Thursday, November 28, 2019

Black Swan Event: Italy: 5 Italian soldiers wounded by explosion in Iraq

Black Swans with babies

A couple of weeks ago an event that could be called a Black Swan Event occurred in Iraq.  Please read the following definition of the "Black Swan" theory and I will have more comments to follow:

The black swan theory or theory of black swan events
is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. The term is based on an ancient saying that presumed black swans did not exist – a saying that became reinterpreted to teach a different lesson after black swans were discovered in the wild.

The Black Swan Event I'm referring to is the wounding of five Italian soldiers in Iraq that occurred on November 10, 2019.  Here is the report in citynews1130.

ROME — Italy’s defence ministry says five Italian soldiers have been wounded by the explosion of a device in Iraq.

The ministry said three of the wounded were in “grave condition” in the blast of the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) as they were passing by Sunday morning. It didn’t say where it occurred.

The statement said an Italian special forces team was carrying out “mentoring and training” of Iraqi armed forces involved in the “fight against Islamic State group.”

The wounded soldiers were evacuated by U.S. military helicopters to hospital. Italian state TV said they are in a Baghdad hospital.

The Associated Press


Greencrow saysI wonder how many Iraqis know there are Italian soldiers on active service, illegally occupying their country?  Likewise, I wonder how many Italians know their soldiers are still fighting in Iraq?  These injured Italian soldiers were no doubt part of the NATO contingent that continues to occupy the war torn country of Iraq.  Iraq was invaded in 2003 by the Americans--who lied in the United Nations Assembly and to the members of NATO, saying that the Iraqi leader, a former CIA asset, Saddam Hussain, was harbouring "weapons of mass destruction".  This allegation was proven false during the ensuing invasion, when the American military turned the oil rich country upside down "looking" for the said weapons of mass destruction.

United States Lying about Iraq at the United Nations
The 2003 NATO war on Iraq was based on this lie

The United States was forced to admit publicly that there were no such weapons...but in true NATO continued the illegal aggression against Iraq, destroyed the economy, social and cultural institutions, poisoned the nation's soil, air and water forever with depleted radiation weaponry.  Thereafter NATO used the nation as a staging ground for proxy terrorists--which it created, funded and supported and which are being used to attack neighbouring Syria and other Middle East/Asian Countries in the perpetual "War for the Jews" (TM).

The Western MainZtream media has long since stopped reporting on the hell hole that NATO created in Iraq.  It has moved on to other military catastrophes.  I don't think anyone would know that there are Italian soldiers active in Iraq if it were not for the fact that five of them were injured recently.  That's why I call it a "Black Swan Event".  It is an unplanned event that illuminates all the planned events that are going on in Iraq.

Similarly, did you know that there are French soldiers in Syria?  Here is Syrian President Bashar al Assad complaining about them as reported yesterday by RT.

‘Can you imagine our troops coming to France without invitation?’ Bashar Assad blasts French ‘occupation’ of Syria 

...Now, when foreign forces came to Syria without being invited by the legitimate government, “it is [called] occupation,” the Syrian president insisted, adding, “there is not a big difference between supporting terrorism and deploying the military to occupy a country.”

Dubbed Operation Chammal, the French deployment was, officially, to carry out reconnaissance flights and aid Kurdish and Arab fighters in Syria. At peak times, France’s assets in the Middle East included a Charles de Gaulle carrier strike group, a fighter jet squadron as well as several marine units on the ground..."

Greencrow concludes:  If it were not for Black Swan "accidents" like the explosion injuring Italian soldiers in Iraq and if it were not for Assad's unscripted complaining about French soldiers illegally occupying his country, we would never know what our Western Soldiers are up to under the Guise of NATO.  Yet we are paying for their activities through our taxes.  This proves there is NO SUCH THING AS DEMOCRACY!  Remember that the next time you go to vote.

NATO troops are being suborned to commit crimes against established international law and the United Nations Charter.  This is all being done on the QT.  The bought and paid for media cannot be trusted to defend democracy by informing citizens of what is really going on.  Our soldiers come back broken and riddled with suicidal ideation and PTSD because they were forced to break the [international] law and kill, maim, destroy and loot on the QT.  Again it is the taxpayer who foots the bill for these broken soldiers and their social needs.

