Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Corporate (Big Pharma) Child Abuse...the Gardasil Vaccine

Potential Teen Victim of Foreign Substance
being injected into her body

Good morning Readers.  Today I direct you to the SGT Report Blog to watch a Vimeo video about the dangers of injecting a really unknown and untested substance into the vulnerable bodies of our teenaged children.  Please read the post and watch the video at the link and I will have more comments below:

“Sacrificial Virgins” – A Must See Documentary About Young Girls Being Severely Damaged By HPV Vaccines
by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:How safe is the Gardasil vaccine? “Sacrificial Virgins” is one of multiple films to tackle an issue that continues to largely go unacknowledged.
  • Reflect On:Why are we made to believe that vaccines are 100 safe and effective for everybody? Why are we made to believe that it’s a one size fits all product?
“The Human Papilloma Vaccine (HPV) is a treatment in widespread use but its efficacy in preventing cancer is medically unproven, while unintended, adverse reactions are blighting and even ending the lives of girls and young women across the world. However, pharmaceutical manufacturers and many health authorities are refusing to acknowledge there is a problem and the medical community is continuing to offer the vaccine. Sacrificial Virgins – so named because the vaccine is often given to girls before they become sexually active – exposes increasing evidence of serious neurological damage following the HPV injections. It calls for the vaccine to be withdrawn in the hope that this will help to halt another global tragedy.” (Homepage for the film)

When it comes to the Gardasil vaccine, there are a number of reasons why it makes absolutely no sense to recommend it, or take it. There are a long list of reasons to back this up, and it’s a head scratcher as to why this information is usually ignored and censored by the mainstream.

It’s no secret that vaccines are not completely safe for everyone, it’s clearly not a ‘one size fits all’ product, and that’s evident by the fact that nearly $4 billion has been paid out to families of vaccine injured children via the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA). As astronomical as the monetary awards are, they’re even more alarming considering that only an estimated 1% of vaccine injuries are even reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

I you want to verify the quote from Shaw above [to the right of this page], and what he is saying, you can contact him and ask him about the vaccine.

The Deep Reasons/Science As To Why This Vaccine Seems To Be A Problem
Like I’ve said, we’ve published a number of articles that dive deep into the HPV vaccine and why it doesn’t really make sense to take it. If you’re curious and want to learn more beyond what’s presented in the documentary, you can refer to some of the article below:

Gardasil Vaccine Found To Increase Cervical Cancer Risk By 44.6% In Women Already Exposed To HPV

New Study Explains How The HPV Vaccine Can Trigger “An Extremely Wide Spectrum of Autoimmune Diseases

Doctor Explains How The HPV Vaccine Is Linked To A Rise In Cervical Cancer Rates

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Explains Dangers of the HPV Vaccine & How It Could Give You Cancer

He Died As A Direct Result of the HPV Vaccine – Mother of Another Dead Teenager Speaks Out

A Strong Association Has Been Found Between The HPV Vaccine & Infertility

Study Finds Numerous Life-Threatening Injuries, Hospitalizations & Deaths After Gardasil (HPV) 

Concerning Contaminants Have Been Discovered In The Gardasil 9 Vaccine

Athlete Confined To Wheelchair After Her Third Gardasil Vaccine Take Merck To Court

25 Reasons To Avoid The Gardasil Vaccine

The HPV Vaccine Debacle: Suppressing Inconvenient Evidence

A Note About Aluminum – Because The HPV Vaccine Has Lots of It

Vaccine ingredients are a big issue, especially aluminum. A number of scientists have started to recognize this and are thankfully taking matters into their own hands. One of the best examples is Dr. Christopher Exley, a Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry at Keele University who’s considered by many to be the world’s leading expert in
aluminum toxicology.

One ingredient that hasn’t gone through appropriate safety testing is the aluminum adjuvant that’s used in vaccines."


Greencrow says:  I've posted many times of the dangers inherent in the Big Pharma Cash Bonanza vaccines.  The worst of the lot is Gardasil.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been most eloquent in his condemnation of the Pharmaceutical Company, Merck, for their diabolical biological engineering experimental project of injecting a Witches' Brew of chemicals into some of our most vulnerable citizens--young, developing girls.  

A few weeks ago I was forced to get my three old dogs injected with something called the "Bordatello" vaccine.  Had I not paid $250 for the three vaccines, the dogs would not be allowed into the kennel that I was boarding them in for 10 days.  I told the Vet receptionist that I thought the vaccine program was just a scam and that I felt guilty for subjecting my dogs to it.

