Monday, November 11, 2019

The Great Replacement - This is what the truth sounds like in French (with English subtitles)

French Politician speaks out about the deliberate
immigrant inundation of Europe

The only European Nation that protects its culture and society is Russia.  Is it any wonder that the Western perps revile Russia?  The above video is a very rare example of the truth being told in one of the parliaments of the West.

I am not one to blame the immigrants themselves for the inundation and consequent destruction of the [white] European cultures.  They have, in most cases, been forcibly evicted by war or economic factors from their own countries.  Their passage is being paid to the lands they're flooding.  We need to identify WHO is behind this forced migration.

Actually, the sentient amongst us do know who's behind it.  It is summed up in that old saying:  "To know who rules you, find out who you are forbidden to speak about."

If the immigrants are as Canadian sports commentator Don (bordering on senile) Cherry says, refusing to wear the poppy on Remembrance Day, I don't blame them at all.  Why should they celebrate/honour/support the destruction of their native lands by Western soldiers in Resource Wars for the Jews????


Rae said...

Got to love Mr. Cherry and his suits!

greencrow said...

Hi Rachel:

Don Cherry is an eastern Canada phenomenon. We Westerners don't care for him at all and never have. His POV is that Toronto is the center of the universe and the Maple Laffs the greatest team.

Anonymous said...

(Ed)itor says: New England owns a small slice of Cherry pie too.

greencrow said...

Don Cherry doesn't care how many young men get long as he can have his "hockey fights". Fighting in hockey should have been absolutely banned decades ago and would have been, were it not for old foggys like Cherry.

MachtNichts said...

Bravo, gc. My son wouldn't go out today without a poppy because the Cherry got sacked. How do you put some sense into the younger generations without seeming to be overbearing?

Anyways, he (my son) scrambled and found one in his own room after I had to go through all my possessions without success. Shopping trip accomplished.

And I agree with you that many of us don't really care for the Don and his TV fights.


Reading between the lines said...

Being a member of a peace organization , we will be working on getting some white poppies for next year .
As for Don Cheery , I could care less about his antics ,he is what he is ,so typical of the hockey sphere , glorifying violence as a sport.If at least it was disciplined like the martial arts ,but no it is gloves off and lets see blood ,with the crowds cheering . How we have evolved since the Christians and the lions in the stadium.

Rae said...

To be clear I only knew Cherry for his suits. Husband is a big hockey fan so he always tells me to look what he,s wearing now. Thought GC last paragraph was quote from Cherry, thinking that I was happy to hear it coming from someone who has a voice. Apparently Cherry got canned for whatever he said. Didn,t know he was into the fighting and violence. Occasionally I go with family to hockey games, and am disgusted at the fist fights and even more how the fans are loving it. Husband is happy Cherry got canned, now knowing he was loving those fights, glad as well; but did like his fashion.

Anonymous said...

Ed(itor): "Fighting in hockey"...

That's why I no longer watch the NHL. Division One college (go Black Bears) ...

Wanna here a joke?. I once tried out for the very first team at the University of Massachusetts when their rink was the campus pond. Of course I did not make it, and that has made all the difference.... roflmao

greencrow said...

Hi Rae:

His suits were interesting. Don Cherry had his day. He had a great run as a player, coach and commentator. I don't begrudge him any of it. He's 85. Let some younger folks take over. Go gracefully. That's what I say. That, and everyone should have the right to either wear a poppy or not. It's a choice.

greencrow said...


I wish I was at the rink when you tried out for the hockey team. As one of the best "ankle skaters" going, I would have cheered you on! ; )