Monday, December 16, 2019

UPDATED: Coming to a location near you - ISIS, recently helicoptered into Iraq from Syria, indulges in cultural display

Iraq mob lynches Iraqi Teenager

Syrian President Bashar al Assad is someone who doesn't mince words. That's why his interviews are so popular in the alternative media. Listening to Assad is like sitting at a window by the sea with a fresh ocean breeze blowing in. Particularly to those used to reading the drivel in the MainZtream media.

I have reprinted a copy of the report about his latest interview below, but first take a look at what's going on now since the US helicoptered its ISIS proxies out of Syria and back into Iraq.  According to a Press TV report the US proxies are mobbing up the streets and lynching teenagers from lamp posts.  Please read below and I will have more comments to follow:

Mob of ‘protesters’ lynch Iraqi teenager in gruesome crime 

A group of “protesters” in Baghdad have, in an extremely brutal and shocking way, stabbed into death and cut the throat of a 16-year-old teenager before hanging him by his ankles.

The boy, identified as Haitham Ali Ismael, had been berating the protesters for three days for obstructing the street beside his house and making noise, but he had been largely ignored.

On Thursday, witnesses said, he climbed up onto the roof of his house and began shooting in the air with a pistol in order to shoo the protesters away from his family’s home.

That prompted a mob of protesters to barge into his small house at the edge of the Al Wathba Square where Haitham lived with his mother and stabbed him for 17 times.

Then they took him outside, pulled off his clothes, dragged him bleeding through the streets, hung him by his ankles from a traffic light pole and cut his throat.

Fadhil Muhammad, a tuk-tuk driver, says he “was standing there when they hung this young man by a rope and tied him to the pole and then the rope was cut and the victim’s head fell on screws on the ground in the street and they entered into his head.”

Then they threw the boy on the bed of a police pickup truck, Muhammad said, “and in front of the police they began to slash his neck.”..."


Greencrow says:  Well, folks, the ISIS terror proxies had to go SOMEWHERE after the Russians, Iranians and Syrians routed them out of Syria.  And you can't expect heart-eating fanatics to just sit around knitting toques and socks, can you?  They're going to revert to form wherever they're placed...whether it be Syria, Iraq, or unsuspecting western nations like yours.

So, while the heart-eaters are back in Iraq terrorizing the Iraqis--after the Americans claimed the illegal War on Iraq based on the WMD lie is "over"--they have been replaced in Syria with Blackwater-style contracted mercenaries.  Please read this RT report about a recent interview with Syrian President Bashar al Assad, where he describes the mendacious theft of Syrian resources by USrael.  It's really too bad that Assad doesn't call the US "USrael" in his interview.  That would give his repartee even more verisimilitude. Please read and I will have conclusions to follow:


US taking over from IS & Al-Nusra Front by seizing Syrian oil at behest of 'money lobbies' – Assad 

Powerful lobbies are behind the US rush for Syria's natural resources, and the Americans are carrying on where Islamist groups left off by "stealing and selling" them, President Bashar Assad has said.

In October, Donald Trump made headlines by ordering all US troops out of Syria, leaving the devastated country to anyone who wants "to come in and fight." But weeks later he backtracked on that decision, bluntly stating that troops would remain to "protect" Syrian oil fields east of the Euphrates.

In a comprehensive interview with China's Phoenix, Assad commented on Trump's swift transition from the mild non-interventionism that he championed before the troop withdrawal, to the outright oil-driven expansionism that resembled the 2003 Iraq War. 

'Lobbies in charge of US policies'

It's not the government in the classical sense that drives US endeavors in Syria but "the money lobbies, whether in the form of oil, weapons, banks, or others," Assad explained.

American lobbies are "in charge of the policies" of the country, which "is not governed by principles, but rather by the interests of those companies," he said.

Those in the White House and on Capitol Hill aren't shy about breaching the US' own laws for the sake of these corporations "because if they don't make them happy, the president might be impeached," Assad said, referring to the previous historical experience of his country.

Therefore, it doesn't matter for Syria who is in charge in the White House since the US president's hands are cuffed by corporate, not state, interests. 
There're 'thousands,' not hundreds, of US troops on Syrian soil

The Pentagon has retained around 800 troops to "guard" Syrian oil facilities, along with Kurdish-led forces, but the figure has artificially been decreased and did not include "individuals fighting with the American army," Assad believes.

Regardless of how many US troops are present in Syria, they seem to be setting up for a long-haul deployment. Previously, it was reported that they were building two new military bases in Deir ez-Zor, the province where the majority of Syrian oil assets are concentrated.

READ MORE: ‘We are coming’: Chilling Blackwater ad triggers fears of Trump seeking to privatize Mideast wars

Such compounds are situated near the border with Turkey, and Syria's northern neighbor plays a role in the affair, Assad suggested.  
Crude smuggled from Syria is sold to Turkey

The oil trade has always been a mainstay of the Syrian economy, although their crude reserves pale in comparison to those of the Gulf monarchies. In 2018, Syria had an estimated 2.5 billion barrels of oil reserves, compared with Saudi Arabia's 297 billion, Iran's 155 billion, and Iraq's 147 billion barrels, according to OPEC.

Still, they were of great utility to anyone controlling them. Syrian oil wells were used by Jabhat Al-Nusra and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), Assad noted. As IS was largely defeated in most parts of Syria, the US is obviously filling the blank space left by the retreating terrorists that capitalized on selling Syrian crude."


Greencrow concludes:  Yes, as "Jabhat Al-Nusra" is Arabian for Israeli Regime, it's really too bad that Assad doesn't call a spade a spade and call the US "USrael" I do.  You almost have to feel sorry for USrael, How DOES an empire grow in the age of the Internet when every nation on earth knows it's nothing but a low life thief?  ALL empires were low life thieves in their day, but back before global communication, they were able to mask their thievery under cloaks of "bringing civilization/law"/ Gawd/religion/ Democracy/Peace [fill in the blank]______________.

Now they're just low-life thieves who are breaking even their own laws to get their greedy paws on the property of indigenous peoples all over the world.  And, as Assad doesn't matter what political party controls the White House.  All Americans are captive of the Ziofascist globalist occupiers who move their shekels to offshore banks and hollow out the American economy...all while using its military and it's military proxies/mercenaries to hang indigenous teenagers from lamp posts. 


wallflower said...

You know this point I don't understand why Assad just doesn't give the green light to Russia to bomb the f**king oil fields and the %^&*('s keeping them 'safe'. This and the article up at Jody Paulsen's blog:

...and @ Aletho News:

paints the whole desperate picture. If it were my resources being at risk for thieves...I'd destroy them.

Anonymous said...


But never forget the famous words of GW Bush to Saddam Hussein about not burning their own oil wells. So the real "ownership" of Syrian resources is never really in doubt.