Saturday, January 25, 2020

For one brief, shining moment Canadians thought they might actually see an authentic Leadership race

Member of Parliament and Erstwhile
 Conservative Leadership Candidate, Pierre Poilievre

For a couple of weeks...a very long time in politics...Canadians thought they might actually witness an authentic political Leadership Race.  The Tory bagmen and handlers ran current leader Andrew Scheer out of town on a rail a month or so ago...alleging after the lost election that he pilfered from the "collection plate" [the difference in tuition to send his children to school in Ottawa rather than the West where Scheer's riding is...and where the tuition for private schools is much cheaper]. The Conservatives were, therefore, in need of a new puppet figure.  So, they were/are setting things up for a Leadership election campaign that would climax with a Spring convention and vote.

From coast to coast candidates were sniffing the electoral waters and making decisions whether or not to throw their hats into the ring.  One such potential candidate was MP Pierre Poilievre.  Now, as regular readers know the greencrow is NOT aligned with any political party in Canada...or anywhere in the world, for that matter.  But I do like an exciting leadership race...or, at the very authentic one.  My view of MP Pierre Poilievre is that he's a very smart, very feisty man.  He's fluently bi-lingual and a sharp lawyer.  He took the lead last year during the Parliamentary hearings into the SNC Lavalin affair.  He's the kind of public speaker that people want to listen to because he's funny, erudite, and extremely politically savvy in BOTH official languages.  When I heard he was thinking of running for Conservative leader, my ears perked up.  I thought...this could get VERY interesting.  Pierre Poilievre would [and already has] made verbal mince meat out of Justin Trudeau.

In a Federal Election, were the two of them running, I would put my money on Poilievre.  He's the kind of individual that could galvanize a lethargic electorate around any number of issues and "lead" [yes I know that's an archaic word nowadays] his party to a majority government.

So, suddenly last week, like a bolt out of the blue, Pierre Poilievre withdraws from the campaign...basically before it even got underway.  Apparently he went into some meeting with the folks in Ottawa as a candidate--and came out a few hours later and dropped out of the race...citing "family issues".  We all know that "family issues" is code for when the real reason for the withdrawal is too embarrassing and too conflictual to be revealed.  If Poilievre "ever wants to work in this town again" as the Hollywood saying goes...he'd better keep quiet about what went on in that room.  Here is the headline announcing his "decision" and the link to as much as we'll ever know about it:

Pierre Poilievre says he will not run for Conservative leadership: 'My heart is not fully engaged in this'.

My initial reaction to the news was disappointment. In a flash, the entire Leadership campaign transformed from being quixotically being stultifyingly boring.  All the remaining candidates are like last night's pizza remnants lying on the coffee table.  There are going to be no riveting debates or speeches...just warmed-over pap.  Kabuki dances instead of platforms and issues.  Here's an example of one of the remaining candidates...a guy I'd never even heard of before reading the headline and link below:

Erin O’Toole to announce formal bid for Conservative leadershi

All I can say about unknown Erin O'Toole is that he has a very appropriate last name.  He certainly is/will be a useful "tool" in the handlers' efforts to pretend there is actually a leadership race rather than a "coronation" of the guy in the photo below:

Conservative Leadership Candidate Peter MacKay
The Campaign will "focus" on

Yes, what poor Pierre Poilievre probably found out, in that room full of bag men and handlers, was that former MP Peter MacKay already had the leadership race sewn up. They likely told Poilievre that he was just supposed to go through the motions of being a candidate and, for gawd sake, don't REALLY debate the opponent, raise embarrassing issues...or hit below the belt.  In other words, he was to go into Kabuki Dance format.  Knowing Poilievre the little that I do...I know that he would never submit to such a farce.  So he took his marbles [actually he had already drummed up quite a few marbles--in the form of support from movers and shakers within some quarters of the party] and left.  Today, former MP Peter MacKay formally declared himself King [er, I mean candidate].

What my intrepid readers need to know, if they do not already, is that Peter MacKay is the inheritor of the mantle formerly worn by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Those who've been reading this blog for years will remember that I used to routinely call Harper "The worst Prime Minister in Canadian History".  That was before Le Dauphin came along.  Now, it's a Toss Up.  So the forces that wound the key in Harper's back will now be winding the key in MacKay's back.

