Monday, December 16, 2019

Esper cites US ‘right of self-defense’ in Iraq baselessly blames Iran for insecurity

US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper (C) and his wife Leah Esper (L) are pictured during a ceremony as part of the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, also known as the Ardennes Counteroffensive, on December 16, 2019, at the Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne. (AFP photo)

Who claims that the Iranians don't have a good sense of humoUr?  This article, copied directly from PressTV below, is as funny as any stand-up comic routine in any USrael late night TV show.  And the accompanying photo above is hilarious.  I vote for the Iranians as comic writers of the year--so long as you enjoy black I do.  Please read the PressTV article below and I will have more comments to follow:


"Esper cites US ‘right of self-defense’ in Iraq baselessly blames Iran for insecurity 

Pentagon chief Mark Esper is citing the US “right of self-defense” in Iraq years after American invasion against the Muslim country.

"We need their help in terms of getting the security situation under control and stabilized, but we also still retain our right of self-defense and we will exercise it," Esper told reporters after a trip to Europe Monday.

Without offering any evidence, the US military chief parroted earlier remarks by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, pointing the finger at Iran.

"My suspicion would be that Iran is behind these attacks, much like they are behind a lot of malign behavior throughout the region, but it is hard to pin down," he claimed.

The US defense secretary made the allegations after he spoke with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi amid protests in the country.

The Iraqi premier has previously called for efforts to “prevent an escalation that will threaten all parties."

The US, backed by Britain, invaded Iraq in 2003 under the pretext that the former regime of Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. No such weapons, however, were ever found in the country.

The invasion, however, has led to years of insecurity and militancy in Iraq.

On Saturday, thousands of Iraqis took to the streets of Baghdad to protest the sanctions and Washington's interference in their country's internal affairs."


Greencrow concludes:  There's an old saying about certain kinds of humour..."You had to BE there."  Well, in the case of the above's only funny if you're NOT there.  The Iraqis don't find it funny at all and I can hardly blame them.


Penny said...

As long as the US is in Iraq there will never be peace in Syria or the region
which is why they invaded Iraq after 9/11 (It's Grand Central Station for the regional remake)

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

True. And as long as Iran is sovereign, they will keep blaming it for everything!

Anonymous said...

I react with great amusement to our overlords asserting their statistically proven greater intelligence than the rest of hunamity. Somehow there seems to be a disconnect between reality and their assertions. Does make for excellent black comedy on its own, though.