Ironically, it has occurred to me that Black Swan events are the polar opposite of False Flag events. Black Swan Events unintentionally point to the truth...while False Flag events intentionally point to a lie. All I can say is...thank heaven for Black Swans...or humanity would be completely in the dark.  Black Swans and Truth Bloggers.  Together, WE are the Truth's best friends.


wallflower said...

Good post GC...

'NATO has got to GO" so the lie of israel can die...quote by me.

I also know that the big war industry and big occupying theft industry can't possibly live and be successful on such polluted ground for long.

As for French/LAFARGE/ISIS...well, old news by now but the nefarious french never left. I've come to realize that all NATO war criminals are 'in it' for some kind of opportunity instead of thinking it's a US Mafia doubt both intermixed as jews are everywhere to make war with everyone using their occupying amended laws to curtail International Law. They want their own sick talmudic law for the earth as if it hasn't already caused earth to list. Absolute corruption causes absolute destruction. Why do they think that they can live on a planet after being totally polluted gives way to absolute insanity. Good post and thank you.

wallflower said...

Adding this to my comment:

greencrow said...

Thanks, Wallflower:

I write for YOU!


Penny said...

Sadly GC the Italians have been stationed for quite some time in Iraq- going way back to 2014/2015 that I've written about at the blog- In fact they were with the Kurds at the dam in Iraq

I covered it in 2016 for sure

and a few others

there are probably more but on a quick search there is a couple

Your report is very suggestive that the Italian special forces were up to no good and their IED blew up when it was not supposed to.

They were not likely "passing by" the explosives

"The statement said an Italian special forces team was carrying out “mentoring and training” of Iraqi armed forces involved in the “fight against Islamic State group.”

Sadly the Italians have been in Iraq for a long time
And the French have been in Syria since the destabilization began in 2011

Penny said...

Oh and I like the Black Swan concept- they do point us towards truth.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for your comments which shed more light on NATO's ongoing roles in these illegal wars. I never thought about the Italians being injured by their own IED going off prematurely...but as they were "special forces" this seems a distinct possibility.

The link I cited was the only one I found reporting on this incident. Did you see anything else?


Penny said...


It appears the soldiers might have been in Kirkuk

" An explosive device was detonated in northern Iraq on Sunday as a vehicle carrying Italian special forces drove nearby, injuring five soldiers, three of them seriously, the Italian military said on Sunday.

The attack happened near the city of Kirkuk. The wounded men were evacuated by U.S. helicopters to a military hospital in Baghdad, where one had to have a leg amputated, a military official told state broadcaster RAI.

“Our men were training Iraqi security forces engaged in fighting ISIS,” Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said, referring to the Islamic State militant group. "

Though Mosul and the dam are mentioned in this article (this was more my subject matter years back)

"Our men are taking part in the training activities of the Iraqi security forces," Conte said in an interview with El Vatto Cotidiano Newspaper on Monday , noting that “100 of our soldiers returned home after the withdrawal of the Presidium Division, which is committed to ensuring the restoration work in Mosul Dam, while about 500 remained in the field."

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks. These links fill in the blanks in my post. Ah...the elusive and mysterious "training activities" again.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work GreenCrow!

The subject of illegal occupation always brings me back to a Ron Paul ad from 2011.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I watched the video. Some people say I hate the United States in my writings on this blog. I say I have run out of patience with Americans--who allow leader after leader and the bought and paid for Congress and Senate to continue to allow their nation to be occupied and destroyed by parasitic warmongers.

Reading between the lines said...

"NATO troops are being suborned to commit crimes against established international law and the United Nations Charter. This is all being done on the QT. "
That is news for today.Give it a few months and this will voiced openly with impunity and no NATO nation or UNSC members will bat an eye .This is how much in your face criminality we are experiencing .And the bully empire will just say ,so what are you going to do about it .

greencrow said...

RBTL says:

"...And the bully empire will just say,so what are you going to do about it."

Remember that phrase from Apocalypse Now..."Heart of Darkness"? That is what you've described in the above sentence.

Reading between the lines said...

I do hope we have reached bottom because then as we rise ,light will shine.