How much worse is it then to subject young teenaged girls [and boys!] to this concoction?  I see terrible ads for the Gardasil scam all the time on TV.  A very ill-looking young girl with a scarf wrapped around her [bald?] head is staring sadly out a window...wishing she'd taken the vaccine.  Merck never provides statistics to back up its heart-tugging ads.  It never mentions the many youngsters around the world who've had their lives destroyed by the vaccine It never mentions that some countries like Columbia, had so many bad reactions amongst recipients of the vaccine that they banned it! The most the injectees can hope for is that NOTHING bad will happen as a result of the injections.  Merck doesn't even promise 100% that the kids won't get cervical cancer.  Cancers and other ill-effects can occur in the victims decades after the shot(s)--when nobody's going to connect the dots.  That, of course, is in fact the goal and the plan behind the scam.

Mark my words, readers, one of these days, Merck and the other diabolical Pharmaceutical corporations involved in this massive world-wide scam will be hauled up before a court...just like the opiate drug dealing companies were recently.  Hopefully, Merck will have to declare bankruptcy to pay off all the unknowing victims who are at this moment being scammed and potentially harmed.

But, by then, the damage will have already been done.


Jody Paulson said...

That is so disgusting. Big Pharma is taking advantage of parents' love and concern for their kids, and many of them will pay for those vaccinations with life-long disabilities. My own son has severe autism and I'm haunted by the idea that I might have helped cause it by standing by and watching him get vaccinated. Because there was nothing wrong with him when he was a very young baby, before he had all those vaccinations. He was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, due to the 1986 legislation, Merck will never be held liable; if the US govt's vaccine court rules in favor of a plaintiff, then the US taxpayer picks up the tab. Limit $250K per plaintiff, even if they died. Merck is laughing at us. Julie Gerberding is laughing at us.

Vaccines have become an IQ test. Those who take them will be less likely to survive and reproduce, and those authority-loving, unquestioning, gullible genes will disappear from the gene pool. Does that sound harsh? People refuse to listen, refuse to believe that those in authority can be malevolent, and those people will not survive.

Increasingly, there is no way to even get the word out. Tons of peer-reviewed science articles exist, but doctors don't read them. The overton window is closing fast. Shake your neighbors, shake you loved ones, risk THEIR IRE, care more about the future of humanity than whether or not you hurt someone's FEELINGS. Homeschool.

greencrow said...

Hi Jody:

I am sorry to hear about your son. My older son also had a "reaction" to the MMR when he was three...and then ended up with ADD. I am so sickened by the evilness of the vaccination perps--and so frustrated by the gullibility of humanity that sometimes I cannot wait to get off this planet.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

You're right that Merck has built an impenetrable legal wall around itself...with the help of the bought and paid for US congress and senate. RFK Jr. is trying to scale that wall and has been met with repudiation by his fellow citizens. Some very evil entity has tasked Merck with tampering with the biology of the upcoming generation. This could affect their fertility and perhaps their longevity. Merck could not be doing this evil without the support of the Ziofascist USraeli government.

Anonymous said...

Note from Chris Exley: During the summer I gave a talk at a conference about 'metal detox'. The talk will be available free of charge for a limited time through the link below. Enjoy!


p.s. Getting aluminum out is as easy as drinking silica water (e.g., Fiji water, naturally high in silica). Silica binds with aluminum and then is excreted via the kidneys/urine. Aluminum is in 2/3s of the vaccines, because it leads to a dramatic antibody response - which is what counts as effectiveness in vaccine studies. But the aluminum sticks around in the body, accumulating in organs like the brain and spleen. The white blood cells ingest it - but cannot get rid of it - and then carry aluminum with them when called to the site of injury/inflammation, then eventually self-destruct, depositing their payload. Brains of autistic and also brains of those with alzheimer's have loads of aluminum. Epilepsy is induced regularly (since 1942!) with aluminum; it's the standard laboratory method of creating epilepsy. ALS, MS, parkinson's, guillanne-barre, etc., etc., are all implicated in this aluminum onslaught. Aluminum - a substance not even extractable from the earth until the early 1900s....most of these disorders (plus allergies, ecsema, etc.) were not seen until the age of aluminum.

Anonymous said...

RFK Jr is both a warrior and a saint. His articles on HPV vaccines are unmatched in its devastation of the vaccine industry:



Something evil this way comes...agreed. It's hard to explain why an industry would kill off its customers. Soon, no one will trust vaccines or pediatricians, who will be run out of town, having to forage for food in dumpsters.