Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Chinese Corona Virus, Spanish Flu, German Measles

Corona virus same-old-same-old
 Imperial Terror Tactic

It's the first sign of Spring, even before the first crocii peep their heads above the snow.  I'm talking about the olde government fear tactic of scaring the Sheeple by raising the tried and true ancient boogyman of epidemics.  In spite of all the progress of modern medicine, have you ever noticed how, when they drag these old tactics out, they always associate them with the same country that the hegemon is trying to vilify?  Just a coinkydynk, I suppose.

China and the US are currently locked in a trade/tech war and USrael has employed the additional nefarious tactic of forcing its vassals [aka Canada] to embroil the countries in legal extradition battles.  Interspersed into the (((media))) headlines about the trade wars and the extradition wars--we now have headlines about a terrible virus that is jumping international borders and...wait for far has made all of SEVEN people sick!

Hey, you can't have all those highly paid "scientists" in those bioweapons labs/CDC/WHO agencies all over the West just sitting twiddling their thumbs.  You need to annually task them with coming up with in the Old terrorize the sheeple into submission.  When the UK was fighting Spain they had the Spanish flu. They also called syphilis "the Spanish Disease". When the "allies" were fighting the Germans...we had "German measles".  Now, when we're trying to save our hegemonic economy from challenging nations like China...we have the Wuhun virus:

A mystery virus - previously unknown to science - is causing severe lung disease in the Chinese city of Wuhan. More than 50 people have been infected. Seven are currently in a critical condition. A new virus arriving on the scene, leaving patients with pneumonia, is always a worry and health officials around the world are on high alert.
Mystery Chinese virus: How worried should we be? - BBC News

Folks, relax.  It's just another annual disease distraction.  It's a "make work project" for the controlled government assets in the biomedical labs and the CDC.  It's also a "drill" to make sure they're all entirely corrupted [which we already know because of their silence on the real killers in Big Pharma--vaccinations] and primed for a bioweapon pan epidemic False Flag---which could be ordered if the stakes are high enough.

As I say, the big "tell" is that the "virus" just happens to come from the same nation that also happens to be the official "enemy du jour" of the globalist ziofascists.  The biomedical terror "drill" never fails to emerge...just like the "slow newz" late Winter/early Spring.


Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) says: "Disagree entirely (but with respect). 1) Read Annie Jacobsen's book on DARPA; she has YouTube presentations, and the book may be available as an audio book. 2) Recognize that Bill Gates and friends are eugenicists. 3) Recognize the long history of genetic tinkering and biological warfare, which the Japanese were good at for a while, the Chinese are probably vey good at, and our Biopharma is also very good at. Yes, this is warfare, but don't look at it as the US or the Israelites, but rather the Hegelian-trained Rothschild-funded Satanist bankers. See the Cryptogon link on the Johns Hopkins event; they rid "Dark Winter" some time ago. When you simulate something repeatedly, yo get it right. See also my white paper, sent to you via e-mail."

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly
When I hear of a rabid animal roaming around
I say what pathetic local looney just release that for fun???
Maybe drive the sheeple into the hospital for a checkup???
We did have one of those freak labs right down the street in Billerica
I just spoke to a guy who says the place is under new ownership and the experimental stuff no longer goes on
I said to him
Do they release on purpose for kicks???
He does not answer me
Just a strange look
It is a fenced in yard with a gate and checkpoint
Medical they say
Making some kind of medical supplies
I say
Yeh right
Looks like a great front
I have had a few strange encounters with animals
I almost sense a freak in the woods releasing and watching for results????
You typed my thoughts when I saw the newz tonight
I was thinking the same way and some deeper crap

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor}

Not saying that the nations you mentioned (and others) don't indulge in bioweaponry. I'm just saying that the (((media frenzy))) is pure agitprop.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

"... was thinking the same way and some deeper crap."

I'm always thinking "some deeper crap" too. This blog only contains what floats to the surface.... : 0