Saturday, December 7, 2019

They Don't Even Pretend To Care Anymore - NANOS Survey on Pipeline Doesn't Give BC Stats

Workers unload pipe to start of right-of-way construction for
 the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, in Acheson, Alta.
, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

Canadians checking their daily newz on CTV as they have their morning coffee this morning were pleased to see that a majority of them support the TMX pipeline, which will be transporting Bitumen from Alberta, across the Rockies, down through BC through metro Vancouver to the port on tiny Burrard Inlet. From there, it will be shipped down to Texas refineries where the real jobs are.

Please read the following headline and first paragraph snipped from the report and I will have more comments to follow:

Three in five Canadians support construction of new pipelines: Nanos survey

TORONTO -- Days after shovels hit the ground in Alberta on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, a new survey suggests the majority of Canadians support the construction of new pipelines.

The survey, commissioned by CTV News and conducted by Nanos Research, polled 1,010 Canadians and found that 42 per cent supported new pipelines while another 23 per cent somewhat supported them.

Just under a third, or 30 per cent, oppose or somewhat oppose pipeline construction. Four per cent of respondents said they were unsure...."


Greencrow comments:  I suggest Canadians read the entire CTV report.  NO WHERE in the brief article does it give the statistics for British Columbia.  Yes, it does say that a majority of Quebecers oppose the pipeline...but, last I looked at a map, the pipeline does not go through Quebec.

Sentient readers might well ask why no numbers for British Columbia?  Did the editors just forget to put them in?  Did NANOS not conduct the survey in BC?  Does the CTV/NANOS take all Canadians for pliable fools?  Well...the last rationale seems to fit best.

The fact is, a majority [but not all] British Columbians are opposed to the pipeline.  CTV/NANOS doesn't want Canadians in the ROC to know that.  They want everyone to pile on the TMX bandwagon and "FAKE IT TILL WE MAKE IT!"

Or, they really just do not care if British Columbians don't want their environment and coastal waterways destroyed's not THEIR environment...3000 miles away...after all.  It won't affect THEM.  They can pretend they care about the environment all they want...but when it comes time to choose between dinosaur fuels or the environment...they belly up to the gas bar every time.

There's only one province that has the economic, geographic and cultural ability to break free of a Canada that doesn't include them in national statistics--and doesn't care about their way of life.  It would be wise for Canadians in the ROC [Rest of Canada] to remember what province that is.


Anonymous said...

You only have too look as far as Alberta's near $50 billion abandoned well cleanup liability to gauge their environmental track record, that and the fact that most Albertans will chuck out any garbage out their vehicle window as long as fits through.

I especially like the way that they neatly transfer oil patch cleanup liabilities to companies that are teetering on bankruptcy so the taxpayer can foot the bill.

greencrow said...

Anonymous says:

"...Alberta's near $50 billion abandoned well cleanup liability..."

They've destroyed their own province and now they want to destroy ours.

Penny said...

BC leaving is all part of the NAU globalist plan... there has long been plans afoot to divvy up the continent in just such a manner that will see BC connect up to the west coast of the US. Divide to conquer.

"but when it comes time to choose between dinosaur fuels or the environment...they belly up to the gas bar every time."

GC: I get the upset here, but, do you drive a car?
How do you fuel your boat when the sails are not usable?
So it's not just "they" that belly up.

BC is not the only province with beefs GC- Alberta has beefs- Quebec has long had beefs

Sadly, to me anyway. It seems your coming across as an advocate for the destruction of this country... That's sad for me to contemplate.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Not a word about NANOS and CTV NOT including BC stats in their survey? Would Ontarians be upset about not being included in statistics about a topic that affects them?

I drive a car and use fuel but the fact of the matter is there are several viable solutions to the fossil fuel dynamic that do NOT include the destruction of the BC coastline environment.

Alberta should build refineries and process the oil themselves. This would provide REAL permanent jobs for Albertans. Then Alberta should pipe the refined product to the US border [they have one too] and from there all over the US.


the pipeline could be built from Alberta down to the Great Lakes. This would avoid the problem of earthquakes along the route. Huge tankers could carry the un-clean-upable Bitumen through the Great Lakes to Chicago, Detroit or some such US city. Ontarians would then bear some of the burden--which you correctly suggest is a necessary price to pay for fuel.