Saturday, November 30, 2019

Terror Event on London Bridge Comes at Height of UK Election Campaign

London Bridge with UK Flag in Background

I am very caught up with non-blogging activities at the moment and wasn't going to post at all today. The latest terror attack in London, UK, however, is certainly one of those events that a Truther, if s/he is worth their salt must report/comment on so I will make the following quite obvious observations.

First of all the victim is a quintessential Londoner.  All the middle class will identify with Cambridge graduate 25 year old Jack Merritt. NOTE:  A second victim has now been named.  See here for details.

"A man killed in the London Bridge terror attack has been named as 25-year-old University of Cambridge graduate Jack Merritt"

Merritt, according to the MSM link was not only a very handsome young white man but he cared for the underdog.

The next important factor is the location of the attack.  London Bridge.  There are few more iconic places in the UK than the storied structure that spans the Thames River, the London Bridge.

Lastly, the TIMING of the event must be remarked on.  It occurred in the final weeks of a national election campaign and the timing, plus the combination of a young, successful white man being killed by a "darkie" Usman Khan...who according to the BBC was a "convicted terrorist" AND a lecturer at Cambridge University, completes the subliminal "Problem, Reaction, Solution" (TM) terrorizing message conveyed to the voter.

According to the published polls, Boris Johnson is poised to win the (s)election by a landslide.  If so, why then all the frenzy during these final days to affect/terrorize the voters?  Blogger Xymphora has some thoughts on that topic and I have copied them below:

"Antisemitism Claims have One Goal: To Stop Jeremy Corbyn Winning Power" (Cook). The Jewish population of Britain is somehow minuscule, and far, far too large (zero would be an excellent number). The one bright light is that everybody can see clearly that the greater good of the British people has been taken hostage solely so Jews can continue to kill people and steal their land in the Middle East, without fear of any interference from moral people like Corbyn. The issue could not possibly be clearer. I'll bet that the old union guys know this perfectly well, and are expressing themselves using more colorful language in the back corners of the pubs.

"Jeremy Corbyn Hates All Jews" (The Automatic Earth). Repetition, and no dissent allowed. You can see why (((they))) decided to focus on gaining control of the media and entertainment industries.

"Ruth Smeeth, Jewish Labour MP, carries panic button due to death threats".

In conclusion:  I don't pretend to understand all the nuances of UK politics.  But if I were to hazard a guess about the rationale behind staging terror events just prior to a national election, I would say that it was to get a photo, like the one below, to blast all over the front pages and the mother of all liars...the BBC.

Boris Johnson Visits Scene of London Terror Attack

NOTE: Even though I am alleging that the London Bridge Attack was a False Flag, probably committed by MosM16ad, that does not mean that the victim was not murdered.  M16 is well known for killing bystanders or targeted victims [see, for eg, Jeffrey Epstein] in the commission of their terror attacks.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Black Swan Event: Italy: 5 Italian soldiers wounded by explosion in Iraq

Black Swans with babies

A couple of weeks ago an event that could be called a Black Swan Event occurred in Iraq.  Please read the following definition of the "Black Swan" theory and I will have more comments to follow:

The black swan theory or theory of black swan events
is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. The term is based on an ancient saying that presumed black swans did not exist – a saying that became reinterpreted to teach a different lesson after black swans were discovered in the wild.

The Black Swan Event I'm referring to is the wounding of five Italian soldiers in Iraq that occurred on November 10, 2019.  Here is the report in citynews1130.

ROME — Italy’s defence ministry says five Italian soldiers have been wounded by the explosion of a device in Iraq.

The ministry said three of the wounded were in “grave condition” in the blast of the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) as they were passing by Sunday morning. It didn’t say where it occurred.

The statement said an Italian special forces team was carrying out “mentoring and training” of Iraqi armed forces involved in the “fight against Islamic State group.”

The wounded soldiers were evacuated by U.S. military helicopters to hospital. Italian state TV said they are in a Baghdad hospital.

The Associated Press


Greencrow saysI wonder how many Iraqis know there are Italian soldiers on active service, illegally occupying their country?  Likewise, I wonder how many Italians know their soldiers are still fighting in Iraq?  These injured Italian soldiers were no doubt part of the NATO contingent that continues to occupy the war torn country of Iraq.  Iraq was invaded in 2003 by the Americans--who lied in the United Nations Assembly and to the members of NATO, saying that the Iraqi leader, a former CIA asset, Saddam Hussain, was harbouring "weapons of mass destruction".  This allegation was proven false during the ensuing invasion, when the American military turned the oil rich country upside down "looking" for the said weapons of mass destruction.

United States Lying about Iraq at the United Nations
The 2003 NATO war on Iraq was based on this lie

The United States was forced to admit publicly that there were no such weapons...but in true NATO continued the illegal aggression against Iraq, destroyed the economy, social and cultural institutions, poisoned the nation's soil, air and water forever with depleted radiation weaponry.  Thereafter NATO used the nation as a staging ground for proxy terrorists--which it created, funded and supported and which are being used to attack neighbouring Syria and other Middle East/Asian Countries in the perpetual "War for the Jews" (TM).

