying to sell things or con you
Funny they were all Indians and maybe some African mixed in
We let all the Indians in
They get gas station and liquor stores handed to them
Then they allow them to harras and con us
Great country
And the cable
I wuz tired of all the same reruns and all the new reality crap
Only very few things of it interested me
The rest wuz just paying extortion money to a criminal cable company who sold out your email and allow all crank calls
I love it
Peace and quiet
No more weird strangers harassing me
The cable company comcast which I call crookcast
I used there email at the beginning
Getting all these scam emails
I switched to an alternative email
I actually created five
NONE got harassed
So I call comcast
Do you not feel like a star with all the weird attention
Pick up the phone and act like a robotic recording
This call is being recorded for puposes of court
This phonecall will be labeled harassment and you are terrifying me and I am telling on you
I started a few fights using that tactic
I called him a gutless coward and a stalking freek
Cmon over and visit me I said
I wanna be your pal
I urked the little rodent
That wuz close to ten years ago
After that I never answered strange numbers
4 more years
Good boy Donald
Your a great puppet

M. Rocknest said...

I'm sure your Iranian friend has good personal reasons for her dislike of Iran but she may lack a big picture view of the situation if she is watching mostly the small picture tube. I'm concerned about the border crossing harassment incident too. Let us not do to Iranians what we did to the Japanese in WW2. I'm also disgusted by those robocalls you've been getting, Greencrow. I believe you've got the true culprits pegged accurately. The truth? They can't stand the truth!

Putin was engaged with official visits in Syria and Turkey at the time of Iran's revenge strikes for Soleimani's assassination. He celebrated Orthodox Christmas Day and opened a pipeline BUT this is a man who CAN walk and chew gum effortlessly at the same time so I wouldn't be surprised either if he made some strategic phonecalls to Trump and Khamenei … possibly Netanyahu too. How "cute" and oh so typical it was of Bibi to quickly claim/feign that Israel had no connection to the assassination.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps 'Mafia Don' might be more suitable or maybe 'Don-Key'

And when I examine the 'coincidences' involved in this latest episode I can't help thinking: Donnie makes threats after murdering a diplomat. The other side states retribution is coming. After a show of force, the IRGC official states that (((a certain state of mind))) is also responsible for the murder and will be targeted next time and suddenly tough guy Donnie backs down, after issuing more threats on the way out.

Now Pull-osi has stated that Donnie will be limited in his Iran war plans and legislation to that effect will pass on Thursday.

Seriously, that is both sides of the imaginary aisle backing down. It begs the question, (((WHO))) is capable of making that call and aborting this process, at least temporarily.

I think a certain pre-conviction politician was making a mess in his pants thinking about what the IRGC could do to (((a certain state of mind))).

Just my opinion, of course.

P.S - I get those calls too. Only about twice weekly at the moment.

greencrow said...

Hi RickB

"...Iran's government could be just as corrupt as ours [USA]…"

It's always good to keep in mind we're only hearing a fraction of the story.

greencrow said...

Anonymous says:

"... started a few fights using that tactic. I called him a gutless coward and a stalking freek. Cmon over and visit me I said. I wanna be your pal. I urked the little rodent. That wuz close to ten years ago. After that I never answered strange numbers...."

Yes, you go through all the "stages of grief" with these calls and finally end up ignoring them. Like I's quintessential "gaslighting".

greencrow said...

M. Rocknest:

"... this [Putin] is a man who CAN walk and chew gum effortlessly at the same time so I wouldn't be surprised either if he made some strategic phone calls to Trump and Khamenei … possibly Netanyahu too..."

Never before in history has so much responsibility for world Peace been placed on one man. And the bastards won't even give him a lousy Nobel Peace PriZe.


greencrow said...

Anonymous says:

"...I think a certain pre-conviction politician was making a mess in his pants thinking about what the IRGC could do to (((a certain state of mind)))…"


And the world was secretly cheering the IRGC on " it. DO IT!" ; )