Sunday, October 27, 2019

USraelis "Kill" yet another "Oh! BIG Daddy" In the Middle East

Just in Time For Hallowe'en, USrael

CTV is reporting yet another load of CIA Bullshit this Morning.  Yet another yarn made out of whole cloth.  Think Hollywood Production. The lying, perp press is saying that a special US military team recently took out the leader of ISIS.  Hey, those CIA assets tasked with creating the American "reality" have to do something to warrant their 6 figure salaries.  Imagine a room load of the pencil necks outdoing one another making up flourishes of embellishments to their fictional Oh! BIG Daddy.  Here's the headline:

"Baghdadi 'The Ghost': jihadist chief who oversaw ISIS rise and fall"

The invariably Darkie Middle Eastern Villain du Jour always has to have a name which, when it penetrates the fluoride-soaked, sub-cortex of the borderline-mentally-retarded average American, can be interpreted as a cartoon villain like "Big Daddy".  How many "Big Daddies" has the US killed so far in the perpetual resource wars fought since the 9/11 False Flag atrocity?

To set this one apart from the parade of other "Big Daddies" you need to have to have some humanizing details like "he loves football".  Read the details of his "life" in the CTV article and have yourself a good chortle...just like the chortles and guffaws that the CIA armchair warriors must have had when they made it all up.

It had to be specially good because they were preparing it for none other than the President of the United States of Israel to read in front of the campfire in his Oval Office.  It had to be good because it had to distract the moronic football-loving population from the fact that Trump had, just a day or so earlier, told them he was using American soldiers to guard loot stolen from the Syrian Darkies.  Need to have an All time Syrian Darkie Bad Big Daddy to justify that, don'tcha know.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow.. You ask how many times have they "Killed" this fraud before this one? I would say at least 6-7 times, including that report about how the Russian air force took him out in an air strike in 2017!

This is just the regurgitation of the Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan in 2011 lie once more... And this lie is as bad as that lie!

greencrow said...


This lie says more about the corruption of the press and the stupidity of the Sheeple Western citizens than it does about anything going on in the Middle East.