Monday, December 2, 2019

Meng Wanzhou Update - One Year Anniversary of the Ankle Bracelet

Meng Wanzhou in front of her Vancouver Home

Meng Wanzhou is "celebrating" one year since her ignominious arrest at the Vancouver Airport.  This illegal arrest concocted and supervised by the totally corrupt [see 9/11 cover-up and many other crimes] FBI set Meng on a path which led her through the "darkest days of her life" being incarcerated in the Alouette Correctional Center for Women, forced to endure endless court hearings and an upcoming trial and being forced to wear a heavy ankle bracelet which keeps authorities appraised of all her movements.

All this because the hugely bankrupt USrael has got behind on technology busy has it been "inventing" substandard war weaponry, F35 jets and the like.  Now, it has to prevent Chinese technology from taking over the western markets.  Canada and other western countries will be forced to accept substandard 5G technology [I am going to leave aside the many legitimate concerns about this technology] instead of the superior Huawei 5G technology.

The idea is to extradite Meng to USrael so she can be put on a "show trial"; which will be just as much a travesty of justice as the proposed extradition of Julian Assange will be...and the current Impeachment Hearings already are.  USrael is very busy destroying the concept and traditions of law--in preparation for the chaos of global tyranny it has planned for the world.

But, I digress.

According to her letter, released today by Huawei, Meng Wanzhou is holding up superbly under the criminal harassment by USrael as perpetrated on her by the proxy-fied Canadian so-called "justice system":

"VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Filling her days with books and painting, Chinese tech executive Meng Wanzhou has written a letter reflecting on the year since she was arrested.

“With winter approaching, I can see the dense forests begin to slowly turn the hills around me to a deep crimson. The beauty of nature is clear to anyone who looks,” Meng’s letter, posted to Huawei’s website, reads. “It was never my intention to be stuck here so long, but I suddenly find that a whole year has snuck by, and here I still am.”

The Chinese telecom giant’s CFO has been holed up in her Vancouver luxury home, on bail, for much of her time since Dec. 1, 2018, saying she has “witnessed moments of fear, pain, disappointment, helplessness, torment, and struggle.”

However, she said she’s learned to accept the situation she’s now in, and that she is “no longer afraid of the unknown.” Talking about the busy life she led before her arrest, Meng said her schedule often had her feeling like she was “being stretched thin,” and that she often didn’t have enough time to “get everything done.”

“I’ve had no choice but to become a multitasker over the years. This is true of all Huawei employees, though,” she writes, adding she never had the “luxury” to just enjoy what was around her.

“If a busy life has eaten away at my time, then hardship has in turn drawn it back out,” Meng wrote.

In addition to now having the time to enjoy the little things in life like reading a book from cover to cover, or having the time to finish a painting, Meng’s letter also includes a “thank you” to customers and suppliers of Huawei, who she said have stuck by the company and “chosen to trust us, support us, and wait.”

The gratitude is also extended to Canadians.

“Of course I’ve also been deeply moved by the kindness of people here in Canada. Thanks to the kindness of the correctional officers and other inmates at the Alouette Correctional Center for Women, I was able to make it through the worst days of my life. When the judge announced that I was granted bail, the applause in the public gallery made me burst into tears. After a whole night of heavy snow, the security company’s staff were so considerate that they shoveled a path for my elderly mother, filling our hearts with warmth in this cold winter.”..."


Greencrow says:  As a social worker I once or twice visited female clients at the Alouette Correctional Center for Women, located in an outlying suburb of Vancouver.  It is a very bleak place...all grey "army style" buildings set back in the forest, accessible only by driving down a remote winding road.  It was depressing for me to visit there.  How much worse was it for Meng Wanzhou to have to stay there for the several days it took for her to get released on electronically supervised bail! 

All because Americans allowed their technology to slide dangerously, while their corrupt military and technology corporate contractors criminally siphoned American tax dollars away and provided C.R.A.P in return.  Russia and China are both being punished for spending their "peace dividend" dollars on building their own research technologies, economies and infrastructures instead of wasting their money on permanent Wars for the Jews in the Middle East like the US has done. But, back to Meng Wanzhou.

