Monday, January 6, 2020

"DRAFT" US withdrawal from Iraq letter sign of US civil war?

Confederate Flag

Another possible explanation for the incredible event of today:  where the US military leader in Iraq sent a letter to the Iraqi government saying the US would "respect Iraqi sovereignty" and then just an hour or so later Washington cut him off at the knees by saying that the letter was a "DRAFT", sent by "mistake", and that the US has no intention of leaving Iraq.

Is this is one of those rare instances where the ongoing civil war, that has been festering away in the bowels of the beltway, bubbled up to the surface and boiled over?  According to Nomadiceveryman, the rats at the Pentagon are beginning to swim away from the ship.  There have recently been a few sudden resignations of top people.

So. putting it another way...perhaps there are a few decent people still left in Washington who are belatedly making a valiant, if futile, covert attempt to overrule the WWIII warmongers.

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