Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Just as I suspected--Epstein was "Diana-ed"

Epstein Socks

I don't follow US domestic issues too much anymore.  Neither do I go and ride the antique wooden horse carousel that rotates endlessly at a local park/pioneer village.  I just don't like going around in  circles with no hope for change.

But the greencrow flies high and gets the bigger picture.  There must be some stagnation/lull in the performance circus surrounding Donald Trump and the efforts to either get him out of office via Impeachment...or otherwise nullify his powers as US President.  The reason I suspect this is because they've hauled another horse out of the carousel supply cupboard down in USrael.  They've painted and glitzed up the horse and now it's riding around with all the other wooden hobby horses...going nowhere.  This horse is the "Epstein must have been murdered" horse.  The media picked up the story again with an interview with the "family's pathologist" who sat in on the Epstein autopsy and said that, in his view, the marks on Epstein's neck more closely resembled manual strangulation than hanging.  Well, he should know.

BUT Folks, it really doesn't matter whether Epstein was murdered or was secreted out of jail and is living comfortably elsewhere incognito.  The third option--that he hanged himself--does not fly...simply because the perps who put forth this scenario are totally incapable of telling the truth about anything. If they say he hanged himself...he didn't.

Regardless, it does not matter what happened to Epstein because there's no functioning legal system in the United States, and hasn't been since the MosCIAd murdered JFK.  If you can't bring to justice the perpetrators of the assassination of a sitting president...who was shot down like a dog in broad daylight in the street in Dallas...then you don't have don't have a don't have a nation.  All you have is a perpetual occupation by a mafia-style mob.

So the murderers of Epstein will laff all their way to...what say?  The Royal Palace in Jolly Olde????

Yes, I suspected it right out of the starting gate.  I believe the "evidence" points strongly to MI6 doing away with Epstein to protect the pedophilic Prince of the House of Windsor.  Mo16sad is the Brit equivalent of MosCIAd.  The Jew-infected "security agency" killed Diana, Princess of Wales back in the 1990's and their bloody fingerprints are all over the Epstein disappearance/possible murder.  Like the MosCIAd...the Mo16sad work in other countries but always for the sake of Israel.

Case in point:  The Mos16ad killed Diana because she was pregnant by and was going to marry a Muslim.  The Ziofascist perps had other plans for the Muslims. They were going to target them with a mammoth False Flag [9/11] and then declare a perpetual war on them.  Destroying, looting and murdering their way through seven Muslim nations in five years [at least that was the Jew-infested  Pentagon Plan].

Think about it.  If the Jewish mafia had not killed Diana...she would have married her Dodie and Diana would have worked tirelessly to save the Muslim babies in the targeted countries.  Wasn't going to happen.  But, I digress.

I was posting about my suspicion that the Mos16ad killed Epstein.  Let me list the reasons for my suspicions:

1.  They're the only "agency" [aka mafia cell] with the chutzpah and the resources to command that they be given access to the prisoner....just like they were able to shut the tunnel in Paris down and command that it be re-configured as an assassination scene.  The Palace Schemers have nothing to do all day long except think up strategies to perpetuate the House of Windsor...which is the foundation/window dressing of their Ziofascist Western Crime Syndicate.  It's always a good strategy to have the actual killers be contracted and brought in from a foreign land.  That way all they have to do afterwards is hop on an airplane [see for eg. the killers of JFK and the explosives experts of 9/11].

2.  They had the motive.  Once they killed Andrew's pedo-buddy, Epstein, then the lid could be safely be put on all the rancid information about palace [and White House] pedophilia...going back generations.

3. Mos16ad controls the BBC...the mother of all liars.  The BBC is the hub of all the controlled mainZtream media in the West.  The MZM has fallen into line on spreading all the mis-information and downright fake newz garbage on the Epstein case.

In Conclusion, nothing will ever be done about the Epstein murder--that took place in a federal prison under the "watchful";) eyes of the guards.  Just like there was no justice in the case of Diana, in spite of all the evidence leading back to M16 [the Limo chauffeur was an asset...hellooow]. Just like there was no justice for the 3000+ victims of 9/11...just like there was no justice for JFK, RFK, MLK, Paul Wellstone, JFK Jr. and all the other assassinated targets of the Jewish Worldwide Mafia.

Ron Unz captures it all in his excellent blog series on the JFK assassination...when he traces all the threads of the assassination back to Israel.  I believe that threads of every assassination, including the Epstein assassination, in the world over the past 60 years lead back to Israel.  But, that's me.


Anonymous said...

I don't buy tthat Epstein is dead, or Al Baghdadi....Mossad don't kill their own...they only kill goyim....Those two Mossad agents have been retired to Israel

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous.

You could very well be right. My main thesis is that Epstein did NOT kill himself as the perps are saying. What actually happened to him you can bet the bank that we will NEVER know that...just like we don't know anything else about all the myriad of unsolved major crimes that have taken place in the US over the past 60 years.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

nice one gc. just a little addition though. imagine the planners in 198?/9? gaming their destruction of the middle east for zioleibensraum. Who gets in the way with the mine clearing and cheeldren dead photoops in all scenarios?

so what op is coming soon to an HDTV BigBroscreen near you where a current pedotrafficking sexcriminal and eugenicist supremacist from RCE/TA will spoil the atmos?

It does not matter if Diana,Maxwell,Epstein et al are dead, MIA or sunningthemselves on a demapped island shore with Bormann's 3rd clone, the potential dissonance in the real time fable is gone for dope inc..