Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Trudeau Unveils Minority Gov Cabinet Today....and in other news...The "Froggy" Tableau is Finished!

"Froggy is Finished" Video

Yes, two items of equal political importance in the overall scheme of things...Trudeau's new cabinet and my latest wood carving:  Froggy in his "Go a Courtin'" painted attire are both being unveiled today.  First to Froggy:  Here's what I say about this latest wood carving on my Arts and Crafts Special Page:
Here's a brief video of the finished "Froggy" in his permanent setting with "Missy Mousie" with her "Mousie House" ...which I made out of raw cottonwood bark and papier mache. This carving is a tribute to my own mother, who sang the "Froggy Went a Courting" children's song to me as a child...and to my two granddaughters, aged 5 and 5 months. The Mousie House tableau passed the "grandchild" test this past weekend, when my 5 year old granddaughter visited and pronounced it a rousing success--by playing with it most of the weekend. She liked the little "trousseau chest" in the "Mousie House" the best. That, I did not carve, but purchased at a Swedish Christmas Craft fair on the weekend. The video above ends abruptly, because apparently I'm out of "storage" on my phone. So will have to look into deleting some items. Well, onto other projects now.

In a similar vein, Trudeau will be unveiling his new minority government cabinet this afternoon. As  John Ivison of the National Post says.  It doesn't matter who's in the cabinet as all the major decisions are made solely in the PMO. As discussed in previous posts, Foreign Affairs Minister Chyristia Freeland will be tapped to work her unique "majik" in a domestic portfolio and will also be given the designation of "Deputy Minister".  Significantly, Trudeau had no Deputy Minister in his last mandate. I'm sure Freeland will put her "mark" on the position of Deputy Minister and "elevate" it as no previous holder of that job has done.  Can we all say US-style "Vice President"?

Here's what frequent commentator Karmellis had to say about the upcoming configuration of the cabinet and the last [s]election:Anonymous

On November 19, 2019 at 12:18 PM
Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

To paraphrase something I said in 2016, "30+ million Canadians and this is the best we can do?" A criminal cartel of warmongering psychopaths hell-bent on enriching themselves while our entire nation is at risk an annihilation due to their immature, poorly planned and poorly thought out policies? Ohhhh boy. If we thought it was bad before, it will be peanuts compared to what is coming up.

I think there are a few well-deserved thank-you's to go around to everyone involved for allowing this theatrical farce to be permitted and encouraged by moral cowardice, bribery and outright corruption by our usual sources (And I can tell you, they are not Pro-Canadian).

Thank you to Scheer for demonstrating such a level of incompetence and ignorance of our collective political situation and demonstrating how you allowed your political opponents to walk all over you to the point that you practically let your opponents 'win' the election.

Thank you to Jagmeet for worrying about all the wrong things, playing the racist card when it suited you and focusing on propping up this criminal cartel so that Canadians can continue to suffer, and yes I meant 'suffer' in a bad way.

Thank you to Lizzie May who was so obsessed with getting into the house she concentrated all her party's effort to make sure she got elected so she could enjoy that sweet, fat pension cheque and permitting us to pay for her existence for as long as we lived (Which is what it was all really about, anyway).

Thank you to Elections Canada for demonstrating your pro-Liberal bias back in the early summer, demonstrating that not only are you incapable of running a unbiased election, but that you could have easily contributed to the Liberals winning (Anyone noticed how fast the report came out about there being no foreign interference? Curious to see how that would have played out if someone else had won).

Thank you to our Ministry of Truth-- I mean, mass media, for doing everything you can and then some to make sure our criminal cartel remained in power, including: rigged debates, pro-left and anti-right 'everything' reports, the list goes on...

What a joke this all is... If it wasn't so real, it would make for great TV.

On that note, I would like to offer a more sincere and genuine thank you to Maxine Bernier. While I did not agree with all of his policies, he came across as someone that was far more sincere, had a much better understanding of the political situation in Canada and wanted to do something about it. I also appreciate the fact he has not given up the fight and will continue to keep going. All the best!"


Greencrow concludes:  I agree with Karmellis that Bernier was royally screwed by the MainZtream Media and that he should not give up...but should build on the amazing response by Canadians to his albiet oppressed/repressed political campaign.

