Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Western Energy Crisis Part One: TMX Update - We WILL Shove This Thing Down Your Throats...Do You HEAR?!

Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Map

Good morning folks. This is the first of a two-part post about the so-called "energy crisis" in the West. First we have the latest scare tactics on the part of the globalist corporate handlers of our puppet transmitted through their owned and operated MainZtream media.

The incipient environmental catastrophe called the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion [TMX] is already under construction. This is even though there is a case [reference] before the Supreme Court of Canada by the Province of British Columbia which opposes the destruction of our BC Coastline by the steady gridlock of unclean-up-able Bitumen in huge tankers being taken from Burrard Inlet down to the Refineries in Texas. Alberta could build its own refineries in that province to process the Bitumen...but nooooooooo. They don't NEED those jobs. Texas needs THOSE jobs. Please read the following report from yesterday's and I will have more comments to follow:


"Trans Mountain pipeline expansion officially kicks off construction on Tuesday

After years of delays and difficulties, the official start to construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will kick off Tuesday afternoon.

The pipeline runs from the Edmonton area to a marine terminal in Burnaby, B.C. The expansion will see a second pipeline built roughly parallel to the first that can carry almost twice as much crude oil every day. The beginning of the pipeline is also being re-routed.

Leaders attending the event include Trans Mountain president and CEO Ian Anderson, federal Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan, Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage, members of the the Enoch Cree Nation and local government representatives.

A similar event was held in July 2018, when a pipeline blessing took place at Enoch, attended by then-premier Rachel Notley, former federal natural resources minister Amarjeet Sohi and Enoch Chief Bill Morin. At that event, it was announced that Enoch land would be a staging and stockpiling area for the line with at least 35 to 40 kilometres of pipe on site.

Construction on the pipeline was halted in September 2018, after the Federal Court of Appeal overturned federal approval citing insufficient environmental and Indigenous consultations.

The federal government bought the existing pipeline for $4.5 billion a few months earlier, in a bid to overcome the opposition of the B.C. government to the expansion. Cabinet undertook new rounds of both and approved the expansion a second time in June. Construction on the pipeline then resumed this past August, starting with work on the marine terminals in British Columbia and pumping stations in Alberta.

The first 50 kilometres of actual pipeline would start being laid in the Edmonton area shortly, a spokesperson for Trans Mountain Canada told The Canadian Press in October. Thus far, more than 2,200 workers have been hired and Trans Mountain Corp. said it has focused on hiring Indigenous and local workers.

In recent months, construction work has taken place both at the Edmonton Terminal in Strathcona County, as well as along the pipeline’s new route around the city along the Transportation/Utility Corridor in which Anthony Henday Drive is also built. (The current pipeline, built in the 1950s, runs across south Edmonton.)

Work at Edmonton Terminal includes the installation of temporary infrastructure needed for construction and additional temporary access routes. Construction work has also taken place in southwest Edmonton, where crews have been seen prepping the pipeline right-of-way throughout the fall.

Construction on the expansion is supposed to be done by the middle of 2022. The Canadian government plans to ultimately sell the pipeline.

B.C. Premier John Horgan was asked Tuesday about his government’s role in court cases around the expansion following a speech to the Assembly of First Nations. Horgan said his government is not planning on joining any of the current legal cases launched by First Nations against the re-approved Trans Mountain pipeline project.

The B.C. government had been involved in the court case that ultimately led to the project needing re-approval because of a defeat in federal court.

The one legal challenge B.C. is involved in is the reference case to test the issue of public interest and the effects of projects on B.C.’s coast. Horgan said his government is scheduled to appear in front of the Supreme Court of Canada in January and February to argue the reference case.

“We believe that our participation in the litigation has run its course, save and except our reference case which is not about Trans Mountain. It’s about how we protect the interest of all British Columbians,” Horgan said.