The Western MainZtream media has long since stopped reporting on the hell hole that NATO created in Iraq.  It has moved on to other military catastrophes.  I don't think anyone would know that there are Italian soldiers active in Iraq if it were not for the fact that five of them were injured recently.  That's why I call it a "Black Swan Event".  It is an unplanned event that illuminates all the planned events that are going on in Iraq.

Similarly, did you know that there are French soldiers in Syria?  Here is Syrian President Bashar al Assad complaining about them as reported yesterday by RT.

‘Can you imagine our troops coming to France without invitation?’ Bashar Assad blasts French ‘occupation’ of Syria 

...Now, when foreign forces came to Syria without being invited by the legitimate government, “it is [called] occupation,” the Syrian president insisted, adding, “there is not a big difference between supporting terrorism and deploying the military to occupy a country.”

Dubbed Operation Chammal, the French deployment was, officially, to carry out reconnaissance flights and aid Kurdish and Arab fighters in Syria. At peak times, France’s assets in the Middle East included a Charles de Gaulle carrier strike group, a fighter jet squadron as well as several marine units on the ground..."

Greencrow concludes:  If it were not for Black Swan "accidents" like the explosion injuring Italian soldiers in Iraq and if it were not for Assad's unscripted complaining about French soldiers illegally occupying his country, we would never know what our Western Soldiers are up to under the Guise of NATO.  Yet we are paying for their activities through our taxes.  This proves there is NO SUCH THING AS DEMOCRACY!  Remember that the next time you go to vote.

NATO troops are being suborned to commit crimes against established international law and the United Nations Charter.  This is all being done on the QT.  The bought and paid for media cannot be trusted to defend democracy by informing citizens of what is really going on.  Our soldiers come back broken and riddled with suicidal ideation and PTSD because they were forced to break the [international] law and kill, maim, destroy and loot on the QT.  Again it is the taxpayer who foots the bill for these broken soldiers and their social needs.

Ironically, it has occurred to me that Black Swan events are the polar opposite of False Flag events. Black Swan Events unintentionally point to the truth...while False Flag events intentionally point to a lie. All I can say is...thank heaven for Black Swans...or humanity would be completely in the dark.  Black Swans and Truth Bloggers.  Together, WE are the Truth's best friends.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

British Columbia becomes 1st Canadian province to pass UN Indigenous rights declaration

Driving the Barnet Hwy

While driving the Barnet Highway a couple of days ago I glanced towards the waters of the Burrard Inlet to my right and saw the recent explosion of construction down the mountainside which is the property of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion [TMX].  A construction yard is being cleared from the treed mountainside and pipeline materials are being stacked up and stored.  Everything is good to go for the TMX.

Barnet Hwy runs along the coast at the top of this map

The only fly in the ointment, as my mother would have said, are the pending legal decisions regarding the indigenous appeals to the various decisions granting TMX the right to expand the port into Burrard Inlet to allow a gridlock of huge oil tankers to parade endlessly back and forth from English Bay, through Coal Harbour, under the Second Narrows Bridge and to the TMX Port...then circle around and depart towards the Pacific Ocean the same way.  If this project is allowed to proceed as designed...the Vancouver lower mainland will never be the same.  Goodbye to the marine animals, goodbye to the fish, goodbye to recreational enjoyment of the inlet, including boating and sailing.  It will all be gone forever.

It's not the first time the citizens of Canada looked to the first nations and their rights to save us from an apocalypse.  The last time was the Meech Lake Constitutional "Accord" which would, if passed, have given Quebec "distinct society" [whatever that meant] status within Canada.  There would have been two levels of Canadian citizens.  Thank Gawd that indigenous Manitoba MLA Elijah Harper sat in his seat when the vote was put to the Manitoba legislature.  That lone objection saved Canada.

Now British Columbians are looking again to First Nations to save us from certain provincial death.  Here is the tool that is going to be used as reported in this morning's globalnews.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

British Columbia has become the first jurisdiction in Canada to pass legislation implementing the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). The legislation, dubbed Bill 41, passed the committee stage and third reading at the B.C. legislature unanimously on Tuesday, to cheers and applause from MLAs on both sides of the house.

Earlier Tuesday, Indigenous leaders urged the opposition BC Liberals to support the bill, after it appeared to be stalled in committee. The legislature is scheduled to end its current session on Thursday, and if the bill did not pass by then. it would have died on the order paper.

The bill must receive Royal Assent, which is expected to take place Thursday, before coming into force. However, its impact will not be felt immediately. The legislation is designed to ensure that all B.C. laws are consistent with the 46 articles of the UNDRIP, a process expected to take some time.

The legislation requires that Indigenous peoples are included in all decision making that impacts their rights.

It also calls for a government action plan on how the objectives of the declaration are being met, which will require annual reporting. 
The legislation, which will apply to all existing and yet to be introduced legislation, was developed in collaboration with the First Nations Leadership Council at the direction of First Nations.

