Friday, January 24, 2020

Iraq "Cake Walk" 20 years later: Million Man March in Baghdad, Iraq

January 24, 2020

Younger readers won't remember the months of lead-up to the USrael Invasion of Iraq in the Spring of 2003.  They won't remember all the protests of millions all over the world demonstrating against the upcoming American Invasion...the "Shock and Awe" as it was then billed.  I marched with at least 40,000 others in downtown Vancouver against the planned war.  Nothing deterred the Satanic beasts.  They would have their war.

I remember the Monday after the weekend prime time Invasion...the much heralded "Shock and Awe" bombing of Baghdad.  The phony group of CIA assets pulling down the statue of Saddam in the Baghdad city square.

I went to work that Monday and got into a verbal debate with some of my fellow social workers.  The young males were all excited--stimulated by the display of testosterone-laced jet bombings and nighttime explosions of ballistic missiles on the ancient city/cultural heritage site of Baghdad--they'd witnessed the previous weekend from the comfort and safety of their living rooms.

When I warned about the potential fall-out from the invasion...I was pooh poohed.  Naw, they said with big smiles on their faces..."It will all be over in a month...". Such was the invincibility of the Amerikan forces.  I looked directly into their eyes and said:  "It will NEVER be over."

Iraqis marching in Million Man March January 24, 2020

Every time I see something like the video above...I think back to that day and those bozos.  I wonder what THEY think...or even IF they bother to watch a snippet of the above video.  Probably the NewZ siteZ they watch will not even report on the above protest march in Iraq with its estimated crowd of 2.5 million.  Must protect the tender, sheeplefied brains...dontchaknow.


Anonymous said...

The coffin remark in that photo
I remember two days
One where they kept sayin
Where is Sadamm hiding
He popped up in the center of town for a quick soundbite
His words were
If you send your sons and daughters here they will die
Calling all people to rise up against the infidel
Now we go there and anyone who rises up
Could be your local militia or proud Iraqi
He gets labeled a terrorist
But now he is a statistic
Reminds me of the movie Red Dawn?
Patrick Swazey
The other was a defense minister or some soldier title I faintly recall
His message was we are winning and your sons and daughters will die here
That was when they were keeping score of deaths and clearly we were winning
I typed my thoughts to a radio station and those people were laughing at that thought
I was listening to the openant and repeating there words
Of course they all laughed
Mission accomplished
The Bushwacker on the boat convincing sheeple we won
I was never a protester for all it is for is propaganda video and recess for the sheeple
Good sheeple
Get it out of your system
How much time you need sheeple to vent???
Good sheeple
Now do not start violence for your peacefull protest or we will have to use force
Good sheeple
Our pawns are over there killing innocent people
Our pawns are homeland enforcing the tyranny
Now who really is the bad guy??????
My opinion
Any ahole who puts on a uniform and says
Yes sir
Hey ahole
Go shoot yourself
Yes sir
I will give you your hero medal now
2 many thoughts to type

Anonymous said...

Japan did the same thing
Sheeple do not matter
They let you have recess to get it out of your system
Then you go vote again thinking your voice matters
That is code for the roadrunner is still running and laughing
Just like your politicians