Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Poor, Beshekeled Canada

Retired Former Canadian Prime Minister Harper
has to top up his pension SOME HOW!

Blogger Xymphora, who I have quoted today at right, has a long-held theory that all the Western Politicians are on the take from USrael and are being shekeled into doing whatever the borderless little regime tells them to.  Greencrow is inclined to believe this theory, especially after the last several days of watching Le Dauphin and other USraeli minions take their un-nuanced paint-by-number approaches to the recent downing of a Ukranian passenger jet in the besieged skies over Tehran last week.

Some entity(s) are keeping all Western politicians firmly in line...actually dangling them from puppet-strings...in order to pursue their Ziofascist agenda of destruction of all independent nations in the Middle East.  Now, we have the pathetic and disgraced Stephen Harper being dragged out of his mothballed attic to blather away about the necessity of "regime change" in Iran.

Hey, as a retired pensioner myself, I can understand Stephen's need to accrue more shekels as his retirement drags on.  He's still decades younger than moi...and likely to live at least another 25 years.  His blather coincides with/distracts from subterranean bubbles surfacing in Internet waters that, in fact, the take down of the Ukraine jet was yet another "usual suspects" atrocity/crime.

Interestingly, Le Dauphin broke with tradition just yesterday and actually gave a semi-nuanced interview to Global newz where he actually stated the truth for a change.  Trudeau admitted that the jet would likely not have been blown out of the sky had not Trump ratcheted up tensions in Iran beforehand with his assassination of Iranian General Quassem Soleimani.  The likely prompting for this unusual truth telling by "Tearjerk" Trudeau was the Canadian McCain's CEO's "Tweet" that "Trump bore some responsibility for the take down".  Hey, if the McCain CEO could get away with speaking out...why not try it myself for a change? said the political hay-starved/addicted Numbnutz.

The worst part of the entire be-shekeled week was seeing the CBC...Canada's national taxpayer funded news broadcaster, going on and on and on and on and on....beating the dead horse of the already-admitted-by-Iran responsibility for the airline crash....not allowing a single alternate view airtime and, when McCain bravely injected his solitary "Tweet" into the toxic maelstrom...the talking heads at the CBC jumped on him like dragonflies on a junebug.  WHEN THE SHEKELS ARE FLYING...NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO PUT UP AN UMBRELLA!!!


Northerntruthseeker said...

Considering the fact that Canada is nothing more than a vassal state of the US and entirely and firmly under the evil grip of psychotic Jewish interests, I also found it interesting that "Le Dauphin" (whom more and more I may go back to calling "Trust in Jew") was able to say what he did the other night...

But of course the Jew spew media up here in Canada has been vilifying that idiot ever since he made his comments about Iran and that US/Israel run shoot down..

Anonymous said...

Regarding the CBC -

Usually I am against this so called privatisation of government services or Crown corporations but I am willing to make an exception for the CBC. The faster that this garbage on the airwaves can be removed from the taxpayers back, the better for all of us.

At least when the Quebec sovereigntists were in charge it was moderately tolerable, but now that the nepotism has taken over it has completely outlived its usefulness.

greencrow said...

If Justin blurts out any more truths into the bliZZard of LieZ he may just find himself in the middle of ANOTHER regime change crisis right here in Canada...like he went through re SNC Lavalin last year.

greencrow said...

"...now that the nepotism has taken over..."

Is a "Nepot" the same as a "Khazar"? If so, I totally agree.

Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

The more I read about this airplane being shot down, the more I believe it is a 100% Handler-created incident:
- The timing of this; a mere hours after the Iranian strike tells me this was not a coincidence.
- The miracle camera footage that just happened to record this all. Was said person telephoned in advance to make sure they were recording? Considering the number of times surveillance footage is conveniently not available when the US wants to pull off one of their internal false flags, that footage WAS available for a change should raise a red flag.
- The IFF was remotely switched off. As an airplane pilot, you are flying in a sovereign nation that recently committed to a retaliatory strike against an oppressor. Having your IFF off to help military installations recognize that you are a commercial flight would be the LAST thing you would forget to do, since you don't want to be targeted by missiles. That leads me to believe this was done remotely.
- The plane was diverted off-course and flown towards the military installation that launched the missiles. Given these planes have a speed not dissimilar from American missiles, combined with the IFF turned off, it would not be impossible to mistake that as an incoming, whether it's a missile or a fighter jet.
- Communication interference occurred at the target base, forcing them to make the call to fire without support. For them to be targeted exclusively tells me this was planned in advance.
- Boeing planes (as far as I know) have ties to Handlerland. Given their obsession with putting backdoors in everything (Re: Intel processors from 2011 and on), I think it's fairly safe to say Boeing planes are perfectly hackable.
- Guess where the owner of the airplane company resides in? That's right, Handlerland!

AND RIGHT ON CUE, before anyone has a chance to investigate, the narrative was premade and ready-to-go so Canada and all the other owned nations go on the attack (yet won't send anyone to Iran to verify the contents of the black box, despite having permission to do so).

This is a total, 100% handler op., of which Canada is a part of.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Thanks for your comment, which I have bumped up to my feature "From the Crow's Nest".