Friday, November 22, 2019

JFK Assassination Anniversary 2019

Joseph Jr., Joseph Sr., and John Kennedy in 1938

On this the 56th Anniversary of the Assassination of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, we can thank Ron Unz and others in the alternative media for fearlessly presenting the truth about what happened on that day.  The US government and all its so-called "security agencies"  couldn't do it.  All the Judicial Institutions in the US and internationally couldn't do it...the MainZtream media certainly wouldn't do it.

It finally took a blogger to do it.  Ron Unz, in his several lengthy exposes on this topic, has ripped open the whited sepulchre and has torn off the scab from the mortal wound that the Republic of the United States suffered on that day.  Here in today's post, Unz reprints the assessment of fellow JFK researcher Laurent Guyenot.  Please read and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

...In my view, summarized here, John Kennedy was assassinated by Israel for three major reasons:

Dimona: President Kennedy, who had made nuclear disarmament his grand mission on the international level, and was on the way to achieve it with Khrushchev (as shown by James Douglass in JFK and the Unspeakable), was determined to stop Israel developing its own nuclear bomb. According to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s interpretation, it was to plunge into the Israeli deep state and supervise Kennedy’s assassination that Ben-Gurion resigned in July 1963 before receiving Kennedy’s ultimatum letter demanding inspections of Dimona.

American Zionist Council: John Kennedy and his Attorney General Bobby Kennedy had infuriated Zionist leaders by supporting an investigation led by Senator William Fulbright (whom Kennedy had been prevented to name as Secretary of State) aimed at registering the American Zionist Council as a “foreign agent” subject to the obligations defined by the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, which would have rendered its lobbying division, the AIPAC, near powerless. On October 11, 1963, the AZC received a formal demand from RFK’s office to register within 72 hours (details here).

Nasser: Kennedy unequivocally supported Arab nationalism in 1957 as a senator,[2] reversed Eisenhower’s foreign polity in a pro-Nasser way (as documented by Philip Muehlenbeck, Betting on the Africans: John F. Kennedy’s Courting of African Nationalist Leaders, Oxford UP, 2012), and committed the U.S. to support U.N. Resolution 194 for the right of return of Palestinian refugees. That was a major threat to Zionist interests, who had bet on making Nasser an enemy of the United States.

To these reasons for assassinating Kennedy, we must add the opposite reasons for putting [Lyndon Bains] Johnson instead in the Oval Office, for Johnson buried both the Dimona and the AZC proceedings, and cut U.S. support for Nasser’s in order to boost support to Israel. In 1967, he would commit high treason against his own country by allowing and covering-up Israel’s failed false-flag attack on the USS Liberty. No wonder Israel loved Johnson as much as they hated Kennedy..."

Greencrow says:  No.  Humanity will never get temporal justice for the loss of potential that the United States presented to the world prior to the Mossad assassination of the American President.  Planet Earth was robbed of its destiny to achieve real freedom, democracy and peace on that day in November 1963.  JFK had identified and was beginning to marshal forces against what he saw as threats to the planet.  He named names:  "Secret Societies", the CIA [breaking it up into tiny pieces and scattering them to the winds'] and, most of all, the Israeli regime, embryonic in JFK's threatened to be born in Middle East bloodshead and grow into a threat to the very existence of humanity on this planet.  JFK saw it all.

JFK was Putin on steroids.  Not only did he have the wisdom, experience and courage [he actively fought in WWII and lost his older brother in that war] but he was eloquent, literate, graceful, glamorous and insanely popular.  He had it all.  Those who had the privilege of knowing him in "real time" if only through the media, will understand what humanity lost that day.  Not the false image created by the filthy lies that have been spread about him by the usual suspects ever since.

Today, as we watch the Israeli regime degenerate into a demonic parody of democracy with the indicted Benjamin Netanyahu still in office...still playing endless games with the political forces in that tiny, borderless entity....we can see cosmic/karmic justice of a sort.  Yes.  Israel, inspite of its treachery in killing the American President in broad daylight, shot down like a dog in the streets of Dallas, Texas, is no better off.  Yes, it does have its nuclear bombs.  It does illegally occupy the lands stolen from amidst the Semite tribes that the Asiatic Khazars violently and insidiously inserted themselves into. It has infiltrated and subverted Every. Single. Nation. in the West.  But is it really any better off than it was when it murdered JFK?  Does it have enough water?  No.  Will it ever have enough land?  Never.  And how do its Middle Eastern neighbours and other international states feel about it?  Is it trusted?  Is it admired? Is it respected? Is it...dare I say...loved?  What are its future prospects in the Middle East and globally, especially given that Russia has surrounded it with superior weaponry?