Don Braid: Conservative field shrinks as Stephen Harper talk start

Greencrow concludes:  Folks, let's face it.  The day of the real leaders is gone, over, fini, kaput!  Those days are gone because we're now [as le Dauphin once parroted from his mentor, George Soros] in the "post-national" era.  We're also, by default, in the "globalist" era. This is what they'd like us to believe, but it's uncomfortably belied by the success of real World leaders such as Putin, Erdogan and Assad--who are also very strong national leaders.

We simply cannot have a Canadian leader who might....wait for it....wait just a little longer for it is....SPEAK HIS/HER MIND.  That's the mortal sin in the "post national" era.  The current politicians must have handlers and must be told what to say.  That's why Poor Pierre had to go.

So.  Let the Konservative Kabuki Dance begin. Yawnnnnnnn. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz.


Anonymous said...

"Canadians are not allowed to have a leader who might....wait for it....wait just a little longer for it is....SPEAK HIS/HER MIND"

In order to speak ones mind, one must have a mind to begin with.

What the electoral menu on offer consists of is 5 prepackaged choices, all containing the same ingredients and all presented with slight differences. That way, we, the cash cows.. er eitizens, can live in a "participatory democracy" and go to bed knowing our voting "makea a difference".

I think Carlin was right on that one - don't vote, that way you have every right to complain about what they are doing to you.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

The Strategy of Globalist Democracy is to identify...and then squeeze anyone with leadership potential OUT OF THE RACE. That way they can (s)elect gofers and handpuppets.

Reading between the lines said...

Peter Mackay was the back stabber to Davis Orchard when he promised not to amalgamate the Progressive Conservatives with Harper so that Orchard would through his support to
Mackay and win the leadership at the time.The rest is history .The Progressive Conservatives and the Reform party formed a new party simply called the Conservatives. We no longer have a Progressive Conservative party in federal politics .Many Progressive Conservatives members simply went over to the liberals in disgust with the Harper mentality. Stay tuned for more Peter Mackay theatrics.

greencrow said...


The reason Pierre Poilievre looks so wiped out in the lead photo on this post is because it was after he spent several days filibustering [all by himself] so the Opposition could get a hearing into an issue. He would have made a great leader. This is just one small example of why the West is going down the tubes.

There are no conservatives/Conservatives or liberals/Liberals...there are only patsies, puppets, handpuppets, bagmen and handlers!

Reading between the lines said...

"There are no conservatives/Conservatives or liberals/Liberals...there are only patsies, puppets, handpuppets, bagmen and handlers!"

Yes ,that says it all.

Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow! :)

To sum it up: This article talks about the loss of faith in democracy across the globe, focusing mostly on N.America, Europe, east Asia and Australia. What is NOT discussed is how democracy is so badly subverted and corrupted in those said areas that for all intents and purposes, they/we don't have it!

As we already know, our handlers pre-select our candidates for us to make sure their interests are looked after exclusively and to hell with the rest of the country. Poilievre getting sacked by an internal group behind closed doors in a secret meeting is a pure example of how subverted the system is, with the people being denied yet another option. To claim it's because of 'family issues' strikes me as 'So long as you step down, nothing happens to your family'. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

This country is broken and cannot be fixed. The last rigjob of an election proved that.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Have you been following the Conservative Leadership debacle since Poilievre removed himself from the farce? Imo, it's a disaster in the making. And now there's talk that the ringer in the race, Peter MacKay can't speak good enough French to be the leader:

One aspect of Poilievre that made him a very attractive candidate was that he appeared at least to me to be fluently bi-lingual.

I keep hoping that lightning will strike the Conservatives...they will fall off their high horses and, like St. Paul on the rode to Damascus, see the light and bring Poilievre back. If they need to get down on their hands and be it : )


greencrow said...

Hi again Karmellis:

"rode" should be spelled "road" : ).

Here's a report in this morning's CBC that indicates the panic that has set in at Conservative headquarters...

What to do. What to doooooooo….when the putative puppets won't co-operate in the farce?!