Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Nuckin Futz Newz: MainZtream Media going Bonkers over Fake Effort to Take Down Demented President

I Don't Know who these guys are but apparently
they're USrael Big Wigs who are stars
of the upcoming Impeachment TV Frenzy

Folks, the TV channels are going into frenzy mode this morning.  How long has it been since they've been able to have one of their 24/7 TV orgies?  The younger generations don't remember the Watergate hearings or the OJ Simpson Trial.  Time for another popcorn lolapolusa.

Why must we in Canada be subjected to the monstrous waste of time and resources you ask?  Well, that just tells you how "independent" and "sovereign" we are...that both of our national broadcast medium are tied up with "live" broadcasts of this fraud.

Well, I won't be watching it.  I haven't followed the impeachment fakery so far and don't intend to start...for the same reason that I don't go to the local frontier village and ride the wooden carousel around in circles.  I don't like to rotate around and around...going no where.  But the young and uninitiated will get on the Ziofascist-owned-and-controlled media hobby horses and ride around, and around and around...until they finally get spit out at the end, when absolutely NOTHING comes of all the palaver!

Regular readers will remember I got off the Trump hobby horse years ago now after he bombed Syria as after-dinner entertainment for the Chinese President Xi at Mara Lago.  I don't care what happens to him.  I don't listen to him, I don't follow any of his "tweets".  The only thing I do is keep up this posting meme--which highlights that Trump's a very sick fellow...probably in the mid stages of dementia.

But that doesn't mean that the ruling classes have to get rid of contraire!  A nutbar is exactly who they want for that job.  If the Democratic party REALLY want to get rid of Trump, why don't they allow a real leader to lead their party into the upcoming election next year?  But no.  They are pushing for a guaranteed loser, the equally demented Joe Biden, to be their candidate.  Any potential REAL leaders, like, for example, Tulsi Gabbard...they squash like a bug.

Get my drift, folks?  This TV show is just that.  A TV show to boost ratings for advertising.  Don't be a sucker.  Find something else to do with your time.


wallflower said...

Typical's what I know so far: Video Shows Damage Caused by Palestinian Missile Fire from Gaza at Zionist Settlements

["The Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza fired Tuesday dozens of missile at the Zionist settlements and cities, including Tel Aviv, in response to the Israeli crime of assassinating the military commander of Islamic Jihad movement Baha Abu al-Atta."]

...and it's still going on.

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

Yes, the perps typically use these phony distractions to obscure the movements of the Deep State. In this case the Zionists are continuing their ploy to take over Gaza and the CIA has removed from office one of the very few indigenous leaders in South America.

Anonymous said...

Canada could always "calve" itself free of the USofA along the lines of the St. Lawrence and a canal built between Thunder Bay and Vancouver, and float on over to the other side of the Arctic to the Scandinavian/Russian side.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

What a wonderful thought!

Penny said...

The cirque de Trump's impeachment is a spectacle to behold.
I tried to follow the Trump/ Erdogan meeting to get a feel for what had or might have taken place, but, it was impeachment dog and pony show that stole the day

greencrow said...

Penny said:

" was impeachment dog and pony show that stole the day."

And that was by design. The actual work of the President is NOT ALLOWED to be talked about or shown on TV. Only the distraction garbage day...after day...after day.