Monday, November 25, 2019

NATO Belongs to the United States... which uses it as a bludgeon against so-called Allies

Real Meaning of the NATO Abbreviation

I took the weekend off blogging again.  My "plate" is very full this time of year with preparations for the Christmas season.  Hint:  We already have our tree up and decorated!  I like to get the tree up as early as possible to absorb the energy off it to do the other less glamorous cleaning.

But I have kept tabs on what's being going on geopolitically and have identified a few themes.  Canadians really need to thank Trudeau's chief PMO aide Katie ["turdblossom"] Telford.  It was she who made the infamous quote to Jodie Wilson-Raybould about the strategy of inserting some "Op-Eds" into the MZM to tweak public opinion this way or that--on any topic that the PMO chose.

Ever since I've factored in these "dropped Op-Eds", I've been seeing them all over the place.  They stick out in the National Newz outlets like sore thumbs.  The first one I want to draw to my reader(s) attention is this one from the CBC about Canada's intrusion into Latin American politics. The writer points out the glaring hypocrisy of the Trudeau regime when it comes to supporting/or damning South American governments.  Apparently we support some nations that don't give a rat's ass about human rights and work to destabilize some nations that do. The case in point was Canada's support of the regime change in Bolivia...where the indigenous president, Evo Morales was turfed by his US-infiltrated military so that a compliant "Guido-style" self-proclaimed leader could help USrael loot the lithium [which apparently Bolivia has in abundance].

So, what's so new about that???  Well, the CBC and the other MZM didn't DARE to mention the endemic hypocrisy of Canada before.  That's what's new.  It was actually quite a shock to see the Op-Ed up there on the webpage.

IMO, the Op-Ed about foreign policy hypocrisy was no happenstance or coincidence.  This was a "Telford" test the waters for...perchance a change in foreign policy at the PMO level [the inside group that makes all the decisions, regardless of the views of Ministers or other elected officials].

My inkling was confirmed a day or so later--when there was a blunt response from the bully to the south.  The headlines read that the "Pentagon" had sent a nasty letter to "Canada" criticizing defense spending.  Just in case some people in the PMO had forgotten who pulls the puppet strings.  A strip was torn off the Canadian military for not buying enough American military C.R.A.P. as part of its "NATO" responsibilities.

The Canadian media did not print the actual letter from the US.  I would have loved to have read it.  Was it another eighth grade example of modern illiteracy like President Trump's letter to the Turkish President Erdogan the other day?  You know, the one that Erdogan sent back.  BTW, I'm still wondering why Erdogan risked a visit to Washington shortly after sending back the letter [about Turkish forces in Syria] to Trump.  What was the point of the state visit and did anything come of it?

But, I digress.

Back to the "blunt" letter that the "Pentagon" wrote to "Canada" about NATO contributions.  NATO has lost all of its original intention [if the stated intentions of the "treaty" were ever serious].  Now it is just a bludgeon that the US uses to keep its vassals in line...and to buy "economic Hitman" levels of substandard American military weaponry.

IMO, the TIMING of the "blunt" letter...following within days of the Telford Op-Ed drop in the CBC tells me that Canada will not be removing any of the glaring hypocrisy from its Latin American foreign policy soon...or, more importantly...without political cost.  USrael made that crystal clear.  Canada is a member of NATO and therefore DOES NOT HAVE ITS OWN FOREIGN POLICY!  CAPEESH!!!?

No more policy tweeking Op-Eds for YOU, CANADA! [Remember the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi"? I met him once in person...but, again, I digress]

The US is already wrangling with the recalcitrant Turkey over Turkey's purchase of some Russian S-400's.  It doesn't need another NATO vassal to fall out of line.  If Canada needs to be bludgeoned into maintaining its forced hypocrisy to align with USrael's insatiable hegemonic be it.  If neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives ever get a majority government again because of this disgusting foreign be it.

In conclusion.  The real war going on geopolitically is the war between USrael and its vassal Turkey.  Turkey knows the score. It knows that it needs those S-400's to protect itself from it's REAL enemy--it's NATO master--which is already within its gates. It is a matter of life or death.

Canada protecting ITSELF from the bludgeoning NATO monster is also a matter of life or death...but so far...we've chosen a long, painful death.  What else can we doooooooooooo?


wallflower said...

A quote from your link: [""We expect our friends and our colleagues to live up to their commitments and their promises," he said."]

Notice how he(Trump) is suddenly using the same type of speaking manner as Putin? Never have they expressed - to my knowledge - NATO as 'our friends and colleagues'! As a matter of fact I've felt for a longggg time that Trump doesn't write his puppeteer does it all...speak, write, act insane etc. It's not only a war with NATO, its a huge war within. Now is the time for NATO to break free.

You have expressed NATO as I also see a big hand with NATO as its fingers. Crush the fingers then the hand becomes useless. Why it couldn't even feed itself. If only NATO would take a stand against the coward bullies there would be no more fingers or toes. Good post! Thank you.

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

Thanks for your comments. I have felt for decades that NATO is the "enemy within the gates". Finally, Turkey is accepting that reality How that drama plays out [whether NATO gets kicked out of Turkey or leaves "in a huff"] will decide NATO's future.


Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow! Congratulations on getting all your Christmas--- er, your holiday stuff put up (I wouldn't want to offend one person out of 10,000 by suggesting it was Christmas-anything, thus we have to ruin it for the other 9,999 because they are not agenda-promoting snowflakes; their feelings don't matter).

Given how blatantly inconsistent our policy are regarding anything and, well, everything... it makes me wonder if they are being telephoned in by our usual handlers. When you don't control your own policy, it's going to look like a mish-mash cluster-nonsense. Just ask the US, UK, or any of other infiltrated/compromised nations about that one.

However, there was a recent one that they dropped the ball on and completely missed. According to what I read, Canada recently supported a UN resolution co-sponsored by North Korea and Zimbabwe condemning the usual group for occupying a corner of the international city: Jerusalem. Seriously? How did our handlers miss that one?! Our current excuse of a government has been the most pro-handler we have ever had in Canada, topping well above and beyond what Harper pulled off...

greencrow said...

Karmellis says:

"...Canada recently supported a UN resolution co-sponsored by North Korea and Zimbabwe condemning the usual group for occupying a corner of the international city: Jerusalem..."

That initiative was APPROVED. How else is Canada going to stack up the votes necessary to gain a temporary seat on the UN Security Council?

Once installed...they can always cancel out the resolution...and will.


Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

Dang. Quite the suggestion you made regarding our excuse for a government and one I cannot disagree with. Given that we are so obsessed with pushing this globalist agenda, all our seat is going to accomplish is parroting whatever our handlers do or tell us to do.

Remember when being Canadian used to mean something? Besides being a tool for the US or our other handlers? :(

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Here's yet another Telford dropped Op-ed in today's CBC

Now. Wait for the next nasty letter from below the border. Hopefully, they won't "accidentally" bomb our troops in Afghanistan. See all my posts on the "Tarnak Farm" affair for details.