Friday, November 15, 2019

Palestine....summed up in one photo

This photo taken on November 12 shows
 Fatma Abu al-Atta
 mourning during the funeral of her father, 
the top Islamic Jihad commander
 Bahaa Abu al-Atta
who was killed by Israeli attack
 together with his wife Asma.
(Photo: Mohammed Zaanoun /

The above photo was copied from a post on  Please read the post at this Link.  Sometimes I feel bad about all the harsh and...dare I say it "anti-Semitic"(TM) things I say on this blog.  It causes me great pain to read some of the things I've said over the years.  But when I read the post written by the photographer--who witnessed the latest carnage in Gaza...I know that I HAVE to speak out and I have to NAME the problem.  That goes back to my training as a social worker.

We truthers have to keep speaking out because, otherwise, we're "normalizing" the problem.  To "normalize" this "problem" is a crime against humanity.


Reading between the lines said...

I would not get too worked up over your feelings about antisemitism unless you are referring to the Palestinians ,of which I am sure you are not.
The inhabitants in majority ,probably over 95 % ,of Israel are not of Semitic descent.They are from Eastern Europe and came from a land once called Khazaria.
This has now been proven scientifically through DNA testing .The use of the antisemitic accusation is used to through one of the subject .The Palestinians on the other hand are Semitic people in majority ,I might add,and I understand a certain sect of Jewish people that have lived in that part of the world for over a thousand years .But looked down upon by the modern day Israelis.
Not all people that are Jewish through their religion are as criminally responsible for what is presently going on in Palestine .I am a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace fighting for justice in Palestine with many good people .

greencrow said...


I have come to think of it as not being anti-Semitic but being "anti-oppressive".

That is really what I oppose, oppression.