That's the price that Israel/the MosCIAd has had to pay for the murder of JFK and the consequential occupation of the United States.  As Martin Luther King once quoted in a speech: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."


Northerntruthseeker said...

Yes, the Mossad had a hand in the murder of JFK..

But we cannot forget the fact that JFK moved to end the power of the Jewish run Federal Reserve with his EO1110 which was to move the US dollar off of the "Federal Reserve" all together and have it based on Silver bullion...

It is an amazing and troubling aspect of the entire assassination and LBJ's involvement that the first order as the new President almost immediately after JFK was confirmed dead, was for crypto-Jew LBJ to rescind EO1110 and re-enslave the American public to the criminal Jewish run Federal Reserve!

I strongly believe that the fact that JFK was moving against the Rothschild empire and free America from their tyranny was the #1 reason they murdered him!

wallflower said...

Hi GC, been under the weather with a horrible migraine and didn't realize the sad day today. Since 'google' FORGOT what today's remembrance was...I knew who did, and that is you. Isn't it telling that 'google' of all places, who puts up untold anniversaries of dead "?" that I have never heard of before or now or couldn't care less about...simply FORGOT such an important day? Hmmm, guilt kinda leaves a silence not to mention an important day as an assassination of a NATION that must be forgotten. The Irish has contributed so much to this nation and I will say without doubt the best President in our history. Guts doesn't come close to the actual meaning describing JFK...but unlimited courage does. I too up until now believe that Unz opened a lot of windows shedding in light of the truth that very commonly dies to 'revision' by the guilty clan and their henchmen/women. Thank you for reminding us with your great post. I don't know if I have shared this video or if you've seen it...but there's a lot more information in it that sheds more light on RFK/JFK and was well made:
Ethel 2012 HBO Documentary

And out of the book titled, "Prelude to Leadership: The European Diary of John F. Kennedy : Summer 1945" is quoted:
["After visiting these two places you can easily see how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had boundless ambition for his country, which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made."]
JFK met with Adolf in Berlin and was fascinated with him.
In my mind next to George Washington who fought for freedom...JFK wanted the same. No matter how hard the jews try to cover up true leaders for the people...the more I want to know who they are trying to demonize, as I've come to know how they operate and thus reverse it for the truth...double revision ha ha :)

Anonymous said...

Greencrow thank you for the link to the Unz Review.
You and Gerald Celente are the only ones I found mentioning today being the 56th anniversary of JFK's assassination. Good to know Unz remembered.
And especially the quote at the end from Dr. Martin Luther King.
A long arc indeed.
Garuda sends Blessings.

greencrow said...


Yes, the effort to "move the US dollar off of the "Federal Reserve" all together and have it based on Silver bullion..." was certainly another reason they were after JFK.

The more we find out about the backstory from bloggers like Ron Unz, the more we realize how courageous JFK was. He just didn't roll over like all the presidents have since. His mistake was underestimating the extent of the bureaucratic rot.

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower:

You say: "' FORGOT what today's remembrance was... Isn't it telling that 'google' of all places, who puts up untold anniversaries of dead "?" that I have never heard of before or now or couldn't care less about...simply FORGOT such an important day? Hmmm, guilt kinda leaves a silence not to mention an important day as an assassination of a NATION that must be forgotten..."

Well said. I did notice an absence of mention in the MainZstream media about the anniversary. The Ziofacists don't want the young people to wake up to the horror of what actually happened on November 22, 1963.

greencrow said...

Hi Garuda:

The assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK, happening so close together [a massacre, really] will always be joined in the minds of the sentient as one heinous act. A ripping of the heart, soul and spirit from the United States and leaving it a succulent corpus delecti for the parasites to hollow out...which they've done.