Tuesday, November 26, 2019

UPDATED: "Robocall Scams" - Is it another Domestic Terror Program?

UPDATE:  December 1, 2019. Here is another scam reported by the CBC involving the RCMP and Social Insurance Numbers.  I say, if the RCMP don't catch the culprit tout suite and subject "Steve Rogers" to a very public trial, followed by a serious sentence...in order to discourage other similarly minded entities....THEN THEY'RE IN ON IT!!!

Robocall Technology is exploding

There was a story on the CBC newz the other day that caught my interest...and made me start thinking about a theory that I've had for a long time now.  This is one of those theories that you'll probably never be able to prove because the evidentiary sands keep shifting like a mirage on a desert. Or, it's kind of like Google Stats and Algorithms.  They also keep shifting and making no sense...but you know there's a pattern and it's designed and set in motion by some very powerful entities...for a reason.

It's about the modern plague of "Robocalls".  Everybody gets them and they've become more and more prevalent.  There's the "silent calls" where nobody speaks but you can hear the noise of an office in the background.  There's the voice in Chinese yelling something at you that you don't understand.  There's the recorded message "from the CRA" saying you owe back taxes and they're coming to get you.  Then there's numerous variations of all of the above.  Please read a snippet from the CBC article linked above.  It's about the recent arrest of some workers at a Robocall centre in India that has been preying on Canadians.  I will have more comments to follow:

….Dozens of scam centres are believed to still be active in multiple cities across India, each with independent managers and using their own technology to evade detection.

Indian security observers also believe at least some of the centres are operating with police approval, in a country where bribery is not an unusual way to circumvent investigative scrutiny.

In just one of the raided facilities, investigators located a spreadsheet containing details on more than 600 Canadian victims of the scheme. RCMP officers in Canada will now begin the task of contacting every one of them to determine how much was stolen from them, and whether there is any prospect of getting the money back.

"We're going to try our best efforts to do it," Payne told CBC News, "but I can't make any guarantees."

Indian police have also paraded those arrested in front of news cameras. They say it's being done in part to show action against an industry that rarely faces prosecution, and also to send a message to the many centres that continue to operate...".
Greencrow says:  Oh those darkies!  Even the Indian police are in on the scam.  But we Whities would never have our police in on a scam.  Never!  Please read the following recent article from MSM about how the scams work in the US.

The FBI agent sounded official on the phone. He gave Nina Belis his badge number and a story about how her identity had been compromised. She gave him her life’s savings.

For most Americans, robocalls are an annoyance. For Ms. Belis, an oncology nurse in her 60s, a law-enforcement impersonation scam that appeared to have started with a robocall drew her into financial losses that sapped her family’s nest egg and derailed her retirement.

The scale of her loss—nearly $340,000—and the ease with which the money was moved out of her accounts show why scam calls persist. They work, even on people who think they would never fall for one.

The caller preyed on what psychologists describe as a habitual reliance on people in authority, and kept Ms. Belis in a state of isolation and heightened emotion to cloud her judgment. He told Ms. Belis her Social Security number had been stolen and that crimes had been committed under her name, and persuaded her to transfer assets to accounts he controlled on the pretext of protecting the funds..."

Greencrow says:  And the technology of Robocalls is improving exponentially.  A few years ago my husband got a call from his nephew who said he was in jail and needed money for bail.  This nephew is a well respected teacher in a northern community so the call was very much a shock.  But it had to be real because I also spoke to the "nephew" and recognized his voice.  Here is a CNN report that talks about how the technology exists to replicate voices and thus impersonate close friends and relatives to scam the victim.  Do you ever wonder how that this kind of victimization is allowed to run rampant, flourish and even morph into ever more powerful predators??

Here's an article from a consumers site that says that robocalls are not illegal in Canada.  Here is the relevant quote:

….There are no anti-robocall laws in Canada but they are subject to CRTC regulations. if the robocalls fail to follow these regulations, the organization or person that is making the calls could face penalties, such as fines...."

Well, folks, I came up with a theory many years ago now and nothing has happened since to convince me that my theory does not have some merit.  My theory is that the robocalls are part of the western world wide FBI/CSIS/RCMP/CIA international cabal of so called "security agencies".  IMO, these agencies set up the ROBOCALL SCAMS as just one part of a massive false flag/mass shootings/terror campaign on their own citizens.  It's using the old "PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION" methodology.  Create the robocalls using technology developed and paid for through the public dime...obstensibly to "solve" the problem.  Then have the public terrorized, swindled or simply annoyed enough to give power to these entities to surveil all the workings of the public communications systems.  The "solution" is a terrorized, compliant public under the total control of the authorities.  I learned many years ago that all the western telecommunication companies like AT&T are ultimately owned/operated out of Israel.

The perps can use the robocalls to single out "recalcitrant" citizens for special harassment.  Nobody will believe that these individuals are being singled out because the robocall scams are so pervasive.  So, under the cover of a generalized harassment...the "security agents" can subject truthers and other activists to a perverse "gaslighting" through constant monitoring/harassment.   This feeds the paranoia of the victim of the Robocall program.  Who knows, it might even discourage some weak-minded and/or lilly livered individuals from speaking out or...blogging.

So far, generally speaking, the robocall cottage industry, IMO being run by the "security agencies" and their world wide network of "police", is working like a charm and, as a special bonus, has earned criminal windfall profits for the foreign accomplices...to keep them in on the terror project.  If ordinary Canadians and Americans start getting too annoyed with the condoned criminal harassment via their phones...we can always blame the darkies in far away India, now can't we????

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Anonymous said...

That is why
Strangers calling at all hours and nuthin happening to them
And they were Indians
After 911
Indians got to own all liquor stores,convience/gas stations
Ninety percent of the whites lost there stores
Indians now sell us gas and goodies and lotto tickets
There are local stories about the shady owner telling folks the ticket was bad and they turned it in
Or maybe that is one story???
I am getting the feelin they do not like us???????????????
But diversity is great
No problems here
I have asked a lot of straight forward questions to some of these Indians
I have heard politically correct responses
I have heard complete hate for us from some
I had a religious book about Indian belief system and in it it insults our way of life
I asked what he thought of it
He said great book
He it loathes Amerikans
hahahahahahaha under his smile
My theory on computer virus
Same thing
Make you fear everything
While you get virus protection
It is a game by the scum to rake in more dough for all these companies
Job creation
blah blah blah
And u have a well respected teacher friend
Amazing you people insult the schooling and say they dumb us down
Does that mean your nefew friend is guilty of dumbing down the sheeple?????
Or is it the same thing
Family and friends get the great education and benefit from it
The rest is the dumbed down sheeple
When I hear well respected
I always think of movie plots and what is he guilty of?????
blah blah blah
My thoughts are all over
222 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 fast for my typing fingers
Everything is a scam
That is job creation
All these cons are working and who cares if you get screwed
Same as a soldier
He fights in the war and comes back a statistic
A soldier may be looking for job opportunity
He loses a leg
Or turns into a nut job
Every day is a con
U just gotta try and stay away from it
u r just a statistic