Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Why Liberals Lost Canadian Election...And Why Conservatives Failed to Get Majority

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland
cost the Liberals the Election

Most of the dust has settled since last October's Canadian (s)election.  The minority government of Justin Trudeau is settling in for the long haul, meeting with opposition leaders and arranging a start date for the next Parliament.  Time to consider the major reason why Canadians are stuck with a government that nobody really wanted.  The voters only expressed 30+ approval of the governing Liberals.  Why?  Well, the biggest reason is the individual in the photograph above, Foreign Affairs minister Chrystia Freeland.

As I've said in numerous previous posts, Freeland is a Soros agent/mole in the Canadian government.  She enacts the policies that precisely dovetail with the globalist, Ziofascist Deep State in USrael.  Any concurrence between the foreign policy positions she espouses and what Canadians want for their country are purely coincidental.  She doesn't even pretend to represent Canadian views.  She has her own masters and go-to's.

Consquently, Canada is now a perennial fool on the international stage.  Nothing more than a stooge for the dark forces behind the endless Resource Wars for Israel. Freeland is the Canadian facilitator of USrael global hegemony.  Blogger Xymphora talks this morning about Freeland's recent support for the latest USrael coup in Bolivia:

Remember that The Nazi is cheering on a Pinochet-style violent military coup to replace an elected leader, who also happens to be the most successful truly progressive politician in the world today, so she's topped even herself in utter venality: "Canada welcomes results of OAS electoral audit mission to Bolivia" ('we note the resignation . . . '!!!). "Canada Backs Coup Against Bolivia’s President" (Engler). The people of Bolivia people shutting down every foreign-owned mine in the country (permanently would be even better) - along with a general strike against capital generally - until this coup is fixed would be an good answer to The Nazi.

Here she spouts off about Myanmar the UN and the International Criminal Court. Apparently, Myanmar has forged working relations with Russia and China.  Even a stopped clock is right twice a day--but not Freeland.  She absolutely NEVER voices a policy that Canadians agree with.  Canada wants to be a neutral and friendly force internationally, like we used to be.  We want to be respected by all sides...not a sick joke.  We want to be able to form military and economic alliances with the rising stars on the planet--Russia and China.  We don't want to perpetually drag the bankrupt, declining, universally dispised Ziofascist Empire around like a ball and chain. 

NOTE:  Here is a Newfoundland professor who recently received an award from Russia for treating it with the decency and respect it deserves and which many Canadians yearn for.

Freeland is so bad that I find myself wanting Canada to lose it's bid to be a member of the UN Security Council.  I don't want her sitting there "me-tooing" the USraelis in her hiked-up red dress.  And if there's a Gawd in heaven, Canada will lose its bid...like it's lost other bids.  The world doesn't need two voices for the same disgusting, arrogant. interventionist, warmongering POV.

It is clear that Freeland is a permanent fixture of le Dauphin's cabinet.  I sense that HE could easily be replaced [by the puppet masters], but not HER.  SHE's the real leader in the puppet Kingdom of Canada.  And obviously I'm not alone in my assessment.  A majority of Canadians agree with me.  That is why the Liberals only got about 30+ percent of voter support.  And if we hate Freeland so much why then didn't we vote in the Conservatives?  Because Conservative Leader Andrew Sheer is a Freeland toady.  He never said a thing against her despicable representation of Canada on the International stage during the election.  In fact, Canadians were left with the distinct impression that, if Scheer were to form government, he would UP THE ANTE!

So, folks, as we hunker in for a long, cold Winter of silent discontent and gnashing of teeth...as we put up with an entire minority Parliament full of electoral "losers".  All we can look forward to is a Spring...a spring in the form of the inevitable complete collapse of the bankrupt USrael Deep State under the crushing weight of its own corruption.  Perhaps that spring would thaw the decades-long ice prison of mediocrity and subservience in Canada...and open a floodgate of real courage and democratic leadership!


Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

As you may recall earlier in the year, Scheer was in the midst of a libel lawsuit scenario which (as I am aware of) he wanted it all out in the open, since it would mean a high-profile trial would be underway which would force our criminal cartel to take the stand and have their lies picked apart by an effective defense team. He also dragged out the entire budget process in protest over what was effectively a bad budget for Canadians. What ever happened to all that? What happened to the charisma and what appeared to be serious leadership?

My speculation: He, his family, everything about him was threatened so badly he was forced into this obedient position or the Liberal cartel did something to him to 'encourage' him to back off. The Liberal cartel was prefectly beatable this election, but it did not happen. I have also read other people say what I have been speculating and that some form of fraud was committed to get him back in. I speculate most of it was in Ontario, where it would be easier to hide such an atrocity in a larger population concentration.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Andrew Scheer certainly did a strange metamorphosis as the (s)election progressed....like a turtle regressing into its shell.

He had a great opportunity to get an electoral landslide simply by saying Canada was open for business and friendly relations with China and Russia. That's basically ALL he had to do. But no. What he did in fact was convey to Canadians that under him it would be WORSE.

The longer I think about it...that was not a position...that was by design...to hand Trudeau the minority government on a silver platter.

It reminds me of how John Kerry won the Presidency but handed it to Bush in the "Florida recount" scam.

And here's the kicker. Probably the same dark forces behind both the Kerry and Scheer handovers!