Thursday, November 21, 2019

Nuckin Futz Newz - Will someone please take the WH Stationery Away from Him?!

Letter from Trump to Turkey President Erdogan

As the Impeachment Charade clogs up the newz cycle, providing excellent cover for the latest Israeli attempts to steal land in the Middle East, we again realize as if we hadn't already, how truly fucked up the United States of America is.  The miracle is how the so-called "Republic"  has managed to stay afloat and intact for the past it becomes more and more hollowed out and rancid from the relentless assault of the parasitic Ziofascist occupation.

As just one tiny example of the terminal rot, the President of the United States actually penned and sent out the above letter to the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan.  I am sure that Erdogan, with his no doubt sparse command of English, could write a better formal, business/diplomatic letter in English than the above.

So Erdogan sent the letter back.  Slight if any mention was made of this humiliation in the MainZtream media.

But, it gets worse.  Trump's also obliterated the United State's already tangential adherence to International Law when he basically said to Israel:  "Steal what you want...We'll back you up!"  This is regarding the Israelis' predilection for building housing on land that does not belong to them.  When I see photos of these settlements, rising in the desert, I always say to myself:  "Good!  All the more housing for the Palestinians when they finally get their land back after the Khazars are inevitably turfed unceremoniously out of the Middle East".

This anti-Semite thing needs to be taken to its natural conclusion.  DNA tests should rule the day.  Everyone in the Middle East needs to have her/his right to stay in Israel decided through DNA testing.  Anyone who does NOT have Semitic blood running in their veins should be turfed! LOL.

But, I digress.

Back to Trump's cretinous [grade eight level] letter and his current Impeachment Imbroglio.  I'm trying very hard not to get sucked into the Media's Impeachment Vortex.  So far, I've not watched any of the TV 24/7 frenzy(TM) production hearings.  I keep hearing that there are "bombshells" after "bombshells" every day but...when I see the nightly recap...the "bombshells" turn out to be weak, wet farts.

I repeat.  Nothing is going to come of this latest "crisis".  There have been non-stop crises since Trump's inauguration.  It's all been a farce.  And, it's cover and distraction for the usual suspects doing their usual crimes against humanity.  If there was any leadership alternative to Trump any where in the entire length and breadth of the US...there might be a point.  But there isn't.  The entire country is absolutely devoid of any redeeming political factors.  The only thing that might save it is a revolution...but, due to national brain death/zombification, that's not going to happen.  C'est dommage.


Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) comments on "The entire country is absolutely devoid of any redeeming political factors. The only thing that might save it is a revolution...."

The redeeming political factor in that country you despise south of your border is that we already had the Revolution, we threw out the King's men, defeated his Rothschildian conscripts. and continue to be vigilant about the influences of the Crown. [How's that Prince Andrew doing lately?] As for Trump, the impeachment effort by the socialist Democrats has fallen on its face, they haven't (as of yesterday) killed him yet like they did all those Kennedy's, and people ought to be careful because he's pretty astute. The DNC clown show promises to go to a brokered convention; let's watch the Rothschild clan and the Crown move in to try to affect that outcome.

Jody Paulson said...

LOL! "the 'bombshells' turn out to be weak, wet farts."

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

You say: "...we threw out the King's men, defeated his Rothschildian conscripts." That's very debatable. From all evidence it looks like they've changed their masks slightly but are still very much ensconced. It was pointed out in one of the links embedded in my post that ALL of the personages behind the Impeachment farce are Jewish. I don't think the "Democrats" killed the was the MosCIAd. The MosM16d own England's Royalty and offed Epstein just like they offed Diana...and so it the global stomach churns.

greencrow said...

Hi Jody:

LOL indeed. ;)

greencrow said...

BTW Ed(itor)

If it makes you feel any better...Canada is run by the MosCSISd.

Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) says "Well, 'crow, I didn't say that we were done revolting, or that we weren't revolting. There's an article over at TomDispatch that takes an anti-Trump POV about verbal obfuscation, and we need to be very precise in our language. The ongoing argument about who and what is the Deep State is an example. After a while, the definitions becomes nebulous, meaning that by definition they have none. That's why I read a lot of history. I have a very solid understanding of the last century of deception, obfuscation and the use of the tactic of seeming to be something other than what is really true.