Saturday, November 30, 2019

Terror Event on London Bridge Comes at Height of UK Election Campaign

London Bridge with UK Flag in Background

I am very caught up with non-blogging activities at the moment and wasn't going to post at all today. The latest terror attack in London, UK, however, is certainly one of those events that a Truther, if s/he is worth their salt must report/comment on so I will make the following quite obvious observations.

First of all the victim is a quintessential Londoner.  All the middle class will identify with Cambridge graduate 25 year old Jack Merritt. NOTE:  A second victim has now been named.  See here for details.

"A man killed in the London Bridge terror attack has been named as 25-year-old University of Cambridge graduate Jack Merritt"

Merritt, according to the MSM link was not only a very handsome young white man but he cared for the underdog.

The next important factor is the location of the attack.  London Bridge.  There are few more iconic places in the UK than the storied structure that spans the Thames River, the London Bridge.

Lastly, the TIMING of the event must be remarked on.  It occurred in the final weeks of a national election campaign and the timing, plus the combination of a young, successful white man being killed by a "darkie" Usman Khan...who according to the BBC was a "convicted terrorist" AND a lecturer at Cambridge University, completes the subliminal "Problem, Reaction, Solution" (TM) terrorizing message conveyed to the voter.

According to the published polls, Boris Johnson is poised to win the (s)election by a landslide.  If so, why then all the frenzy during these final days to affect/terrorize the voters?  Blogger Xymphora has some thoughts on that topic and I have copied them below:

"Antisemitism Claims have One Goal: To Stop Jeremy Corbyn Winning Power" (Cook). The Jewish population of Britain is somehow minuscule, and far, far too large (zero would be an excellent number). The one bright light is that everybody can see clearly that the greater good of the British people has been taken hostage solely so Jews can continue to kill people and steal their land in the Middle East, without fear of any interference from moral people like Corbyn. The issue could not possibly be clearer. I'll bet that the old union guys know this perfectly well, and are expressing themselves using more colorful language in the back corners of the pubs.

"Jeremy Corbyn Hates All Jews" (The Automatic Earth). Repetition, and no dissent allowed. You can see why (((they))) decided to focus on gaining control of the media and entertainment industries.

"Ruth Smeeth, Jewish Labour MP, carries panic button due to death threats".

In conclusion:  I don't pretend to understand all the nuances of UK politics.  But if I were to hazard a guess about the rationale behind staging terror events just prior to a national election, I would say that it was to get a photo, like the one below, to blast all over the front pages and the mother of all liars...the BBC.

Boris Johnson Visits Scene of London Terror Attack

NOTE: Even though I am alleging that the London Bridge Attack was a False Flag, probably committed by MosM16ad, that does not mean that the victim was not murdered.  M16 is well known for killing bystanders or targeted victims [see, for eg, Jeffrey Epstein] in the commission of their terror attacks.

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