Thursday, November 14, 2019

Poopy Pants NATO

What NATO Really Stands For

It hasn't been a good couple of weeks for NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization].  First, France's President Macron says that NATO has experienced a brain death, and then...far worse, RT reports that: 

‘NATO will be soiling its pants’: Ukrainian tycoon seen as power behind president calls for ‘new Warsaw Pact’ with Moscow

Apparently, according to news reports, [the NYT] the Ukrainian oligarch, Kolomoisky, the money behind the throne of newly elected President Zelensky, is calling for Ukraine to return to the Russian fold.  When I saw the headlines above yesterday I almost had a moment of incontinence myself.  Laughing hysterically does do something to women "d’un certain age".

Of course, it might be just a ruse to shake the USrael money tree for the benefit of the bottomless pit of Ukrainian corruption.  But the fact is, the Ukraine has been in economic and political freefall ever since the Nuland Cookie Caper, as the USrael State Department's efforts to steal Ukraine for NATO purposes is sometimes called.  Others call it the Maidan Revolution...where the West infiltrated the rent-a-mobs in Kiev and instigated a coup of the duly elected [if pro-Russian] leader...replacing him with the usual CIA stooge.

Now that the Ukraine civil war has reached a stalemate and the entire fractious nation is in limbo, pundits like The Saker are analysing what happened and what will likely take place in the future.

I often get e-mails from my pro-Russian blogging contact Michael Averko.  Here's his latest one about the Kolomoisky about-face.  Michael provides links to all the western State Dept./CIA assets who are pooping their pants in unison over the matter.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

"So much for the BS regularly and uncritically spewed on CNN and MSNBC:

Excerpt -

"But Mr. Kolomoisky, widely seen as Ukraine’s most powerful figure outside government, given his role as the patron of the recently elected President Volodymyr Zelensky, has experienced a remarkable change of heart: It is time, he said, for Ukraine to give up on the West and turn back toward Russia."


Trump is right for stating the need for Russia and Ukraine to work on improving their relations. Some referenced details on what's wrong with the George Kents, David Kramers and Bill Taylors:



David Ignatius carries on like a Deep State shill, in line with his establishment neolib/neocon leaning foreign policy biases.

Under Trump, the US has armed the Kiev regime much unlike under Obama.

Know my share of people of Ukrainian background in the US, who hold the Kiev regime side responsible for reckless carnage that has included the killing of many innocents, while acknowledging fault from the other side.

Michael Averko -


Greencrow says:
  The stunning new position by Mr. Kolomoisky has huge ramifications for NATO. Kolomoisky was considered, even by the people in the breakaway provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk, to be a bad guy...someone who financed one of the Neo-Nazi militias that they had to fight against. That he has now held up the white flag in economic surrender to Russia is shocking and cannot be ignored. But, really, did Ukraine have any other choice? All the West wanted to do was loot, pillage and destroy they destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen...etc., etc., etc. NATO has no concept of rebuilding or forging economic alliances.  It's just a crude, Imperial war machine.  And now, horror of horrors, it's a stale-dated war machine.  Russia now has the best weaponry I say over and over ad nauseum on this blog: "Build a Better Mousetrap [eg. the S-400] and the World Will Beat a Path to Your Door".

Now NATO's handmaiden, the Western MainZtream Media, is desperately trying to resuscitate the old cannards it put out in its now failed effort to divide and conquer Ukraine.  Elaborate the BBC [Mother of all Media Liars] blaming Russia for the NATO take-down of the MH17 Malaysian jet.  Too little, too late.

This latest turn of events re Ukraine lends even more credibility to Macron's view that NATO is "brain dead".  What huge multinational military organization could not foresee that Ukraine had several options...and was not married to any one of them...particularly one that left Ukraine "twisting in the wind".

But any pathologist will tell you that the first consequence of "brain death" is loss of control of the sphincter.  Poopy Pants NATO.

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