This legislation creates a framework for reconciliation in B.C., in keeping with the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Among the most controversial provisions in the declaration is the requirement for all projects on Indigenous territories to receive consent from those communities.
Critics have warned that this provision could amount to a veto on resource projects.

Premier John Horgan has rejected that characterization, saying that the provision is instead an important tool to require conversations and consultation with Indigenous peoples about projects that will affect them."

Greencrow says:  Anyone who pretends that this legislation is not a direct response and challenge to the TMX proposed "mortal wound" project is lying.   As they say: "In politics, Timing is Everything". and that certainly applies here.  It's just weeks if not days before the decisions of the latest Indigenous appeals will be handed down.  Certainly the federal judges tasked with the decision will take into account this latest legislation.  It is interesting to note that this BC decision is NOT yet being reported in the National News.  Can we all say "ostrich"?

What annoys me is how lilly-livered the British Columbian government has been in making its visceral opposition to TMX known to the rest of Canada.  I believe Premier John Horgan thinks he can calmly finesse his way out of this.  Personally, I believe that the Rest of Canada needs to know what a death blow TMX will be to this province.  Perhaps they do know but don't care.  Perhaps that's it.

Alberta is dependant on a dinosaur resource and is ripping its territory and environment to shreds for a few thousand temporary jobs...with most of the profit being shipped, along with the bitumen, to refineries in Texas.  Because of their loud lobbying in Ottawa, including laughable threats to leave Confederation...British Columbia needs to be destroyed.  Not gonna happen, folks.  We've just signed into law a UN declaration...promising the world that it WON'T happen.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

UPDATED: "Robocall Scams" - Is it another Domestic Terror Program?

UPDATE:  December 1, 2019. Here is another scam reported by the CBC involving the RCMP and Social Insurance Numbers.  I say, if the RCMP don't catch the culprit tout suite and subject "Steve Rogers" to a very public trial, followed by a serious order to discourage other similarly minded entities....THEN THEY'RE IN ON IT!!!

Robocall Technology is exploding

There was a story on the CBC newz the other day that caught my interest...and made me start thinking about a theory that I've had for a long time now.  This is one of those theories that you'll probably never be able to prove because the evidentiary sands keep shifting like a mirage on a desert. Or, it's kind of like Google Stats and Algorithms.  They also keep shifting and making no sense...but you know there's a pattern and it's designed and set in motion by some very powerful entities...for a reason.

It's about the modern plague of "Robocalls".  Everybody gets them and they've become more and more prevalent.  There's the "silent calls" where nobody speaks but you can hear the noise of an office in the background.  There's the voice in Chinese yelling something at you that you don't understand.  There's the recorded message "from the CRA" saying you owe back taxes and they're coming to get you.  Then there's numerous variations of all of the above.  Please read a snippet from the CBC article linked above.  It's about the recent arrest of some workers at a Robocall centre in India that has been preying on Canadians.  I will have more comments to follow:

….Dozens of scam centres are believed to still be active in multiple cities across India, each with independent managers and using their own technology to evade detection.

Indian security observers also believe at least some of the centres are operating with police approval, in a country where bribery is not an unusual way to circumvent investigative scrutiny.

In just one of the raided facilities, investigators located a spreadsheet containing details on more than 600 Canadian victims of the scheme. RCMP officers in Canada will now begin the task of contacting every one of them to determine how much was stolen from them, and whether there is any prospect of getting the money back.

"We're going to try our best efforts to do it," Payne told CBC News, "but I can't make any guarantees."

Indian police have also paraded those arrested in front of news cameras. They say it's being done in part to show action against an industry that rarely faces prosecution, and also to send a message to the many centres that continue to operate...".
Greencrow says:  Oh those darkies!  Even the Indian police are in on the scam.  But we Whities would never have our police in on a scam.  Never!  Please read the following recent article from MSM about how the scams work in the US.

The FBI agent sounded official on the phone. He gave Nina Belis his badge number and a story about how her identity had been compromised. She gave him her life’s savings.

For most Americans, robocalls are an annoyance. For Ms. Belis, an oncology nurse in her 60s, a law-enforcement impersonation scam that appeared to have started with a robocall drew her into financial losses that sapped her family’s nest egg and derailed her retirement.

The scale of her loss—nearly $340,000—and the ease with which the money was moved out of her accounts show why scam calls persist. They work, even on people who think they would never fall for one.

The caller preyed on what psychologists describe as a habitual reliance on people in authority, and kept Ms. Belis in a state of isolation and heightened emotion to cloud her judgment. He told Ms. Belis her Social Security number had been stolen and that crimes had been committed under her name, and persuaded her to transfer assets to accounts he controlled on the pretext of protecting the funds..."

Greencrow says:  And the technology of Robocalls is improving exponentially.  A few years ago my husband got a call from his nephew who said he was in jail and needed money for bail.  This nephew is a well respected teacher in a northern community so the call was very much a shock.  But it had to be real because I also spoke to the "nephew" and recognized his voice.  Here is a CNN report that talks about how the technology exists to replicate voices and thus impersonate close friends and relatives to scam the victim.  Do you ever wonder how that this kind of victimization is allowed to run rampant, flourish and even morph into ever more powerful predators??

