Tuesday, January 28, 2020

"Boeing a garbage company that is just a walking zombie" – RT financial analyst

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Think about it.  If you owned a business that was responsible for the catastrophic deaths of 500 people through the "as directed" use of your product...what do you think would happen to your business?  First, you'd get your ass sued off and be in hock up to your eyeballz for the rest of your life.  Your business would fail and the mere name of your company would be symbolic for disaster...it would never be used for a product of similar type again.

Now, think about what has happened ever since the two catastrophic crashes of the Boeing planes in third world countries.  There has been a public US government hearing which revealed high levels of corruption, poor management and chaos in the hangars/factories where the aircraft were being built.  Just a month or so ago, the CEO of Boeing finally resigned.  That should have happened within the first 48 hours.

IMO, what is going on in the aftermath of the two jet crashes is symptomatic of everything that is going wrong in the West.  Powerful entities behind the endemic failures are left in place....sucking the taxpayer tit...while the middle and lower classes get mired in unemployment, debt and economic downturn.

You won't likely read an article like the following in the MZM but here is an RT analysis of what has been going on:


This is a report from this morning's news in RT

US aerospace giant Boeing has secured commitments on over $12 billion in financing from more than a dozen banks, the media reported citing people familiar with the matter. 

The company buys back their own stock with cheap money from the Federal Reserve, Max Keiser said on RT’s Keiser Report. The money which was supposed to help the struggling firm is in fact disenfranchising it. “On the other side are executives, who are getting that money from the Fed directly into their pocket..,” Keiser notes.

He says “Boeing now is no longer a viable company,” explaining: “So bad in fact that even money at zero percent is not going to help them recapitalize this garbage company now, Boeing, that’s worthless, essentially it’s insolvent.There are a lot of zombie companies in the S&P 500 that are like Boeing, he adds. Executives stole all the equity passed through cash from the Fed at zero percent interest rates… and now they are just this walking zombie…


Greencrow says:  The banksters are, as I've been saying for years...parasites in the process of hollowing out the USrael economy.  Once it's totally hollowed out...they'll move on to a new host.  That is what parasites do.  They'll find their new host by causing world war(s) and backing all sides.  Then, when the "winning" side is identified, the parasite moves over to that entity and starts the process all over.  Just before the ultimate collapse, the nation being hollowed out presents as a "walking zombie".  Well, I guess that's what happens to any entity after they've had most of the blood sucked out of them.

Keep your eyes on Boeing.  The company's a metaphor for and a barometer of the parasitism that has almost, but not quite yet, destroyed the West.


Karmellis said...

Hey, we have a great example of that up here. Remember the Lysteria outbreak caused by poor working conditions at Maple Leaf plants some years back? Remember how people got sick and people died due to their practices? Remember how there was zero accountability for their actions? Remember how Maple Leaf got away with murder to save a few bucks?

That bugs me considerably and I make an active effort to avoid buying any Maple Leaf products. Another thing that bugged me about the whole mess is: There are supposed to be government inspectors in those facilities to make sure they are kept clean and maintained to help prevent this. Why weren't they doing their jobs? Were they given 'incentive' to look the other way (We are talking about Quebec, after all, where as I understand things, that sort of behaviour is quite possible)?

greencrow said...

Karmellis says:

"...There are supposed to be government inspectors in those facilities to make sure they are kept clean and maintained to help prevent this..."

During decades of government "downsizing" these inspectors were cut back draconically until the companies basically just police themselves. This is the big reason for the Boeing disasters...the corporations were their own safety inspectors. Is the government going to step back in? Not on your life! Those dayZ are over.

Anonymous said...

Boeing is very a conflicted company, they make drones to kill civilians, they also make airliners to transport civilians. Obviously there has been some mission creep within Boeing itself.