Meng's defense team has done a superb job, not only of providing a very strong defense for their client in her upcoming extradition hearing...but opening a tiny "Black Swan(TM)" media window which the sentient public can peer into and view the corruption of the Western so-called  "security agencies":  The RCMP, CSIS, FBI and CIA...which are now all branches of the global terror organization, the Mossad.  Because of Meng's defense teams' court documents, we can see the workings and the hand-holding that the FBI did with their proxy RCMP the night of Meng's arrest.  We saw they had a specially designed briefcase at the airport all at the ready in which to store Meng's laptop and other electronic devices immediately after her arrest.  The briefcase was immediately given to the FBI.  This was a criminal act which should result in the entire travesty being thrown out of court--if we had a justice system.

Finally, also due to documents submitted by Meng's defense team, we can see that the Americans want to televise the extradition hearing slated for next month, January 2020 here in Vancouver.  The defense is objecting--on the grounds that Trump wants to turn it into a circus.  Circuses are what the clown president DOES best.  Now.  Canada has never televised a court proceeding that I am aware of anyway.  If this happens folks...we will know absolutely for certain that our judicial system is as dead as a doornail.


Karmellis said...

I wonder if anyone else appreciates the irony in the 'Champion of Freedom' Canada imprisoning someone and arbitrarily denying their freedom without charge based on what they are...? But then again, if you try to be an average Canadian-born who does not play these identity politics games, watch your freedoms get trampled on, too. "Do as they say, or else...", the mantra of our Liberaltopia...

The shear length of time this has dragged on is enough to show the lack of 'case' they have against Meng; that this is little more than a farce and excuse for a political game, all so that the US could 'get their deal'... and another example of the US issuing us our marching orders: To get us to do something so ham-fistedly stupid so we could we make the US look good. I suppose it's fortunate for us that the US is 'making a deal'-incapable and continue to shoot themselves in the foot by doing dumb things...

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

You put your finger on the central issue. The US is and has been incapable of making any deal for at least 10 years now. The Russians have noted it and Putin has commented on it many times. It doesn't matter who or what the deal is about...they simply cannot do it. Does that remind you of any other entity? Israel cannot define its borders. It simply cannot do it. A few decades ago there was non-stop "diplomacy" going on between Israel, Palestine/Arabs and the US. Several presidents tried to make a deal to solve the Middle East issues. No luck. Israel and the Jews cannot make a deal because they always want more. They cannot settle for anything other than "everything" and "total destruction/eradication" of their opponent.

This cancerous/parasitic approach to relationships has now spread to the United States of Israel. Latest example? The latest NAFTA agreement or whatever they're now calling the attempt to regulate trade in North America. Just the other day Freeland had to go to Washington to get briefed on the latest USrael "tweaks" to the deal they had made many months ago. This will go on forever. They are sick, terminally sick and now we know why for centuries and centuries of human history there was only one solution.

Anonymous said...

Sabrina Meng's arrest from the beginning has struck me as a return to medieval times, kidnapping the kings daughter and holding her for ransom.
As you said the Chinese have leaped ahead of America and Europe, and the "Steady State", CIA, MIC, big oil and pharma, does not like it.
What is most vexing, is the pumped up anti-Chinese garbage being spewed out by the media. Even the Globe and Mail, in their on-line edition they have a comment section. If anyone manages to post anything pro-Chinese, their comment gets swarmed by individuals "correcting" that thought. The hate is sickening.
Another example of misinformation exposed;

Garuda sends blessings


greencrow said...

Hi Garuda:

Thanks for your comment. I always appreciate your POV. Yes, look at my "Crow's Nest" sidebar currently where I quote a writer in an RT op-ed who says China is the new "bete noir" of the Western globalist, NATO establishment.

Biting the hand that feeds it. Literally.