Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Western Energy Crisis Part Two - Photon Beam - Has a Cure for Cancer been discovered?

The Future of Energy? - Photon Laser

In Part One of this two part series, I discussed how the dinosaur energy project, the TMX is threatening the environmental destruction of my home province, British Columbia.  In Part Two I present an alternative to shale mining/Fracking, i.e.:

--the scraping, drilling, destabilizing of the earth's crust...flushing the resultant shale with millions of gallons of precious fresh water and shipping the product, Bitumen, which is not clean-up-able--down to the BC Coast via high pressure pipelines--where it will be loaded onto huge gridlocked Oil Tankers, paraded out the narrow, environmentally vulnerable waters of Burrard Inlet to English Bay and from there down the west coast of North America to Texas refineries. 

This process will go on for generations and will result in the inevitable oil [Bitumen] spills [Oops!].  The last time we had an oil spill in Burrard Inlet, the ship involved "escaped" in the dead of night and so no restitution was made to the BC government--which was left with the clean-up bill.  It seems as though BC is to be saddled with an unavoidable nightmare of catastrophic proportions in perpetuity.  But is THIS really the only way we have to produce energy to meet humanities' needs?

Just yesterday, in RT there was a report about a new form of energy which has been developed in the United States.  It is a variation/escalation of the laser light form of energy which is already transforming our lives.  This new adaptation promises to revolutionize our lives completely.  Please read the RT article and I will have more comments to follow:


"Scientists develop new kind of photon beam which may be secret weapon against cancer 

Scientists have made a major breakthrough using non-toxic silicon nanocrystals to create higher-energy light which could create the next generation of high-tech cancer treatments.

Researchers from the University of California, Riverside and the University of Texas at Austin believe they have discovered the Holy Grail of materials science which allows them to convert photons from low-energy to high-energy, using carefully-crafted silicon nanocrystal structures and custom organic molecules.

High-energy light (like ultraviolet) can produce free radicals, which are used to attack cancer cells, but which cannot penetrate deep enough to attack the vast majority of cancerous tumors in the human body.

Meanwhile, low-energy light particles (like those from infrared) can penetrate deeply but don't possess enough energy to generate the cancer-fighting free radicals.

By achieving the so-called “photon up-conversion” the team may have bridged the gap between the two, allowing deep penetration while creating the cancer-fighting free radicals exactly where they’re needed, all while using non-toxic materials.

The group, led by UC Riverside doctoral student Pan Xia, created a custom organic solution which would transfer the energy from the nanocrystal to surrounding molecules. They then fired a laser into the solution and, by toying with different types of silicon nanocrystals, were able to create higher-energy light
Furthermore, the breakthrough could have additional applications in fields like solar-energy conversion and quantum computing.


Greencrow says:  I have always said that the future of energy was solar power.  We already use solar power in our daily lives.  My husband and I power the fridge on our sailboat with a solar panel located on the "bimini" roof of our steering cockpit.  I imagine a day...long after I am dead and gone...when cars will traverse the highways powered by "solar paint" which coats their chassis.

Yes, RT hailed this latest development in solar power and lasers as a breakthrough for cures for cancer.  I can see that happening in the short term...if not already.  We can't wait for them to get all the bureaucratic ducks in a row to use it on terminal cancer patients.  This must happen NOW.

But in the longer term...we need to totally re-think our approach to energy.  We have been given two great gifts...the sun...the source of all energy on earth...and our own ingenuity...where we can invent new applications, modifications and enhancements.

Some day, my great grandchildren will wonder why I got so hepped up about wasting fresh water--to tear up the earth's crust--to ship an unclean-up-able toxic contaminant down--to an environmentally vulnerable coastline--to put into huge tankers which will then be subjected to the huge storms of the so-called "climate change[TM]"...all so that some greedy banksters/oligarchs can afford private islands where they can practice pedophilia in peace.

Folks, I believe all these new applications for lasers and solar power are already here.  I believe they're all being suppressed just like the big robber barons killed the trains in the early 1900' they could build huge highways for the gas-guzzling cars of the 50's and 60's.

I believe the entire Fossil Fuel Energy industry is a gargantuan scam.  And Canadians are being sucked in--like the rubes that we are.  Wake Up!


Jody Paulson said...

"I believe the entire Fossil Fuel Energy industry is a gargantuan scam."
So do I. I once saw a cartoon with a guy in a suit behind a desk saying,"You want coal? We own the coal mines. You want oil? We control the oil fields. You want solar power?" (next panel) "Um, solar power isn't feasible."

opit said...