Here's an article from a consumers site that says that robocalls are not illegal in Canada.  Here is the relevant quote:

….There are no anti-robocall laws in Canada but they are subject to CRTC regulations. if the robocalls fail to follow these regulations, the organization or person that is making the calls could face penalties, such as fines...."

Well, folks, I came up with a theory many years ago now and nothing has happened since to convince me that my theory does not have some merit.  My theory is that the robocalls are part of the western world wide FBI/CSIS/RCMP/CIA international cabal of so called "security agencies".  IMO, these agencies set up the ROBOCALL SCAMS as just one part of a massive false flag/mass shootings/terror campaign on their own citizens.  It's using the old "PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION" methodology.  Create the robocalls using technology developed and paid for through the public dime...obstensibly to "solve" the problem.  Then have the public terrorized, swindled or simply annoyed enough to give power to these entities to surveil all the workings of the public communications systems.  The "solution" is a terrorized, compliant public under the total control of the authorities.  I learned many years ago that all the western telecommunication companies like AT&T are ultimately owned/operated out of Israel.

The perps can use the robocalls to single out "recalcitrant" citizens for special harassment.  Nobody will believe that these individuals are being singled out because the robocall scams are so pervasive.  So, under the cover of a generalized harassment...the "security agents" can subject truthers and other activists to a perverse "gaslighting" through constant monitoring/harassment.   This feeds the paranoia of the victim of the Robocall program.  Who knows, it might even discourage some weak-minded and/or lilly livered individuals from speaking out or...blogging.

So far, generally speaking, the robocall cottage industry, IMO being run by the "security agencies" and their world wide network of "police", is working like a charm and, as a special bonus, has earned criminal windfall profits for the foreign keep them in on the terror project.  If ordinary Canadians and Americans start getting too annoyed with the condoned criminal harassment via their phones...we can always blame the darkies in far away India, now can't we????

Monday, November 25, 2019

NATO Belongs to the United States... which uses it as a bludgeon against so-called Allies

Real Meaning of the NATO Abbreviation

I took the weekend off blogging again.  My "plate" is very full this time of year with preparations for the Christmas season.  Hint:  We already have our tree up and decorated!  I like to get the tree up as early as possible to absorb the energy off it to do the other less glamorous cleaning.

But I have kept tabs on what's being going on geopolitically and have identified a few themes.  Canadians really need to thank Trudeau's chief PMO aide Katie ["turdblossom"] Telford.  It was she who made the infamous quote to Jodie Wilson-Raybould about the strategy of inserting some "Op-Eds" into the MZM to tweak public opinion this way or that--on any topic that the PMO chose.

Ever since I've factored in these "dropped Op-Eds", I've been seeing them all over the place.  They stick out in the National Newz outlets like sore thumbs.  The first one I want to draw to my reader(s) attention is this one from the CBC about Canada's intrusion into Latin American politics. The writer points out the glaring hypocrisy of the Trudeau regime when it comes to supporting/or damning South American governments.  Apparently we support some nations that don't give a rat's ass about human rights and work to destabilize some nations that do. The case in point was Canada's support of the regime change in Bolivia...where the indigenous president, Evo Morales was turfed by his US-infiltrated military so that a compliant "Guido-style" self-proclaimed leader could help USrael loot the lithium [which apparently Bolivia has in abundance].

So, what's so new about that???  Well, the CBC and the other MZM didn't DARE to mention the endemic hypocrisy of Canada before.  That's what's new.  It was actually quite a shock to see the Op-Ed up there on the webpage.

IMO, the Op-Ed about foreign policy hypocrisy was no happenstance or coincidence.  This was a "Telford" test the waters for...perchance a change in foreign policy at the PMO level [the inside group that makes all the decisions, regardless of the views of Ministers or other elected officials].

My inkling was confirmed a day or so later--when there was a blunt response from the bully to the south.  The headlines read that the "Pentagon" had sent a nasty letter to "Canada" criticizing defense spending.  Just in case some people in the PMO had forgotten who pulls the puppet strings.  A strip was torn off the Canadian military for not buying enough American military C.R.A.P. as part of its "NATO" responsibilities.

The Canadian media did not print the actual letter from the US.  I would have loved to have read it.  Was it another eighth grade example of modern illiteracy like President Trump's letter to the Turkish President Erdogan the other day?  You know, the one that Erdogan sent back.  BTW, I'm still wondering why Erdogan risked a visit to Washington shortly after sending back the letter [about Turkish forces in Syria] to Trump.  What was the point of the state visit and did anything come of it?

But, I digress.

Back to the "blunt" letter that the "Pentagon" wrote to "Canada" about NATO contributions.  NATO has lost all of its original intention [if the stated intentions of the "treaty" were ever serious].  Now it is just a bludgeon that the US uses to keep its vassals in line...and to buy "economic Hitman" levels of substandard American military weaponry.

