Sunday, January 5, 2020

More Black HumoUr...this time from Venezuela

Juan Guaidó, left, tried to climb over the fence to get into the National Assembly building
"Random" Guy-do Scaling Venezuelan
Parliamentary Fence

LOL.  The darker the geopolitical scene gets the brighter the flashes of Black HumoUr that illuminate the landscape.  Here's a chuckle from Venezuela.  We haven't heard much recently about Random Guy-do's ongoing attempt to pretend himself into the Venezuelan presidency.

Yesterday I saw a newz report that said he was going to get himself "re-elected" as head of the People's Assembly.  I thought this was a "done deal" because the discredited People's Assembly has long been formally disbanded by Maduro because it was nothing but a USraeli mole hole.

So, it's surprising and amusing to find out today that Guaido actually lost his bid to head the People's Assembly and was in fact forbidden to enter the parliamentary halls.  Here is the report from that Satanic mouthpiece, the BBC.  I have bolded and highlighted in red all the guffaws for my readers ease of enjoyment.

This BBC report is laughingly called "Venezuelan crisis":


Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaidó was denied entry to the National Assembly to be re-elected as its head.

Dissident opposition politician Luis Parra, Mr Guaidó's rival, then declared himself parliament's new Speaker by megaphone - a move denounced by the opposition as a "parliamentary coup".

The opposition also said Mr Parra was sworn in without votes or quorum.
In a heated exchange at the doors, Mr Guaidó reportedly told a security officer: "This is unprecedented!"

Images later showed him and other politicians who support him trying to climb a fence to gain entry to the building.

Mr Guaidó said that only regime politicians and opposition deputies critical of him had been allowed to enter the National Assembly building, and that security forces had set up barricades in downtown Caracas.

Before the dramatic declaration, AFP reported that opposition deputy Jose Brito - another opponent of Mr Guaidó - told journalists that Mr Parra would stand for the role of Speaker.

"You could have been the future - now you are and will be the past," Mr Brito told reporters, addressing Mr Guaidó.

State broadcasters later described Mr Parra as the new Speaker.

Before the vote, Mr Guaidó had accused the government of attempting to thwart his re-election as parliamentary speaker by bribing and intimidating politicians.

For the past year, he has led opposition to the country's socialist President, Nicolás Maduro.

Last January, he declared himself interim president - a move that was quickly backed by almost 60 countries, including the US and UK [and Canada] - after disputing President Maduro's 2018 re-election.

Mr Guaidó's position at the head of the opposition-led National Assembly was the basis of his claim to be Venezuela's legitimate head of state.

But after a year of failed attempts to oust President Maduro, he has been struggling to maintain unity among the opposition.

President Maduro, meanwhile, has maintained his position despite intense domestic and international pressure, thanks largely to the support he has from the Venezuelan military."


Greencrow says:  I wish I could go back in time and ask the Romans at the end of their empire whether it felt like this.  Whether they, too, got a lot of rueful laffs watching the hegemon and its flunkies flailing and beating their chests--accusing others of the same lies that they themselves used to gain power.  Did the Roman leaders also make desperate and horrific threats against their opposition, like Trump made in "Tweets" against Iran yesterday, and then end the threat tirade with the statement:  "The US will not stand for any more threats!"? 

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