What I will be watching for in the coming weeks and months is the inevitable resurrection of the unresolved legal scandals [i.e., SNC Lavalin and the Meng Wanzhou Travesty of Justice] that are working their way through the courts.  Trudeau and his fellow cabinet ministers no doubt hope Canadians have forgotten about these issues but either one [or something similar] could bring down Trudeau prior to or concurrent with bringing down the minority government...and if and when that happens...the other shoe will drop and Freeland will be home free as PM.


Penny said...

and I see we have a deputy prime minister!
When is the last time that occurred?
She's going to oversee our relationship with the US. And "climate change"

this is quite obviously connected to the newer version of the continental trade pact that will be passed in the US in short order- Doing the bidding of those above our selected puppets

Pelosi is going to make it happen!

" U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday said a breakthrough in talks with the Trump administration on the trade pact with Mexico and Canada could be imminent and that she wanted to pass the deal by the end of the year.

"We are moving positively in terms of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement. Again, it all comes down to ... enforcement," she told reporters at a news conference. "I do believe that if we can get this to the place it needs to be, which is imminent, that this can be a template for future trade agreements."

When it matters, there is no disagreement between Repubs and Democrats

from wikipedia

"The position of deputy prime minister was created by Pierre Trudeau in 1977, largely to recognize the long years of service of Allan J. MacEachen.[3] Before then, Trudeau had given the title of Senior Minister to a member of his cabinet.[3] The last to occupy that position was Paul Hellyer.[3]

Joe Clark's government did not have a deputy prime minister. Similarly, Prime Minister Stephen Harper did not designate a deputy prime minister,[4] nor did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau until the appointment of Chrystia Freeland in his second mandate.[1] Prior to 2019, Canada's most recent deputy prime minister was Anne McLellan, who in 2006, was also the first deputy prime minister to lose her seat in the House of Commons"

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

What a Charade going on south of the border. Nancy Pelosi signing Trump's new and harsher Patriot Act into power all the while trying to impeach Trump.

Do you think the southern malaise is contagious? You bet!

Reading between the lines said...

US style V.P. was my first thought also .A bit of a side show to be honest .I give it 2 years max.
My thoughts.

Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow! Thank you for re-posting my commentary on your front page.

I could comment on the political circus clown show you mentioned, but I do not believe there is anything new or useful for me to contribute. Instead, I will comment on the better part of your post: The excellent tableau you made for Froggy and Mousie! Very nice job! A well-made shelter is always important for frogs and mice, for there are many predators out in the wild, like crows... big crows, though if they are lucky, none of them are green... :P

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

The "Mousie House" is a rustic "doll house" for my granddaughters to play with. It was made from one big piece of cottonwood bark. I sawed it into three pieces and glued them together with many layers of papier mache on the inside...forming them into a circle. Then I cut the mousie hole. Then I glued the house onto a wooden "lazy susan" that's sold by IKEA. The house can thus be moved in circle. Right now I'm in the process of making a stone and cement "fireplace", to be placed opposite the door on the back interior wall of the mousie house. The fireplace will have a wooden mantle and over the mantle will be hung a small, framed picture of "Uncle Rat". In the song "A Froggy Went A Wooing" Uncle Rat plays an important role as he has to give his consent to the wedding.

I am also going to make a small wooden table and tiny stools for the wedding feast. Finally, I will knit/crochet a tiny, red, circular rug for the house. This rug will also serve as mousie's bed.

Crazy? You bet! ; )

Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

Crazy? I have no beef with crazy. Crazy keeps you in one piece while not necessarily bacon to be the centre of attention. That is my steak in crazy. I would rather be crazy than normal. What passes for normal scares me, these days; makes me feel kinda chicken with all this woke and pc nonsense. I see lots of carping and wine'ing with cheese'y comments, all the while making something out of mutton, as though they have the right to impose their slab of views upon me, treating me like chopped liver while I am expected to treat their views as gospel, without any right to question of cross-examine. What a load of bull, huh?

Maybe I am just fishing for attention...

I definitely like the idea of knitting/crocheting a rug to go with your little house. That will add a lot of personality to it. All the best!