IMO, the TIMING of the "blunt" letter...following within days of the Telford Op-Ed drop in the CBC tells me that Canada will not be removing any of the glaring hypocrisy from its Latin American foreign policy soon...or, more importantly...without political cost.  USrael made that crystal clear.  Canada is a member of NATO and therefore DOES NOT HAVE ITS OWN FOREIGN POLICY!  CAPEESH!!!?

No more policy tweeking Op-Eds for YOU, CANADA! [Remember the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi"? I met him once in person...but, again, I digress]

The US is already wrangling with the recalcitrant Turkey over Turkey's purchase of some Russian S-400's.  It doesn't need another NATO vassal to fall out of line.  If Canada needs to be bludgeoned into maintaining its forced hypocrisy to align with USrael's insatiable hegemonic be it.  If neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives ever get a majority government again because of this disgusting foreign be it.

In conclusion.  The real war going on geopolitically is the war between USrael and its vassal Turkey.  Turkey knows the score. It knows that it needs those S-400's to protect itself from it's REAL enemy--it's NATO master--which is already within its gates. It is a matter of life or death.

Canada protecting ITSELF from the bludgeoning NATO monster is also a matter of life or death...but so far...we've chosen a long, painful death.  What else can we doooooooooooo?

Friday, November 22, 2019

JFK Assassination Anniversary 2019

Joseph Jr., Joseph Sr., and John Kennedy in 1938

On this the 56th Anniversary of the Assassination of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, we can thank Ron Unz and others in the alternative media for fearlessly presenting the truth about what happened on that day.  The US government and all its so-called "security agencies"  couldn't do it.  All the Judicial Institutions in the US and internationally couldn't do it...the MainZtream media certainly wouldn't do it.

It finally took a blogger to do it.  Ron Unz, in his several lengthy exposes on this topic, has ripped open the whited sepulchre and has torn off the scab from the mortal wound that the Republic of the United States suffered on that day.  Here in today's post, Unz reprints the assessment of fellow JFK researcher Laurent Guyenot.  Please read and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

...In my view, summarized here, John Kennedy was assassinated by Israel for three major reasons:

Dimona: President Kennedy, who had made nuclear disarmament his grand mission on the international level, and was on the way to achieve it with Khrushchev (as shown by James Douglass in JFK and the Unspeakable), was determined to stop Israel developing its own nuclear bomb. According to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s interpretation, it was to plunge into the Israeli deep state and supervise Kennedy’s assassination that Ben-Gurion resigned in July 1963 before receiving Kennedy’s ultimatum letter demanding inspections of Dimona.

American Zionist Council: John Kennedy and his Attorney General Bobby Kennedy had infuriated Zionist leaders by supporting an investigation led by Senator William Fulbright (whom Kennedy had been prevented to name as Secretary of State) aimed at registering the American Zionist Council as a “foreign agent” subject to the obligations defined by the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, which would have rendered its lobbying division, the AIPAC, near powerless. On October 11, 1963, the AZC received a formal demand from RFK’s office to register within 72 hours (details here).

Nasser: Kennedy unequivocally supported Arab nationalism in 1957 as a senator,[2] reversed Eisenhower’s foreign polity in a pro-Nasser way (as documented by Philip Muehlenbeck, Betting on the Africans: John F. Kennedy’s Courting of African Nationalist Leaders, Oxford UP, 2012), and committed the U.S. to support U.N. Resolution 194 for the right of return of Palestinian refugees. That was a major threat to Zionist interests, who had bet on making Nasser an enemy of the United States.

To these reasons for assassinating Kennedy, we must add the opposite reasons for putting [Lyndon Bains] Johnson instead in the Oval Office, for Johnson buried both the Dimona and the AZC proceedings, and cut U.S. support for Nasser’s in order to boost support to Israel. In 1967, he would commit high treason against his own country by allowing and covering-up Israel’s failed false-flag attack on the USS Liberty. No wonder Israel loved Johnson as much as they hated Kennedy..."

Greencrow says:  No.  Humanity will never get temporal justice for the loss of potential that the United States presented to the world prior to the Mossad assassination of the American President.  Planet Earth was robbed of its destiny to achieve real freedom, democracy and peace on that day in November 1963.  JFK had identified and was beginning to marshal forces against what he saw as threats to the planet.  He named names:  "Secret Societies", the CIA [breaking it up into tiny pieces and scattering them to the winds'] and, most of all, the Israeli regime, embryonic in JFK's threatened to be born in Middle East bloodshead and grow into a threat to the very existence of humanity on this planet.  JFK saw it all.

JFK was Putin on steroids.  Not only did he have the wisdom, experience and courage [he actively fought in WWII and lost his older brother in that war] but he was eloquent, literate, graceful, glamorous and insanely popular.  He had it all.  Those who had the privilege of knowing him in "real time" if only through the media, will understand what humanity lost that day.  Not the false image created by the filthy lies that have been spread about him by the usual suspects ever since.

