Monday, November 11, 2019

Remembrance Day is a time to Forget...or use very Selective Memory

Pigeon Makes Nest out of Poppies
on Australian WWII Memorial

Every year I ask myself the same question on this day.  Why are the Western governments still promoting WWI and WWII on Remembrance day?  There are almost no veterans from those wars still alive.  There are, however many veterans of all the Ziofascist Globalist Resource Wars of the last couple of decades still alive.  They aren't doing so well.  Many of them suffer from PTSD and illnesses caused by the vaccinations they were forced to take before embarking on missions to pollute [with depleted uranium weaponry] and destroy third world countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, other nations in the Middle East, South East Asia, the Caribbean and Africa.

The Western Governments and the bankster powers behind them don't like the public to focus on those wars.  They were not fought for altruistic reasons like WWI and II supposedly were.  I say "supposedly" because revisionist history indicates that the banksters supported both sides of the wars against Germany and its allies in the last century.  The covert purposes of those wars was, first, an effort to have Germany and Russia destroy each other for the benefit of the European arms-funding banksters.  Second, it was a pretext to mendaciously carve up the state of Palestine to create a "home for the Jews"--so persecuted during WWII.  It is a sign of the consummate stupidity of the human species that the Palestinians were successfully blamed and punished for the Nazi war crimes of WWII.

So, the Ziofascist controllers behind the Western governments still, after all these decades, carefully craft the media focus on Remembrance Day to highlight the "official versions" of WWI and WWII.  I don't know how many more years they'll be able to beat the dead horses of those wars.  At some point they'll have to come up with another "honourable"--war with local/national veterans who are still alive.  They can't use the veterans of the Resource Wars on the "seven countries in five years" in the middle east because most of these veterans were ISIS proxies--who are currently being helicoptered out of the losing battlefields of Syria into other, future, battlefields in Africa.  Proxy jihadist terrorists don't make great poppy salesmen. Even pigeons [as in the photo above] do a better job.


wallflower said...

When turning on my computer of course I had forgotten I would be reminded by google how important our veterans are..."yes of course jew google would have a need to keep promoting veterans day" I said to myself. Then I typed in "F*ck Veterans Day" and came up with a last year piece from Zero Hedge that perfectly fits my feelings on this abomination by first targeting my all hated in-your-face veteran hats, patches, vests, free coffee, free healthcare, free, free, free thank you meals, oil changes, no interest loans, not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars it takes to be buried for us non-murderers...all free with a flag and pomp ceremony to boot, their Monu-mental-memorials costing yet still more millions of tax payer money to erect to help keep future veterans from ever repenting for murdering, occupying, terrorizing, stealing, destroying, et al for money. Only one thing for free that would stop this hell is to repent and tear down their marble-mental-memorials.

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

Thanks VERY much for your comments. There is only so much that can be said in one or two posts about the marketing of war and the duping of the cud-chewing North Americans in service of all the "Wars for the Jews".

But you touch on a few repulsive aspects that I missed. Primarily the absolute setting up of the US economy to make it a war manufacturing country. Americans are oblivious that their entire economy is based on foreign wars and exploitation of the looting of those targeted countries.

As just ONE example, there is NO universal healthcare in the US. The available healthcare is atrociously expensive for the express purpose of recruitment by the military...where healthcare is...wait for!

wallflower said...

Hi GC...just found this and passing it on (albeit I'm a little late). Right here is what distractions are all about right now:

My two most favorite SA nations, Bolivia and Venezuela...all because they like Cuba refuse to bow to the US coups that have reeked havoc for many decades. I'm :( to say the least.