Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve - a time for Togetherness and the Enjoyment of Crafts

Missy Mousie welcomes Froggie
in for a Christmas Eve "Drink"

Today I am supposed to be collecting my "Christmas Dividend".  This is the time of quiet peaceful enjoyment that I "earned" by working like a slave for the past month and a half to prepare for Christmas.  Yes, since about the 15th of November we have been working non-stop decorating, gift-buying and cooking.  We've already had two parties for our friends and are planning a big Open House for next Saturday.  The above photo is the one I used on the Open House Invite.

As readers know I carved Miss Mousie and Froggy for my grandchildren.  Then, I went completely bonkers and put together a "Mousie House" for Missy Mousie, complete with rustic furniture and a "real" stone fireplace that lights with a battery tea light!.  If you look closely, you will see a tiny bottle of wine in a bucket of ice on the table.  The "Mousie House" is still not finished.  In the new year I plan to "renovate" it.  Enlarging it for a bed for Missy Mousie.  I also plan to carve all the "wedding guests" that come to the Missie Mousie/Froggie wedding.  The bumble bee, for instance, will have a magnet that will attach it to the side of the house.

My plans for "Uncle Rat" are phenomenal.  He's going to be my most ambitious carving to date.  Here is the photo I got off the Internet:

Uncle Rat - somewhat of a Rogue

Who knew that Uncle Rat was a 'one eyed" pirate/thief of cheese.  Well, I guess we all could have guessed.  The hard part of carving Uncle Rat will be the key to the pantry and the tail.

Christmas is a time to return to the imaginations of our childhood.  When I see my adult guests peer into the Mousie House with a look of wonder and amazement in their eyes at all the tiny replicas...that is truly my reward.  I have given them the most precious gift...looking at life through the eyes of a child.  May all my readers have that capacity...if only for one night!  Happy Christmas Eve.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours GC!

Although we're not necessarily in agreement in all matters, I respect your honesty and integrity in providing this blog for us to read. It is so refreshing to read the real opinions of real people and not to have to wade through the inevitable shills, bots, trolls and other time wasters who seem to have unlimited funding to promote their nonsense.

And I have always felt that honest people have opinions whereas dishonest people have agendas.

Thank you and hope you keep going in 2020.

M. Rocknest said...

I think sometimes I might have the eyes of a child because I find your carved diorama enchanting. Not too many years ago while hiking in the mountains we came across a moss-covered embankment dotted with a variety of plants and some toadstools. I would have loved to temporarily shrink down to the size of your Missy Mousie to explore one particulary enticing niche in the sparse remains of a long ago fallen tree. I might have found a scene similar to your lovely carved creation or perhaps some fairies dancing by the light of their glow-worm lanterns. Oh my ... back to reality ... have to check on our roasting chicken (turkey is too much for two). I make our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, a tradition passed down from my Norweigan grandmother. Merry Christmas, Greencrow.

wallflower said...

Hi GC... I hope you get this

12/23/2019 -- Two large M6.0 earthquakes strike off the coast of Pacific NW Vancouver Island
(Port Hardy)

Penny said...

That all sounds wonderful GC. I'd love to see Uncle Rat when he's finished.
Merry Christmas!

greencrow said...

I do appreciate all the comments, kudos and well wishes in the comments to this post...more than you will ever know. Over the holidays I was verbally admonished by a relative for creating and keeping up this blog. The individual has never actually BEEN on the blog. I had no words in rebuttal, because I did not want to "ruin" the holidays. But seeing the comments ab0ve helped me get past it.