Today, as we watch the Israeli regime degenerate into a demonic parody of democracy with the indicted Benjamin Netanyahu still in office...still playing endless games with the political forces in that tiny, borderless entity....we can see cosmic/karmic justice of a sort.  Yes.  Israel, inspite of its treachery in killing the American President in broad daylight, shot down like a dog in the streets of Dallas, Texas, is no better off.  Yes, it does have its nuclear bombs.  It does illegally occupy the lands stolen from amidst the Semite tribes that the Asiatic Khazars violently and insidiously inserted themselves into. It has infiltrated and subverted Every. Single. Nation. in the West.  But is it really any better off than it was when it murdered JFK?  Does it have enough water?  No.  Will it ever have enough land?  Never.  And how do its Middle Eastern neighbours and other international states feel about it?  Is it trusted?  Is it admired? Is it respected? Is it...dare I say...loved?  What are its future prospects in the Middle East and globally, especially given that Russia has surrounded it with superior weaponry?

That's the price that Israel/the MosCIAd has had to pay for the murder of JFK and the consequential occupation of the United States.  As Martin Luther King once quoted in a speech: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Nuckin Futz Newz - Will someone please take the WH Stationery Away from Him?!

Letter from Trump to Turkey President Erdogan

As the Impeachment Charade clogs up the newz cycle, providing excellent cover for the latest Israeli attempts to steal land in the Middle East, we again realize as if we hadn't already, how truly fucked up the United States of America is.  The miracle is how the so-called "Republic"  has managed to stay afloat and intact for the past it becomes more and more hollowed out and rancid from the relentless assault of the parasitic Ziofascist occupation.

As just one tiny example of the terminal rot, the President of the United States actually penned and sent out the above letter to the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan.  I am sure that Erdogan, with his no doubt sparse command of English, could write a better formal, business/diplomatic letter in English than the above.

So Erdogan sent the letter back.  Slight if any mention was made of this humiliation in the MainZtream media.

But, it gets worse.  Trump's also obliterated the United State's already tangential adherence to International Law when he basically said to Israel:  "Steal what you want...We'll back you up!"  This is regarding the Israelis' predilection for building housing on land that does not belong to them.  When I see photos of these settlements, rising in the desert, I always say to myself:  "Good!  All the more housing for the Palestinians when they finally get their land back after the Khazars are inevitably turfed unceremoniously out of the Middle East".

This anti-Semite thing needs to be taken to its natural conclusion.  DNA tests should rule the day.  Everyone in the Middle East needs to have her/his right to stay in Israel decided through DNA testing.  Anyone who does NOT have Semitic blood running in their veins should be turfed! LOL.

But, I digress.

Back to Trump's cretinous [grade eight level] letter and his current Impeachment Imbroglio.  I'm trying very hard not to get sucked into the Media's Impeachment Vortex.  So far, I've not watched any of the TV 24/7 frenzy(TM) production hearings.  I keep hearing that there are "bombshells" after "bombshells" every day but...when I see the nightly recap...the "bombshells" turn out to be weak, wet farts.

I repeat.  Nothing is going to come of this latest "crisis".  There have been non-stop crises since Trump's inauguration.  It's all been a farce.  And, it's cover and distraction for the usual suspects doing their usual crimes against humanity.  If there was any leadership alternative to Trump any where in the entire length and breadth of the US...there might be a point.  But there isn't.  The entire country is absolutely devoid of any redeeming political factors.  The only thing that might save it is a revolution...but, due to national brain death/zombification, that's not going to happen.  C'est dommage.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Trudeau Unveils Minority Gov Cabinet Today....and in other news...The "Froggy" Tableau is Finished!

"Froggy is Finished" Video

Yes, two items of equal political importance in the overall scheme of things...Trudeau's new cabinet and my latest wood carving:  Froggy in his "Go a Courtin'" painted attire are both being unveiled today.  First to Froggy:  Here's what I say about this latest wood carving on my Arts and Crafts Special Page:
Here's a brief video of the finished "Froggy" in his permanent setting with "Missy Mousie" with her "Mousie House" ...which I made out of raw cottonwood bark and papier mache. This carving is a tribute to my own mother, who sang the "Froggy Went a Courting" children's song to me as a child...and to my two granddaughters, aged 5 and 5 months. The Mousie House tableau passed the "grandchild" test this past weekend, when my 5 year old granddaughter visited and pronounced it a rousing success--by playing with it most of the weekend. She liked the little "trousseau chest" in the "Mousie House" the best. That, I did not carve, but purchased at a Swedish Christmas Craft fair on the weekend. The video above ends abruptly, because apparently I'm out of "storage" on my phone. So will have to look into deleting some items. Well, onto other projects now.

In a similar vein, Trudeau will be unveiling his new minority government cabinet this afternoon. As  John Ivison of the National Post says.  It doesn't matter who's in the cabinet as all the major decisions are made solely in the PMO. As discussed in previous posts, Foreign Affairs Minister Chyristia Freeland will be tapped to work her unique "majik" in a domestic portfolio and will also be given the designation of "Deputy Minister".  Significantly, Trudeau had no Deputy Minister in his last mandate. I'm sure Freeland will put her "mark" on the position of Deputy Minister and "elevate" it as no previous holder of that job has done.  Can we all say US-style "Vice President"?