“Those that believe it’s just about Trans Mountain are missing the point. We believe British Columbia and other provinces have the right to put in place regulations to protect their communities, their people and their lands.”

In May, the five-member B.C. Supreme Court panel of judges unanimously ruled against B.C. on the reference, finding that pipelines fall under federal jurisdiction.

In the B.C. Supreme Court’s decision, Justice Mary Newbury wrote that B.C.’s proposed environmental regulations would have improperly restricted the flow of oil through a federal undertaking, and that it appeared to unfairly target the Trans Mountain expansion project.


Greencrow says: Then we have this report from the CBC which went on and on and on...blah, blah, blah…but there were only two tiny sentences of which had relevance. Here they are:


"With national unity under stress, premiers back a budget fix to help oil-rich provinces

"….While B.C. Premier John Horgan and [Quebec Premier] Legault have long opposed some pipeline developments, the two said Monday that the meeting was not focused on divisive issues.

Horgan said B.C. would continue to pursue legal action against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which has been approved twice by the federal Liberal government and is now owned by a federal Crown corporation. Legault has said he'd oppose a project like the now-defunct Energy East, which would have carried diluted bitumen from the West through Quebec to Saint John, N.B..."


Greencrow concludes: Interesting how Quebec is opposing the transportation of Bitumen through its territories and nobody is saying "boo". BC wants to prevent the same wanton destruction of its lands and coastline and it's just being ignored, talked around and constructed if British Columbians don't have a voice. 

But that's always been the motto of the globalist, corporatist perps..."Fake it till you make it.". And that's what they're doing here.  Pretending that British Columbia's reference to the Canadian Supreme Court doesn't matter a fig and that our formal legislative approval of the UNDRIP [United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples] isn't worth the paper it's written on.

All the above ignoring and suppressing in the newz is so, when the SCC rules in favour of BC's provincial rights and when the BC First Nations say an unequivocal NO to the pipeline [which they have already done many times] the ROC can act totally surprised, bewildered and betrayed. "OMG!  They don't want their coastline destroyed!  What do we do Nowwwwwwww!???"  But, But, But...we've already put shovels in the ground!!!!

But...I was at a gathering the other night and there were some British Columbian supporters of the pipeline...who are hailing the beginning of the construction.  So they have divided the citizenry.  Of course, these individuals were unaware of the unclean-up-able properties of Bitumen and they couldn't clearly state what was in the TMX for BC other than "jobs".

HELLO!? Building the TMX will create TEMPORARY JOBS. But the maintenance of the storage and loading facilities will provide few jobs, as most of it will be automated.  Most of the jobs will go to Alberta and Texas.  So I ask again...


Please stay tuned for my next post....which will confirm how stupid this dinosaur energy project really is.


wallflower said...

Well GC one thing needs to be raised that wasn't mentioned...
The fact that this plan sits on a major fault line and has recently been active all up to Alaska and down US west coast has been pushing off earthquakes. In fact the USGS tries to shut down warnings from one especially astute earthquake forecaster Dutchsince. He is always right and shows/educates everyone how it works and happens:
He is on Twitch, DLive, Youtube (even though he has been shutdown many times there), Facebook and a few other places. He has a huge following all over the world. Isn't it amazing how the government and its lying branches fix everything so the power brokers that be can do whatever? One thing is for sure, this will become a major environmental catastrophic event that's waiting to happen. How the majority is against what a few dictators on behalf of their banksters rule. You might find this interesting: [Hedge fund forced Cabela's merger, decimated jobs in Sidney, Nebraska] posted on: NomadicEveryman

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower

Thanks for raising that important fact. BC is always being warned about "the BIG ONE". Yet it's okay to flush highly pressurized Bitumen through pipelines across the Rockies and down the coast.

We already had a significant Bitumen spill in Burnaby where Trans Mountain is located. It took years for them to clean up and restore the neighbourhood affected. THAT is why the sentient citizens don't want it tripled.