Monday, November 18, 2019

Prince Andrew Needs a Tacky Sweater

Christmas Sweater for Prince Andrew

I took a couple of days off blogging this past weekend to focus on family.  We had a gathering of the clan [including grandchildren] on Saturday night and then it took all of yesterday to recover from all the work, cooking, and activity ; ).

Getting back to work this morning I see the latest developments in the Epstein affair regarding Prince Andrew's failed PR interview over the weekend will no doubt give Queen Elizabeth yet another "annus horribilis".  The last time she had one of those, sons Charles and Andrew both got into very messy divorces in the same year. 

Now, I can remember when Elizabeth gave birth to Andrew and a year or so later to her youngest, Edward back in the 60's.  There was a good space of years between Charles and Andrew.  Everyone thought she'd stop at two, so it was quite surprising when she gave birth to two more sons.  I believe Liz was keeping company with her younger sister Margaret who, at the same time, was having HER two children [a boy and girl].  It might have seemed like a good idea at the time to add two more children to a highly dysfunctional family, although I can't see how.

Edward had a few rough years in his 20's when he got very much involved in the London theatre scene and even put on a play involving the royals.  But he married well and eventually settled down to posh anonymity in a country palace somewhere.

Andrew, on the other hand, has always teetered on massive embarrassment to the Royal family.  In his 20's he dated a top London "escort", Koo Stark.  Now who could forget THAT name.  It seemed he was going to remain a "Randy" old bachelor [and perhaps he should have] well into his '30's until he met and quickly married Sarah Ferguson ["Fergie'] who became the Duchess of York.  That's when the party really started.  Their brief marriage and messy divorce kept the tabloids in business for a decade.  "Fergie" was always in debt and doing stupid things to make money. She was photographed in a bathing suit sucking the toes of a boyfriend...or was he sucking her toes?  I can't remember. Anyway, it was in the presence of her two toddlers and created quite a scandal.

The Palace handlers successfully hid Andrew in the military for a couple of decades where, as he recently recalled, he "worked up a sweat" [not] doing duty in the British "Empah" toy soldier war against Argentina in the territorial dispute over the Falkland Islands.  Eventually however he retired from the military and was back on their hands.  As far as I can fathom, he's spent the last couple of decades flying around the world representing the British Royal Family as International Trade Ambassador at corporate functions.  "A rolling stone gathers no moss" I guess that was the hope, anyway.

Now, it's all gone kablooey.  Sky high.  It turns out that Andrew is a pedo and was hanging around with the worlds most notorious pedo.  He went on the notorious jet, to the notorious island and stayed in the notorious NYC townhouse.  But he NEVER slept with underaged girls...don'tcha know.

Over the weekend he gave a BBC TV interview in a ridiculous attempt to dampen the latest scandal.  Instead, he managed to start a kitchen fat fire.  There is only one thing worse than a sex scandal for the M16 handlers behind the British Throne...and that is having a Royal become a public laughing stock.

For Andrew to even allude to anything regarding PIZZA was the final stroke...and could very well give his mother Liz a stroke.  "Pizza" is illuminati code word for child sex abuse--including torture and murder.

The latest developments convince me even more that M16 offed Epstein...much as they offed Diana back in the 1990's.  Even Syrian President Bashar al Assad got into the conversation over the past couple of days when he alleged that Epstein, a long-time MosCIAd asset, was turned on and offed by his own side--because of the risk that he could be pressured by a court into telling the details of the blackmail and extortion racket he was running for the MosCIA/16d.

The greencrow flies high and gets the bigger picture.  I can see similarities between the deaths of Diana and Epstein.  More than anything...I can see the "crowing" and subliminal "bragging" that's going on by proud it is that it has pulled off another "assassination in plain sight".  Having Andrew go before the TV cameras and give an interview is something they would think is cool.  Letting their "insiders' know that they could not only break into a secure prison and kill a man supposedly under guard--but have the hapless Pedo Prince clumsily deny all on TV.

Just like With Diana...blatantly assassinate her in the middle of Paris, France...and then have Prince Charles attend the formal State Funeral.  That kind of "in your face" arrogant audacity is the hallmark of M16.


Anonypotamus said...

Prince Andrew’s Pizza Party Alibi: A Theory
“Google Blasting”
An interesting theory.

With regards to Epstein, jails, like hotels, and Equadorian embassies, have private carparks for VIP's to come and go. The entire Epstein arrest just seems too implausible to me. MI6 might have a long arm, but Mossad has *all* the backdoors.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonypotamus:

The "Google Blasting" theory has gravitas. The use of the word "Pizza" was deliberate. Likewise, Epstein could be alive and hiding out with his Maxwell/Mossad bidness partner.

For me, the entire sordid business has raised the stench of the Diana assassination from the grave....vis a vis the Royal Family. William and Harry are both psychological walking time bombs.