Here's what frequent commentator Karmellis had to say about the upcoming configuration of the cabinet and the last [s]election:Anonymous

On November 19, 2019 at 12:18 PM
Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

To paraphrase something I said in 2016, "30+ million Canadians and this is the best we can do?" A criminal cartel of warmongering psychopaths hell-bent on enriching themselves while our entire nation is at risk an annihilation due to their immature, poorly planned and poorly thought out policies? Ohhhh boy. If we thought it was bad before, it will be peanuts compared to what is coming up.

I think there are a few well-deserved thank-you's to go around to everyone involved for allowing this theatrical farce to be permitted and encouraged by moral cowardice, bribery and outright corruption by our usual sources (And I can tell you, they are not Pro-Canadian).

Thank you to Scheer for demonstrating such a level of incompetence and ignorance of our collective political situation and demonstrating how you allowed your political opponents to walk all over you to the point that you practically let your opponents 'win' the election.

Thank you to Jagmeet for worrying about all the wrong things, playing the racist card when it suited you and focusing on propping up this criminal cartel so that Canadians can continue to suffer, and yes I meant 'suffer' in a bad way.

Thank you to Lizzie May who was so obsessed with getting into the house she concentrated all her party's effort to make sure she got elected so she could enjoy that sweet, fat pension cheque and permitting us to pay for her existence for as long as we lived (Which is what it was all really about, anyway).

Thank you to Elections Canada for demonstrating your pro-Liberal bias back in the early summer, demonstrating that not only are you incapable of running a unbiased election, but that you could have easily contributed to the Liberals winning (Anyone noticed how fast the report came out about there being no foreign interference? Curious to see how that would have played out if someone else had won).

Thank you to our Ministry of Truth-- I mean, mass media, for doing everything you can and then some to make sure our criminal cartel remained in power, including: rigged debates, pro-left and anti-right 'everything' reports, the list goes on...

What a joke this all is... If it wasn't so real, it would make for great TV.

On that note, I would like to offer a more sincere and genuine thank you to Maxine Bernier. While I did not agree with all of his policies, he came across as someone that was far more sincere, had a much better understanding of the political situation in Canada and wanted to do something about it. I also appreciate the fact he has not given up the fight and will continue to keep going. All the best!"


Greencrow concludes:  I agree with Karmellis that Bernier was royally screwed by the MainZtream Media and that he should not give up...but should build on the amazing response by Canadians to his albiet oppressed/repressed political campaign.

What I will be watching for in the coming weeks and months is the inevitable resurrection of the unresolved legal scandals [i.e., SNC Lavalin and the Meng Wanzhou Travesty of Justice] that are working their way through the courts.  Trudeau and his fellow cabinet ministers no doubt hope Canadians have forgotten about these issues but either one [or something similar] could bring down Trudeau prior to or concurrent with bringing down the minority government...and if and when that happens...the other shoe will drop and Freeland will be home free as PM.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Chrystia Freeland as Canadian Deputy Prime Minister

Chrystia Freeland during Recent Election Campaign

Canadians are rightly concerned about Trudeau's upcoming cabinet shuffle.  According to rumours in the mainZtream newZ, le Dauphin is going to switch Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland to a domestic portfolio and make her "Deputy Prime Minister".  During Trudeau's first mandate there was no Deputy Prime Minister. Here is what Xymphora had to say the other day:


Tweet (trapdinawrpool):

"Freeland drives this government's foreign policy which has seen it not only offer support for right wing coups but at times be an active participant instead of the media calling this out they call for her to become deputy PM and opine that she is Trudeau's natural replacement"

and here is an e-mail I received from a concerned reader:

Hi Greencrow,

Have you heard the latest unsettling news from Ottawa. It's rumored that Trudeau is being urged to make Freeland deputy prime minister. This fits in with what you have been saying all along.

*groan!!* According to the article, Freeland "enjoys her role as Foreign Affairs Minister". I would say she does! And that's not a compliment.

Please keep up the good work. So many Canadians seem "asleep", so it's nice to find one who stays on top of geopolitical events."

[a reader]


Greencrow says: One thing for sure, they're not responding to my recent post saying that the Liberals lost their majority due mainly to the degradation of Canada's place in the world caused by Chrystia Freeland's Sorosian subversive influence on Canadian foreign policy.

It never works like that anymore.  Used to be, if Canadians didn't like something and exerted pressure...the government would respond.  Now, the people behind the curtain who REALLY run Canada from south of the border don't give a flying hoot about what Canadians think.  So the PTB have obviously assessed that Freeland has made an "indelible" mark on Canadian foreign policy that cannot be changed [i.e., rectified] and so she must move on to do the same job in domestic policies as a prelude to taking over the prime ministership when the inevitable chickens come home to roost on Justin re all the corrupt carryings on in the SNC Lavalin affair and the Meng Wanzhou Travesty of Justice.

