Friday, January 10, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Iran admits it accidentally shot down Ukraine Flight with missile

Tehran crash site of Ukraine passenger jet
January 2020

Shocking news out of Iran.  It has reversed its stand on the crash of the Ukraine airliner and has now admitted that it was brought down with a missile...albeit unintentionally.  Apparently the plane flew too close to a military installation which triggered a defensive missile launch.  Iran has admitted the error and apologized which is more than the West has done for its many similar "errors" including a take down of an Iranian plane years ago with the loss of over 200 lives.

Just shows that war is a very unpredictable course of action.  While the immediate cause of the deaths on the Ukraine airliner is would not have happened if Trump hadn't ordered the assassination of the Iranian general.

While I was correct in saying that the plane was brought down by force...and not "technical" reasons, I was wrong suggesting that "the usual suspects" brought the plane down.  Of course, what caused the missile to launch in error is still a matter of investigation.  The investigation now moves over to the Iranian military and to the installation where the missile was based.  There is still more to come out about this tragedy.


FreakedOut said...

The aircraft's IFF system should have shown the aircraft as a civilian liner on the Iranian defensive radar. Ouch! I feel really bad for those folks onboard.
Is it possible a "stealth" fighter was able to penetrate Iranian airspace to get close enough to Tehran and shadow an airliner taking off? If the fighter opened it's bomb bay doors or put down it's landing gear momentarily it would have been easier to see on radar.

wallflower said...


Reminds me of the time in Sept 2018 when Syria 'accidently' shot down Russian plane with 15 on board...caused by israel jet shawdowing. I feel there is more to this story.

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut and wallflower:

I agree that there is much more to this story. I simply cannot believe it was coincidence that Iran shot down a plane BY ACCIDENT when Israel stood to benefit so much from such a crime.

The real "tell" is how quickly Western political puppets and the mainZtream media jumped on Iran after the downing...blaming saying it was an "accidental" missile strike, even prior to the investigation.

wallflower said...

Hi GC...
Also as I posted at PFYT...'Jamming' is key to this too. The Iranians explicitly said that their communications were 'jammed'. When the US Army (military intel) but now is dedicated to USAF, causes jamming of communications it will insert false information when they do it.

Anonymous said...

Here we have the differences between the barbarian Iranians and the civilised west.

If the civilised west had done this, the cover story would have been Russians or ISIS or Hezbollah or Iraqi PMU's or Assad or whoever is the bad guy du jour. After the discovery of the truth, 2 or 3 years down the road, the media would have taken the line 'nothing here to see, so move along'. Then some 'secret' report would be leaked saying some suspect from the usual suspects was on board and the plane had to be neutralised before another 9/11 event took place blah blah blah.

It was a horrible mistake but unlike our western leaders, Iran has owned up to their error, as any honourable nation would do.

The knowledge that our feckless prime minister brownface is on the case will certainly make me sleep more soundly tonight.