Friday, December 20, 2019

Latest Craft - Three Wise Snowmen

Three Wise Snowmen
Wooden Candlesticks

Hi Readers:

Just pausing for a moment to let you know that at this time of year, Crafts really do take priority over blogging...except when I blog about crafts, lol.  The three Snow Wise Men above were completed just moments ago.  A fellow wood carver up at the studio had the idea to make snowmen out of old chair legs but he didn't know how to finish them--so I asked him to drill holes in the hats to make them functional candle holders ["form and function"] then bought the three [why there are only three and not four...will forever be a mystery] and completed them by painting them, knitting them some tiny scarves and gluing black beads in for eyes and buttons.  I'm quite pleased with the "Folk Art" result and can hardly wait to show them to my granddaughters.

Just another "treasure" for my family to fight over when I'm gone...lolololol.


M. Rocknest said...

The 3 snow wise men are adorable, Greencrow, and with orange and black scarves they could be used as bonesmen at Halloween too -- d'em bones, d'em bones, d'em (chair) leg bones. Have a very Merry Christmas and let's hope the world in 2020 gets some clearer vision. Blogs like yours really help to put events into better focus.

greencrow said...

Hi M. Rocknest

Thanks for the kudos. My husband said they looked more like skeletons than snowmen when I brought them home. He said they looked kind of creepy. So I think there's still a little bit of "creepiness" left...but it works!