Saturday, November 9, 2019

The War Market - Fake Newz about Fake "Rainbow Poppy"

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Fake Newz about Fake Identity Politics
Capitalizes on the War Market

People are getting fed up.  You can tell by all the people who don't show up at the hockey rinks until AFTER the national anthems are played.  They don't want to be subjected to the warmongering jingoism.  In my home we never turn on the game until fifteen minutes past the hour of start because we don't want to listen to the crap or see the police and/or soldiers that they parade out onto the ice to promote the commercialization of the "product" - war.

Now they're trying to kill two birds with one stone.  Make up a newz story that includes a "rainbow poppy" right around Remembrance Day [November 11th].  What is that supposed to signify?  All the LGTB that died in the wars?  Are they now going to be separated out from the rest and honoured separately?  The story was proved to be fake.  But it still got play time in all the MZM.  That says just about everything.  True stories [like about the 9/11 atrocity] are avoided like the plague but fake stories about a fake symbol get done to death.

The truth of the matter is that if it weren't for the greatest human in the last 150 years [Russian President Vladimir Putin] enforcing his will over the evil designs of the "Usual Suspects" in the Middle East over the past decade or more, there would have most certainly been a WWIII by now...and most of us would be radioactive dust.

But, time's a wastin'...and the perps need their war.  Just in case the people are beginning to forget how important it is to kill huge amounts of people in one event.  They've built "war museums" to remind them.  Due to the peace-waging of Putin, people [especially the young] are forgetting the "culture" of war...the factories that will be buzzing, the economy that will be booming, the banks that will be funding the war efforts on both sides...all that stuff.

Might be as good a time as any to mention that there has been an ominous lull in the false flags lately.  Truthers will remember that they were coming thick and fast for almost a decade since 9/11.  Ever since Trump's election they've dwindled down to almost nothing.  The last one was of Trump's own making when he bombed the Syrian military base as after dinner entertainment for his guest, the Chinese President, at Mara Lago.

My theory for the absence of False Flag Terror Attacks is twofold:  Either the False Flag factory has been shut down by one side of the civil waring factions within the USrael "Intelligence Community".  My other theory is that this is just the calm before the storm.  The Ziofascist perps, who need war like a suckling needs its mother's milk, are plotting and planning for "The Big One".  The one that will assure that humanity is again cast into the hell of war as experienced only by the lower and middle classes.  Don't forget, the 9/11 atrocity was in the planning stages for at least a decade...starting with the Clinton Presidency.  The Perps might well be waiting for the end of the Putin Presidency in Russia to ensure that he doesn't do a peaceful end run around them again.

In the meantime, before the False Flag pretext for the  next World War Conflagration occurs...the purveyors of war will have to do with War Museums, Poppy Days and National Anthems sung by gravesites or prior to games in sports stadiums. Newz sites will have to revive old stories of heroism like the one described at this link.  The deaths of three young Irish brothers within months of one another...all shot to smithereens over Europe during WWII.

The paperz need to go back that far in history to access the REAL impact of war.  Three young men from one family of a reviled racial/religious minority [as the Irish were at that time] dying ignominiously and cannon fodder for the Rothschild bankster perps.  Of course, it's never framed that way.

Back to the present, I'm sure the rainbow-coloured poppy is getting a real sales boost by the Fake Newz story told about it.  Wonder who has the power over the media to plant a "fake news" product placement on the front pages????

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