Wednesday, January 15, 2020

British Columbia Update: TMX goes to Supreme Court and other news

BC Winter - Photo taken out my front Window 
towards North Mountains this morning

Just a brief update on current happenings at home and in my home province of British Columbia.  First of all, yesterday I finished painting and decorating the "blank" nutcracker I received from family for Christmas.  Below is a video and photo how he looked shortly after I began drawing and painting out his features:

Video of "Blank" Nutcracker
I received as a Christmas Present

partially painted Nutcracker
photo taken a few days ago

Completed Nutcracker "Guy" and 
beginning of 2020 "Snowmageddon"
video shot yesterday

Yes I have enjoyed working on my Nutcracker, which I have named "Guy", pronounced "Gee" in French.  I plan to package and store him carefully for next Christmas and then decorate him further with a string of clear battery-operated mini lights twined on the star he's holding.  Should be stunning by the fireplace!

As shown in the top photo above, we have been experiencing one of those "Snowmageddons" that happens on the BC coast every five years or so.  Mostly our coastal winters are dreary and rain-soaked affairs.  Many of us [who don't have to drive in it] enjoy the snow when it comes and turns our neighbourhoods into a magical fairyland for two or three days...after which it turns to rain.

Hopefully, our newest British Columbians, Megan and Harry Windsor are not too surprised at our weather this week.  This Snowmageddon also hit the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island where they're staying in a fabulous oceanside mansion with son Archie.

Mansion on Oceanfront - Saanich Peninsula
 Vancouver Island

British Columbians don't mind all the kerfuffle about Harry and Megan moving to BC.  Most of us are transplanted from somewhere else ourselves.  I came out here in 1968 from Ontario and was gobsmacked by the beauty of this province.  Why would anyone want to live anywhere else, given the choice...or so we BC'ers think, anyway.

But Harry and Megan better not bring the British-style paparazzi turmoil to their exclusive Victoria neighbourhood.  Vancouver Islanders treasure their peace and quiet.  People who live on an Island like Vancouver Island or the neighbouring Gulf Islands, choose to do so for a reason.  They want to get away from all the sturm and drang of the regular rat race.  So, in that regard, Megan had an unusual start to her move by chartering a small plane, flying to Vancouver and visiting the Downtown East Side Women's Center there.  Is she planning on becoming a celebrity social worker or something?  That kind of activity [travelling all over the province visiting charities] is pretty hard to maintain when you're caring for an infant.  Perhaps Megan should just cool her [spiked] heels for a while and analyse what British Columbians are like and how she would best fit in [If that is, in fact, her goal].

British Columbians are very laid back.  We don't dress formally and we don't have anything like the "high society" social scene that she's used to.  Also, if someone wants to help the poor and under trodden then it better not be just a "drive by" flash in the pan one off.  The commitment to such a career would take every single waking hour of Megan's day to be seen as authentic.  Frankly, I don't think she knows what she wants at the moment.  Apparently there's a big lawsuit coming her way in the US where Megan's estranged father is supposed to take the stand as a witness.  Most British Columbians would say "give us a break" to such notoriety.  Not that I am opposed to Megan.  I have only the greatest respect for a woman who's willing to take on an emotional time bomb/basket case like Harry.  If she can settle him down and create a decent life for the two of them and their children...more power to her!

BC Goes to Canada Supreme Court on Trans Mountain Pipeline

The main story making headlines today is the reference to the Canada Supreme Court of British Columbia's case opposing the Trans Mountain Pipeline that is scheduled to take place in Ottawa tomorrow.  Please read the report from Citynews1130 and I will have more comments to follow:

OTTAWA — Canada’s high court will hear arguments Thursday on whether British Columbia can stop Alberta from shipping heavy oil through the Trans Mountain pipeline without a permit.

B.C.’s NDP government brought the case in 2018 as it worked to fulfil an election promise to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

The province argues it should be able to limit the contents of the pipeline, because it would bear the brunt of environmental harm from any spill.

The federal government will argue that B.C.’s move would give the province a veto over interprovincial projects it doesn’t like, counter to the constitutional authority Ottawa has over any transportation project that crosses provincial boundaries.

B.C.’s decision to file the challenge was the final straw for Kinder Morgan Canada and its investors, who then decided to pull the plug on the expansion project — prompting Ottawa to buy the pipeline for $4.5 billion.

The expansion is only being built to carry more diluted bitumen from Alberta’s oilsands, so B.C. having the ability to stop heavy oil from flowing through the pipeline would render the project useless.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 15, 2020.

The Canadian Press


Greencrow says:  When BC presents its case to the CSC hopefully it will highlight the environmental risks of having perpetual oil tanker gridlock in Burrard Inlet.  As I have said many times, this is my main objection to the project.  Burrard Inlet is simply too small and narrow for such a project.  Burrard Inlet should be declared a Marine Park in perpetuity and used to restore the salmon habitat that is in danger of extinction on the West Coast.  If TMX were to go ahead the salmon, the orcas and most other marine wildlife would face extinction.  That is the choice before the CSC.

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