""If we don't act now to stabilize the global climate system"
Even though I can in no way be considered a 'science-oriented' commenter, my bullshit detector sounds off at this point. Let's get the worst over. I do not see man in control of climate or even significantly altering it. I joke it's like the city boy asking the farmer how he controls the weather so as to ensure crop yields. Just wow. The stupidity is epic.
Dr. Roger A. Pielke Jr., ( his dad is the fellow who pioneered much climate science ) has had an ongoing interest in valid scientific opinion informing government policy and published on the topic. Anybody familiar with Retraction Watch knows much of what is represented as science does not even arrive at the point of credible fantasy. Such it is with increasing storm violence. Roger got in all kinds of difficulty at work for pointing out that representation of increasing violent weather is in fact the opposite of ongoing experience. It's not as if such experience is unique. Wikipedia even has a list of people it is at pains to mock - as if such did not point up the idea of 'consensus science' being an oxymoron and a lie.

greencrow said...

Hi Jody:

Solar power is already being put into paints. To be used on roads for led lighting. So much is being suppressed so that they can steal the land. That is what this is all about. Monetize the land by putting pipeline structures on it...then steal it by "selling the pipeline".

The First Nations know this...they've been through it before...the ranches, the railways, the transmission lines, etc. They always had to go through their prime land.

greencrow said...

Hi Opit:

You say: "... I do not see man in control of climate or even significantly altering it."

Man cannot cause "global warming" or "global cooling". But man can certainly fuck around with local weather geoengineering--causing storms, droughts, floods and heatwaves. These can be caused by EMP/HAARP laser/microwave systems, chemtrails. I have been saying for years that the so-called "carbon tax" is really a covert effort to get the public and nations to pay for chemtrails and other geoengineering through their taxes.

They always want to make humanity pay for it when they're causing us harm. Like when some of them made windfall profits on the stock market on 9/11.

Penny said...

Hi Greencrow,

The dinosaur/fossil fuel will not likely ever go away.. since it's most probably not a dinosaur fuel.

There is lots of information around that oil is probably more renewable then most think- so calling it a dinosaur/fossil fuel aka source of energy is not likely accurate- and serves certain groups of Malthusian theorists.
Such as oil companies who can profit from ever growing profits on alleged limited supply.

Read up on abiogenic oil/abiotic oil particularly the Russian experience and information on the subject.

As for solar power.. it's not without problems. It can be part of a solution,but,it is not going to be the panacea for all our energy problems

One can't compare running a refrigerator to running entire cities and manufacturing facilities on solar power. There are problems with toxic chemicals in the panels- never mind the batteries required to store energy when the sun is not shining.

I understand your distress regarding the pipeline. The sad thing about it all was as soon as I saw our dear government was going to 'sell' the pipeline to a consortium of native groups the writing was on the wall-

aided by identity politics

Penny said...

Hey Opit:

"I do not see man in control of climate or even significantly altering it"

I agree with that statement. And think this idea of man made climate change has been promoted to have us believe we are responsible for natural occurring climate change.
So we HAVE to be controlled and be penitent for our sins by paying and paying and paying- the cult will then absolve us of our sins if we buy carbon offsets and pay carbon taxes

We as a species of living beings are so out of touch with the real world, that we actually delude ourselves into believing that we have the power to alter complex weather systems that are globally interconnected (generalized statement)
It's bizarre

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

The media is grossly misleading about indigenous support for the pipeline. The Alberta Cree have been bought and paid for to support it...of course. But the BC indigenous to a very large extent are still opposed. The media presents the situation to divide and conquer the FN.

About the costs of solar power. There are "costs" of any form of energy but the costs of fossil fuels are too exorbitant to pay. And I will ask you to answer this question: What is in it for BC? We already have the highest gas at the pump prices in the entire WESTERN WORLD. [$1.40 per litre] and have for that is not likely to change.

greencrow said...

IMO, The fact there is NOTHING in it for BC...lies at the foundation of BC's Reference to the Supreme Court of Canada. To ask a Province to bear the environmental costs of a project without that same province having a significant benefit of the project is to take away a fundamental right. Quebec seems to have the right to say "no", and so should BC.

We will find out shortly whether this is the case as the SCC hands down its decision.


Penny said...

Hi GC:

There must be something in it for BC because there appears to be those that support the construction of the pipeline.

"What is in it for BC? We already have the highest gas at the pump prices in the entire WESTERN WORLD. [$1.40 per litre] and have for that is not likely to change."

The price of gas at the pump is high, partly due to the carbon taxes which will only increase- we've begun to get a taste of that here in Ontario and it's bitter.
And it could be transportation factors as well (not sure)

re: native support or non support- this has been set up to be a divisive issue, intentionally. And that's what it's going to be among both the native and non native populations.