I STILL maintain that there was an effort towards regime change in Canada just before the last (s)election and Freeland was suppose to take over after a "surprise" resignation by Trudeau.  What I suspect happened is that an assessment was taken amongst the Liberal MP's and party bigwigs and there was found to be significant opposition to this strategy, ostensibly based on Freeland's lack of experience in domestic matters.  In fact, the MP's opposition to Freeland was probably founded on her unpleasant strident personality and her dirty Sorosian coattails dragging across the border.

So, the perps backed off and went ahead into the election with le Dauphin with the notion that there would be a minority government [they would have lost with Freeland]. With the usual two year shelf life of a minority government...that would give Freeland time to build up her domestic experience/public profile which she will take into the next [s]election in two years.

The push to make Freeland Canada's PM is supported by the exact same cabal as pushed for Hilary Clinton to be US President.  Freeland is the carbon copy of Hilary in Canada.  I understand that Hilary may be considering running for the Democrats in 2020...if they can destroy Trump in time.

Can you imagine what it would be like with those two in power in North America?  Beam me up, Scottie!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Prince Andrew Needs a Tacky Sweater

Christmas Sweater for Prince Andrew

I took a couple of days off blogging this past weekend to focus on family.  We had a gathering of the clan [including grandchildren] on Saturday night and then it took all of yesterday to recover from all the work, cooking, and activity ; ).

Getting back to work this morning I see the latest developments in the Epstein affair regarding Prince Andrew's failed PR interview over the weekend will no doubt give Queen Elizabeth yet another "annus horribilis".  The last time she had one of those, sons Charles and Andrew both got into very messy divorces in the same year. 

Now, I can remember when Elizabeth gave birth to Andrew and a year or so later to her youngest, Edward back in the 60's.  There was a good space of years between Charles and Andrew.  Everyone thought she'd stop at two, so it was quite surprising when she gave birth to two more sons.  I believe Liz was keeping company with her younger sister Margaret who, at the same time, was having HER two children [a boy and girl].  It might have seemed like a good idea at the time to add two more children to a highly dysfunctional family, although I can't see how.

Edward had a few rough years in his 20's when he got very much involved in the London theatre scene and even put on a play involving the royals.  But he married well and eventually settled down to posh anonymity in a country palace somewhere.

Andrew, on the other hand, has always teetered on massive embarrassment to the Royal family.  In his 20's he dated a top London "escort", Koo Stark.  Now who could forget THAT name.  It seemed he was going to remain a "Randy" old bachelor [and perhaps he should have] well into his '30's until he met and quickly married Sarah Ferguson ["Fergie'] who became the Duchess of York.  That's when the party really started.  Their brief marriage and messy divorce kept the tabloids in business for a decade.  "Fergie" was always in debt and doing stupid things to make money. She was photographed in a bathing suit sucking the toes of a boyfriend...or was he sucking her toes?  I can't remember. Anyway, it was in the presence of her two toddlers and created quite a scandal.

The Palace handlers successfully hid Andrew in the military for a couple of decades where, as he recently recalled, he "worked up a sweat" [not] doing duty in the British "Empah" toy soldier war against Argentina in the territorial dispute over the Falkland Islands.  Eventually however he retired from the military and was back on their hands.  As far as I can fathom, he's spent the last couple of decades flying around the world representing the British Royal Family as International Trade Ambassador at corporate functions.  "A rolling stone gathers no moss" I guess that was the hope, anyway.

Now, it's all gone kablooey.  Sky high.  It turns out that Andrew is a pedo and was hanging around with the worlds most notorious pedo.  He went on the notorious jet, to the notorious island and stayed in the notorious NYC townhouse.  But he NEVER slept with underaged girls...don'tcha know.

Over the weekend he gave a BBC TV interview in a ridiculous attempt to dampen the latest scandal.  Instead, he managed to start a kitchen fat fire.  There is only one thing worse than a sex scandal for the M16 handlers behind the British Throne...and that is having a Royal become a public laughing stock.

For Andrew to even allude to anything regarding PIZZA was the final stroke...and could very well give his mother Liz a stroke.  "Pizza" is illuminati code word for child sex abuse--including torture and murder.

The latest developments convince me even more that M16 offed Epstein...much as they offed Diana back in the 1990's.  Even Syrian President Bashar al Assad got into the conversation over the past couple of days when he alleged that Epstein, a long-time MosCIAd asset, was turned on and offed by his own side--because of the risk that he could be pressured by a court into telling the details of the blackmail and extortion racket he was running for the MosCIA/16d.

The greencrow flies high and gets the bigger picture.  I can see similarities between the deaths of Diana and Epstein.  More than anything...I can see the "crowing" and subliminal "bragging" that's going on by proud it is that it has pulled off another "assassination in plain sight".  Having Andrew go before the TV cameras and give an interview is something they would think is cool.  Letting their "insiders' know that they could not only break into a secure prison and kill a man supposedly under guard--but have the hapless Pedo Prince clumsily deny all on TV.

Just like With Diana...blatantly assassinate her in the middle of Paris, France...and then have Prince Charles attend the formal State Funeral.  That kind of "in your face" arrogant audacity is the hallmark of M16.