Thursday, October 3, 2019

RCMP, CBSA, FBI...and the Canadian Federal Government...ALL find themselves in somewhat of a "Sticky Wicket"

Sticky Wicket Pub in Downtown Victoria, BC

I had originally put this as an UPDATE to my previous post on this topic from earlier today.  After further consideration I believe it needs its own post.  Folks, this could really blow the top off the festering corruption that has been eating away at Canadian governmental institutions like a cancer.  In my earlier post, I expressed despair that the obvious corruption being slowly revealed in the Meng Wanzhou arrest and extradition case would ever be exposed to the public.  I should never sell the female judges of British Columbia short.  In the Nuttall/Korody "Travesty of Justice" case it was a female judge who set the conviction of the two vulnerable patsies aside.  In the case at hand, it is a female BC Supreme Court Judge, Justice Heather Holmes, who showed real courage today. I am sure there will be enormous pressure put on this judge.  My thoughts will be with her over the next crucial week.  Please read the following:

The CBC is reporting that things got very tense in the little 5th floor courtroom at the Vancouver Law Courts this afternoon.  Defense lawyers made the shocking allegation that the RCMP and CBSA provided the actual cell phones and other Internet devices belonging to Meng Wanzhou directly to the FBI shortly after her arrest at the Vancouver Airport in December of 2018.  If true, this contravenes Canadian law which says that handing over such evidence must be pursuant to a court hearing and according to Treaty.  The Judge responded to the Defense Allegation by ordering the six RCMP officers involved to each provide an affidavit: "based on personal knowledge attaching any relevant records relating to the sharing of information with the FBI from Ms. Meng's electronic devices". The CBC goes on to say:

….The Crown has until next Wednesday to produce those records, after which Meng's lawyers have a week to determine if they will need to cross-examine any of the officers further. [the Judge] won't be able to reach a decision in relation to the request for more records until that process is over. Meng will have been in Canada for a year at the start of December."

Folks, I'm quite sure there are some very elite "security agency" [sic] personnel pissing their pants this evening.  Not to mention those who must have given them direct orders to break Canadian Law.  IMO, this would, of course, include Justin [le "blackface" Dauphin] Trudeau.  

Stay tuned.  This could make an otherwise boring Federal election campaign light up like a Roman candle.


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Penny said...

Hey GC
been following this a bit- definitely looks as if there was some of that good ol', as usual cooperation between the 5 eyes nations

as for the election?
I've never seen a worse run up to one..
mud slingin' and promises galore- all of the empty

Reading between the lines said...

Brings new meaning to the phrase " a comedy of errors " .LOL

greencrow said...

Hi Penny and RBTL

I can see Trump phoning Trudeau--just like he phoned the President of Ukraine "to ask for a favour". That's the ONLY way that the Treaty laws of Canada could have been broken at the Vancouver Airport that night back in December, 2018.

The judge in the matter, Justice Heather Holmes, better make one of those statements "Under no circumstances will I commit suicide". She might end up like the DC Madam...and many others.