Monday, January 6, 2020

UPDATED: False Flag Alert!

UPDATED:  January 6, 2020 The US government has corrected the so-called "respectful" letter of the Military that was delivered to the Iraqi government supposedly respecting the Iraqi national sovereignty.  Now, they say it was only a "DRAFT" that was released [sent] by mistake.  I guess the False Flag operation was a bit too blatant and so it was called back.  I still suggest to the Iraqis and Iranians that they absolutely forbid the US military to do any "night time" flights and maneuvers.  If they DO leave...they must leave by ground travel and do it during the daytime.  Otherwise, they're just inviting a False Flag!

False Flags R US

Anyone who believes that the US will leave Iraq in "out of respect for its sovereignty" I have a great Bridge over the Second Narrows in Burrard Inlet to sell you.

The letter from the US Military saying the US was leaving also said there would be "increased helicopter traffic from the Green Zone...particularly in the coming nights".  I believe that this is part of a False Flag strategy--to blame Iraq/Iran for some coming happenstance to the US forces during their "departure".

I cry BS to the whole letter and warn the Iraqis/Iranians that the threat threshold has again escalated!!

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