Friday, January 3, 2020

"By Deception" Shall We Use Assassination of Foreign Leaders to Cause War--between other countries

Suleimani's hand wearing iconic ring
The Assassination of the Iranian General
was another Israeli False Flag

Last nights' assassination of the Iranian war hero and high ranking General Suleimani was an[other] Israeli False Flag.  Note how quickly the dupe Trump took "credit" for it.  That was a deflection from the true perpetrator--Israel.  Israel has been gunning for the Iranian General for decades...ever since he was instrumental in containing the Israeli land grab wars of the 1900's.  He also led the successful war by the Arab indigenous tribes against the Israeli proxies al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq during the past decade.

The root cause of recent USraeli push to create instability in Iraq [i.e. the recent false flag bombing of an American Base in Iraq] is the Iraqi government bringing forward legislation to kick the American occupation [Green Zone in Baghdad] out of Iraq.  Of course, you will never read THAT in the American MainZtream newZ.

It's sad and pathetic how the parasite-infested and hollowed out United States is being used by Israel to bear the financial and military brunt of their terminally toxic world-wide perpetual warmongering. Now Americans the world over will have to watch their backs for justifiable retaliation.  The newz papers here in Canada are even suggesting that Canadian soldiers might be at risk.  Well, why not?  Canada is an Israeli parasitic host and toady too! 

As I said last night, the most effective retaliation for the USraelis is for Iran to do nothing.  Sometimes the worst torture is what happens in the mind when the entity knows it deserves punishment and is waiting for the hammer to fall.  Also, the USraelis cannot act until there is an Iranian response to their barbarity.  They need to wait for Iran to "sink to their level" so that they can say:  "Look!  Iran is no better than us...we need to wipe them off the face of the earth!

That's the only way that USrael can coalesce the American sheeple around a major war.  Right now the American zombie civilians are being primed like a rusty old outdoor pump--primed for war by the Ziofascist media.  Headlines screaming things like "We should have killed him long ago."  and "We prevented a terrible attack by killing him."  Both lawless statements--delivered without any evidence.  But they're priming the pump...and the only thing they need is the final suction/push created by just the slightest Iranian retaliation...which they will magnify 1,000 times.

This is the way that young men have always been set up and used as cannon fodder by the rich oil/blood thirsty Rothchildian parasitic maggots.

No.  All the Iranians need to do is deny them that final push--and they will continue to lose and to wallow, then drown, in the ever-deepening cesspool of universal hatred that they have created for themselves.


wiggins said...

This is the best take on it that I have read, and....very true. We live in dangerous times.

greencrow said...

Thanks wiggins. I write for sentient readers--like you!